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Easy Guide on How to Measure for Norman Window Shutters 

Norman Window Shutters

Tips for Getting Started With Norman Window Shutters Norman Shutters are an excellent window treatment for many homeowners and interior designers. These shutters look perfect with so many styles from cottage to traditional. They are convenient because they can help insulate windows and help you avoid allergens found in fabric window treatments. Plantation Shutters, always a classic and always in style sometimes referred…

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Renovate Your Home on Christmas Eve and Cherish Beautiful Moments

Window Treatments For Christmas Holidays

Decorate Your Home For The Holidays   From the moment of the first snow or just the start of the winter season, we wait excitedly for the Christmas holidays. Homes are decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, bows, and poinsettias, windows at home or work are decorated and filled with lights and messages of joy. There is something very magical and…

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A LOOMING THREAT “They had it all and suddenly it was gone overnight.” The much-narrated tale of so many families that got so badly shaken up when Recession hit the U.S in 2008-2009. Sources say it is looming again on the horizon. Financial experts analyse it. Aesop’s tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper reverberates in my mind. While the…

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Be Environment friendly. From the beginning of time, man has strived to make a mark by stamping an indelible signature of superiority over other beings, and more often than not promoting imbalances in the otherwise perfect ecosystem. Indiscriminate deforestation to accommodate an ever-swelling population, unchecked pollution levels, ever-increasing demands on fossil fuels, and the effects of the overuse of natural…

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Window Shutters or Blinds?

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What Differentiates Shutters from Blinds? In an earlier blog, I told you how my customers often get confused between shades and blinds, which was very frustrating for me at times. Failing to differentiate between shutters and blinds is another area of confusion I come across, just as often. As they both have vanes, it is difficult for me to convince…

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The Legend of Window Shutters

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The Performing Window Shutters. The enigmatic shutters have lots of legends attached to them – through history, shutters themselves have earned a legendary status, and are one of the oldest window treatments invented by man, serving various home needs like providing security, light control, enhanced privacy, protection against extreme weather conditions while increasing visual appeal of a building. There are…

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Shutters with Contemporary styles and sophistication of technology.   There’s a style to every window, and those who’ve been wishing to ameliorate your homes with uniqueness, here’s something for you! Presenting to you an immensely aesthetic and vivid range of the loveliest shutters that are not only those simple protective panels (usually wooden) placed over windows to block the light,…

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Use window dressings to add value to your home

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Window dressings the gateway to creativity. ‘Quality time’ is a very modern phrase coined to reflect precious moments spent with near and dear ones amidst present-day rush where the commitments keep one away from home most times. Being with dear ones in comfortable surroundings has become a cherished, looked-forward-to event. What better place than one’s own home for the purpose?…

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Buy Window coverings online from Canada & save on hidden charges

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Save on PST, import tax, clearing charges & custom brokerage fees. The largest sale in the US is already over and, as usual, we on the Canadian side were left out to dry. While our U.S counterparts were enjoying the massive savings from special sales such as Black Friday and Boxing day, we were left with the mediocre, overpriced goods…

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