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Cellular Vertical Blinds Make Ideal Insulators for Sliding Doors

Cellular Vertical Blinds Sliding Door

Why You Need to Dress Sliding Glass Doors

Whenever we talk about window treatments, it is just not the windows that we refer to. It also includes those beautiful sliding glass patio doors and other doors that you have in your house. These sliding glass doors are stunners all the way. Their presence lends aesthetic charm to the rooms, allows access to lot of natural light and offers an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They also allow you access to your patio or backyard from your house. While these doors are great to have, dressing them up effectively and adequately poses a challenge. Like windows, these doors to prove to be a source of energy loss in the house. They allow either warm air to escape during winter or hot air to flow in during summer. This contributes to accelerating electricity bills as your room heaters or air-conditioners have to overwork to keep the inside temperature pleasant and comfortable. Not all shades and blinds are perfect for dressing up sliding doors. These doors are big and wide and lot of factors have to be taken into consideration to ensure that your blinds and shades make a good fit for the doors. And you have to keep in mind the functional aspect of the door and the shades and also ensure that they have properties that will help keep the doors insulated.

Unique Properties of Different Shades & Blinds

We have talked about the different shades and blinds that we have in the market today. Every shade or blind has features that set them apart from the rest. Some offer complete privacy, some offer complete darkness that is needed for bedrooms and media rooms, some are great for light filtration as they allow natural light to stream through while cutting out the harsh glares of the sun that hurt eyes and health. Every shade boasts of some unique features that are meant to meet the varied needs of your house. Like other, Cellular Honeycomb Shades too are extremely versatile and their uniqueness lies in their insulating qualities. Cellular shades are the best for those who are looking to insulate their doors and windows to prevent heat loss and gain.
Vertical Cellular Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Shades & Their Insulating Properties

Cellular Shades or Honeycomb Shades are composed of hexagonal cells that are grouped together like a honeycomb structure. These honeycombs help to trap air which provides a layer of insulation between the window glass and the room. During the freezing cold winter months, cellular shades prevent warm air to escape outside. Similarly, during the hot summer months, these shades help stop warm air coming in through the windows to heat up the air inside.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades: Vertical or Horizontal for Sliding Doors
Cellular Honeycomb Shades can be vertical or horizontal. Horizontal Cellular Shades are suited for narrow, small, or taller windows as they open up and down. But horizontal shades are not suitable to dress the large sliding glass patio doors or those large and wide windows. They do not make a good fit and hence horizontal shades fail to serve the purpose for which they were installed. For these big large windows and doors, you have vertical shades. These make perfect sliding patio doors and large-sized windows as they open side to side. So whenever you are out there trying to figure out which design will suit your doors best do not hesitate to pick up those stunning vertical shades.

Vertical Cellular shades are best if you want a clear unobstructed view out of your sliding glass doors. The clean-lined design and look of the vertical cell shades are extremely contemporary and modern in their appearance. Functionally there are no concerns as your vertical blinds will open just like your sliding patio doors. Vertical shades are more convenient as the vertical slats overlap with each other to create a barrier between the sun’s rays and the interiors of your house. Adding to this distinguishing feature of vertical blinds is the high insulating quality of the Cellular Honeycomb Shades which are among the best that you can get for getting your windows and doors winter-ready.
Cellular Vertical Shades for Sliding Glass Door

Types of Vertical Cellular Shades

In this category, for your sliding doors, you choose either Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades or Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades.

The Light Filtering Cellular Vertical Shades are available in light filtering cellular fabrics. These fabrics ensure that a significant amount of diffused natural light pours into your room while taking care of your privacy needs. There are tons of fabric options for you.

The Blackout Cellular Vertical Shades come with blackout fabric that will provide complete darkness for your rooms when required. These shades are best suited for doors that you may have in your bedrooms or media rooms. These rooms need pitch darkness. They are extremely energy-efficient and provide maximum insulation against heat and sound.

When dressing up your sliding patio doors, we can bet that you are yet to come up with a window treatment that is more versatile, more functional and more energy-efficient than these Vertical Cellular Shades. The light filtering and blackout options make them all the more attractive and you know that you have found the perfect covering for your doors when you stumble upon these Vertical Cellular Shades. They are the best insulating coverings you can hope to find for your patio doors.

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