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Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Your Windows

Cheap Ways To Block Heat From Your Windows

Feeling hot, hot, hot

It is a never-ending annoying experience trying to stay cool during the intense summer heat. Not to mention going out is unbearable because all you can think about is sitting under the air conditioning with a refreshing drink in your hands. How can you be expected to hang out with your best friends and family like this? No worries! Have an indoor hangout and a chilling party. It is the best way to forget sweating in the summer. Learn these neat tricks to help you beat the heat without breaking the bank. Reduce the incoming glare and cover up those windows right, and you have yourself a home that is as chill as an igloo. By installing the ideal window treatments in your interiors, you will ensure that your home remains fresh and relaxed throughout the day. Moreover, help you cut down on those high electricity bills. Block the intense heat and have a blockbuster house party!

Hot Window Shading Hacks that Make Cool Energy Savings

Tea-time treatment: Who knew that tea towels could help in blocking heat and keeping your interiors cool? Just fold each tea towel in half and form a triangular shape on the drapery rod. Use burlap twine to tie the triangle ends. Voila! A cheap and easy way to spruce up your spaces and ward off any unwanted heat in your house. Choose any pattern and style to match the existing décor of the room. This is a tip for anyone who is about to replicate this hack. Perform this task in the kitchen area. Whenever you get tired of these kitchen tea towel trinkets, then use regular draperies. The tea towels then no longer act as makeshift curtains as they become regular tea towels once more!

Cool curtain hacks: Curtains are a cheap way of controlling incoming light and offering privacy. They also add a bit of a ‘luxury’ feel to your interiors. Because of their thick fabric as compared to other window attachments, they help to reduce the heat in a room or space. Below are some useful DIY tricks. They are as follows:

DIY Dye Your Curtains: Change the way your curtains look using fabric dye. Match the rest of the décor with dyed draperies. Save your money and transform the style of your interiors with DIY dye. At the same time, keep your room cool.

Put Up Blackout Curtains: Now blackout curtains are super useful in blocking out heat, glare, and the sunlight. You get total protection against UV radiation, and your expensive furnishings are protected from fade. Moreover, they help to regulate the temperature inside the room. So, during winters, you stay warm, and during summers, you stay cool thanks to the insulating fabric of the window shadings. In a way, you are giving relief to your air conditioning and heating units and thereby reducing the electricity bills. You get to save a lot of money in the long run.

Blackout Curtains

Layer Your Window Treatments: By getting layered window dressings installed, you are taking charge of the incoming light and heat. Transparent curtains can keep the cold air intact in a room on a warm day. At the same time, it can also allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside your window. But on a sunny hot day, you can utilize the second window treatment for blocking the sun, glare, and protect yourself from UV radiation. This second layer also helps keep your spaces cool.

Layered Window Treatments

Adjust the Direction of your Curtains: When you let your drapes sway in opposite directions, you add drama to your interiors. It improves the vibe and mood of your room. It acts as a unique layering trick to your window adornments. As a result, you get insulation, light blockage, and sunlight protection. Moreover, if you have already installed roller shadings in your home, then with this technique, these shadings can be hidden well. So much so that they appear “invisible.”

Even if you use any one of these tips or utilize all of these hacks, your home will look updated, fresh, and, most importantly, stay more cooling than before. The icing on the cake is that you will not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Try these cool hacks today!

Drapes Over Roman Shades

Other window treatments that can be used: Now, you don’t have to use all of the above window dressing hacks to stay cool during the summer. You can also go for other window coverings that have the basic construction of a honeycomb. Such window adornments are deemed energy-efficient and can make any room feel relaxed and comfortable during the heat. There are other options like louvered shutters, such as sliding, plantation, and café styles. Roller shades are another excellent window dressing option. You can regulate these shades with the help of a chain or an electrical light switch. Just make sure to use the hack that best suits your needs of the hour.
Roller Shadings

Chill Indoors and Keep the Heat Out!

These kinds of window coverings are for the long haul. Think of them as an investment for your home. They do more than help you deal with the unbearable heat. They provide a layer of protection for your expensive décor pieces and furniture against fade. So, you don’t have to worry about your carpeting, flooring, and other indoor embellishments from getting damaged. The reason being that when your floors, rugs, or paintings get exposed to the harsh UV rays present in incoming sunlight, they lose their shine and start to fade. Here’s a fantastic tip about dressing up your windows. First, figure out the direction of the sun entering your interiors and other living spaces. If your windows face in the Western direction then those windows need heavy coverage. If your windows face in the Southern direction then your windows need light coverage. In fact, such windows can allow incoming natural light to pervade the rooms. As a homeowner, there is no harm in giving these summer window treatment hacks a try. You will not only be saving on electricity bills but also sprucing up your home décor and staying cool during the harsh summer heat. Have a great summer!

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