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Using Custom Wood Shades as Room Dividers

Using Custom Wood Shades As Room Dividers

The Wonder of Custom Wood Room Dividers Open space design is one of the popular solutions among homeowners, but there are times when the need arises for some sort of separation. And when it comes to separating a big open layout, room dividers work amazingly and transform the overall appearance of your space dramatically. They are a fabulous and versatile…

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Are Wood Blinds Out Of Style in 2020?

Are Wood Blinds Out Of Style in 2020

Window treatment products have been important to home decor for a long time now and date back to the medieval ages. The blinds and other window and door coverings have been providing protection against UV exposure, scorching heat during the summer, glare due to bright sunlight and also the winter chill by keeping the indoors warm and cozy. But this…

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Do Wood Blinds Block Light?

Do Wood Blinds Block Light

Cover Windows with Wood Blinds to Block Out Light Everyone loves the soft and elegant touch of natural daylight, but when it becomes excessive, your interior starts getting overheated and you started feeling exhausted. Harmful sun rays not only make your indoor warm but also cause serious health issues. In order to maintain a cool and pleasing environment, the windows…

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Amazing Window Treatments to Decorate Your Dining Room

Window Treatments For Dining Area

Decorate your dining room with amazing window blinds Good window treatments can easily change your decorating plan. They are one of the focal points in any room, and require a great deal of consideration.  Window treatments will always catch the eye – whether they are beautifully designed and decorated, or if they clash horribly against the look of the room.…

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Common Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Whether you’re furnishing your first house or you’ve already lived in several places, everyone makes mistakes decorating their home at some point. Sometimes those mistakes get ironed out through years of experience or trial and error, but sometimes it takes the words of an expert or observing a beautiful home to see how the pieces in your own aren’t quite…

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Graber Horizontal Window Blinds with unlimited options

Graber-Traditions-Wood-Blinds-Canada -

With the wide variety and selection of window blinds in the North American, choosing the blinds can seem like a daunting task. Graber help’s with this process by offering a solid selection of products ranging from Traditions wood blinds, Lake Forest Faux wood blinds and finally their simple selection series of wood and faux wood blinds. All three types of…

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A point of view – Infant Sleep and Parenting

Wooden-Blinds-Canada -

Encourage Cortisol and Melatonin with Controlled Light Remember the awe you felt when your baby was born? That yawning rosebud that could turn into an unconscious smile that said ‘hallo’ or grim paroxysms of displeasure?! I remember my son’s first cries – those of mutant rage – but when he was laid on my chest, that glow of wonder, that…

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