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Mix and Match Drapery Panels with Custom Made Roman Shades

Custom Made Roman Shades

Custom Made Roman Shades with Drapery Panels Windows are often neglected in an interior, but they are such a beautiful canvas for color, texture, and natural light. But what’s the easiest way to make your window treatments stand out and look professionally designed? When it comes to covering your windows, homeowners and some design experts may think about hard window treatments…

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Window Shades

How to Make Over Your Home With Window Shades

If you love watching makeover home shows, you’ve probably seen the amazing transformations possible with window treatments and a little paint. You don’t need a team of designers to make over your home, though. With, your Canadian home can be made more beautiful with a simple DIY project. sells designer-name curtains, shades and other window treatments and delivers…

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Window Shades

Nine Patio Shade and Privacy Ideas for Your Home

Patio Shade and Privacy Ideas for Your Home

While Canada may be known for its winters, summers across the country can get quite warm. In fact, temperatures of well above 30o C are not uncommon. Kelowna, British Columbia has an average of 24 days above 30o C each summer while Windsor, Ontario has an average of 20 such days. Many cities in the southern part of the country…

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Factor to Consider While Buying Window Shading in Canada

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The Complexity of the Variety Available For those of us who pay attention to our homes, and detail, in general, we know that windows ARE the focal points of a room. However much we may try to detract from this fact, creating other visual treats, without a well-accoutred window, all else fall by the wayside! This is, of course, my…

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Thoughts on Window Treatments for a Canadian Home

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Thoughts on Window Treatments for a Canadian Home Canada is blessed with four seasons, summer, spring, fall and winter. Canadian winters are famous for being frigid, making it advisable to remain indoors right through winter with its sub-zero temperatures, storms, high-velocity winds, icy rain and snow accumulation. Summers are pleasant across most of Canada except cities like Windsor and Kelowna…

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Making Choices Based on Consumer Feedback

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Going by a Tradition of Customer Service Remember the times you’ve waited with such anticipation to get something you’ve always dreamed of, only to realize that its magnificence was only in your head? And then you beat yourself up because it was a lot of hard earned money that could have gone elsewhere, something more important? I imagine this happens…

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Geometric Patterns – The In Thing – Custom Drapery Panels

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The Use of Patterns to Create Bold, Dynamic and Electric Interiors I have been decorating homes for my customers for quite a few decades now. I have seen the rise and fall of many trends in home furnishings and interior décor. My policy is to please the customer with what they require. When it comes to window treatments, I have…

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