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Why Cellular Shades Make Ideal Bedroom Window Coverings

Cellular Shades Window Coverings

A perfect sleep enhances our physical and mental health. Waking up with a refreshed and relaxed mind is one of the best ways to kick start your day. Our bedroom is the place where we spend quality time after a long hectic day, so the atmosphere needs to be comfortable and friendly. By accomplishing a proper bedtime routine, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly, you can have a better and peaceful sleep. However, there is one factor that still needs more attention – ‘An Ideal Bedroom Sleeping Environment’. It starts with how you design the space because a proper bedroom decoration plays a significant role in getting the sleep your body needs. But interior designers say that a dark, cool, and soundless room are the ways to gain a perfect good night sleep. There are various ways to get such ambiance but investing in various things will cost you more.

Thanks to modern technology and advancements as you can get all these benefits from one solution – window shades and blinds. There are a variety of shadings available that can be installed in bedroom windows. But if you are looking for the most effective and versatile option, then you must go for cellular honeycomb shades. Their functional value will amaze you and the benefits will definitely give you a calm and restful sleep.
Take the time to design a sleep-friendly bedroom so that you can wake up each morning feeling energized and revived.
Motorized Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Contribution of Cellular Blinds in making the Perfect Bedroom Ambiance

If sleep is important to you, it’s time to start looking at how cellular shades impact your sleep and improve it. If we talk about the advantages of these window shades, then the list will go on. If you really wish to integrate cell shades inside your bedroom, then learn more about them that will make your shopping experience easier and smoother.

The first consideration for a perfect sleep night is a dusky room. Blocking the incoming light through the windows will make your space dark, the way you want. These custom shades come in different fabric options – light filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Blackout honeycomb shades will obstruct the street light completely while improving the privacy level of the room. You can opt for room darkening shades as well but consider attaching light blockers or side channels to block out the rays completely. For more effectiveness, layer drapes or curtains over these blinds that won’t allow a single beam to enter your room. If you are a nightshift worker, then you don’t have to worry about daylight as these fabric cellular shades will keep the light out of your space.

You can enjoy both privacy and natural light together by featuring the shades with top down bottom up function. Keep them at the desired position and enjoy every moment of the day without affecting the whole atmosphere.
As we have said that, a cool and comfortable bedroom is the second aspect of an ideal sleeping ambiance. Well, cell shades are popular for their energy-efficiency and insulation features. The honeycomb structured air pockets hold the excess air inside, and through the heat loss and heat gain processes, they keep the indoor cool during the summer season and warm during the winter months. In this way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on energy bills. The shades have the highest R-value and lowest SHGC, which means they have a great heat resistant property compared to other window shades. Blackout cellular shades make the ideal bedroom window treatments.

The third essential factor to consider is a peaceful and quiet bedroom. These window shades are made of thicker materials, helping to dampen the outside noise so that you can sleep without any disturbance.
What else do you want in order to create a bedroom sleeping environment? These shades also stop the UV beams that can cause you various health issues and cut down the glare as well.
Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Bedroom Beauty Matters

Aesthetics of space is equally important and that’s why cellular shades are available in a wide variety of colors and texture options to match your décor arena. Their endless designs will create a seamless beauty while bringing warmth and sophistication inside your décor. You just need to customize them properly that will match your taste and requirements as well. Once you wake up; the window design should be eye-soothing and pleasing for your mind.

A Smooth Mechanism for Ultimate Luxury

No one wants to leave their comfy beds to raise and lower the window shades and that’s why these shades are now available in motorized function. Integrate them with technology and access them using a remote button or smartphone. Z-wave technology will let you operate the shades using your voice. Ask your Google Home or Alexa to open and close, and they will do the same. Besides offering luxury and convenience, these shades offer 100% security and safety. Motorized cellular shades have a big role in lowering the electricity bills because of their temperature sensor options, they will adjust themselves automatically depending on the outdoor climate. They are safe for your kids and pets as the shades remove the hazard of window cords. Inviting technology inside your bedroom can do a lot while letting you enjoy various advantages.
Voice Enabled Shades for Bedroom
All these reasons prove why cellular honeycomb is an amazing choice for your bedroom. Do you need any other reason to get them? These shades match every desire of your bedroom. Explore all the design options and select your favorite one. These shades combine beauty, functionality, versatility, and flexibility in one. Don’t let the ambiance rob you of sleep, install these shades to maximize the time of your sleep.

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