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What Is The Cheapest Place to Buy Mini Blinds?

What Is The Cheapest Place to Buy Mini Blinds

So you have an upcoming party and you want to create the best possible impression on your pals and relatives. There are multiple ways you can set your living room. Display your refined taste in food, drinks, and home decor. Show them the finest collection of your paintings, some souvenir items that you collected from the last vacation to an oriental place, or your books by having them on your shelves. Any other ways? Something that you’re forgetting, perhaps? That’s right, do not forget the most important part of home decor: window blinds. Whether the window space is big or small, wide or narrow, the right window blinds can upgrade your room and elevate its appeal by several notches, as long as they go along well with the other aspects of the rooms and fit in perfectly well. Often we tend to compromise on this front. But with the plethora of options in the market, from Venetian blinds to roller shades, you do not really have any reason to complain.

Of these blinds, mini blinds are a popular window covering options that have a variety of benefits to boost and talk home about. So whether it’s raining cats and dogs outside or the weather heats up more than expected, there is no cause for worry. These blinds will come to your rescue, with a design that is one of the sleekest and decor-friendly that you could find.
Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds

Why You Need To Go For Mini Blinds

Why I got them installed for my bedroom windows was a question directed at me ever so often. There are a couple of other windows where I have got my mini blinds installed, including the kitchen and the bathroom. If their looks were not good enough indicators, I had to spell out their features for friends, who were used to having curtains and shutters. Nothing to take away from those window shades, either. They are brilliant in their design and boast of versatility and different mounting styles and operating procedures.

Mini blinds are horizontal blinds, usually made of aluminum, which carry the same sleekness you expect from venetian blinds and shutters. However, their slats are much narrower in size, so instead of having thick slats with a width of 2 inches or more, they are thin and textured (maximum width of 1 inch). Here were the key takeaways for me, which have made them my eternal favorites.

1. Cost-Effective: They are one of the cheapest window blinds that you could find anywhere in the market, no matter which brand you go for. However, keep in mind that you buy them only in the right places. With a host of available brands in the market, it might sometimes become difficult to go past the ones who make tall promises and those who genuinely deliver good quality blinds. Hunter Douglas, Graber and Crown are top names in the world of window treatments. More on this later.

2. Additional Privacy and Comfort: Now this is a major concern that enables us to choose the most insulating and light-blocking window treatments that can also entail a satisfying sleep. But thanks to the sturdiness of these blinds, which have led popularity charts for decades now, you can get the privacy you desire at any time of the day.

3. The Sleekness Of Design: While we are used to having shades and blinds with thick slats to lend our home a vintage, country-type feel, the addition of beautiful mini blinds gives a unique and contemporary touch to the home, with the solid aluminum material backing them. The sleek and textured appearance adds great value to already fine home decor, thus making them essential add-ons.

4. No Seepage Of Light: Mini blinds are so constructed that they do not allow any seepage or passing of natural light unless you want them to by opening or adjusting their slats to the desired level. When these blinds are shut, they create a total blackout effect, which cannot really be said with surety about other window treatments. So there is no need for window caulking or weathering of doors during a storm or snowing periods when you’ve got them in place. This also prevents rain or dirt from coming inside the home.

5. A Wide Range: One of their prime features involves availability in a wide array and palette of colors and designs, besides several operating styles. They can be smoothly operated by a lift cord control, but there are several brands such as Graber that allow you to customize them as per your needs and preferences. The motorized operation is considered the safest and easy to use, as you would definitely want your kids and pets to stay away from the cords that can pose a threat to their well-being in your absence.

6. Sturdy and Effective: Ever wondered why these blinds can be used in areas where you would be skeptical of putting up other window blinds? Many people would want their window shades to be as far as possible from places like the bathroom and the kitchen. They do not want them to develop water stains and spots that may be hard to get off. But that’s where mini blinds can come in handy. Being moisture-resistant and easier to clean because of their solid, textured shape, maintaining them can become a rather fun exercise. Read through the manufacturer’s booklet carefully, though, as there might be a catch to caring for every unique product.
Mini Aluminum Blinds

The Ideal Source of Buying Mini Blinds

Graber, a predecessor of sorts when it comes to premium window blinds in a variety of designs, boasts of specially constructed mini blinds that are much superior to their counterparts. The warm and eye-pleasing material in them is known for excellent functionality and a price that will be well within your budget. The versatility of Graber window shades allows you to choose them in different slat sizes. There are the micro, ½-inch slats, which are lightweight and can be ideal options for French doors and smaller windows. The most common ones, however, are the standard, 1-inch thick slats, which are applicable to normal windows in the bedroom, study, kitchen or bathroom. Being the often purchased ones, they come in the widest range of colors. Finally, they have the grandeur, 2-inch slats meant for larger windows that provide a substantial outdoor view to the garden or front porch. All these shades are also available in different lift controls at Graber: wand tilt, cord tilt, ring tilt and motorized tilt.

The other place where you can find the best aluminum blinds at reasonable prices is Hunter Douglas, a Dutch MNC is known for building the most innovative window covering solutions. Their mini blinds are available in an abundance of finishes and textures, such as metallic, matte and pearlescent.

To sum up, mini blinds are some of the most effective go-to options when you want to purchase window coverings that can offer maximum functionality at customizable prices. You can put an end to your search by purchasing them from Hunter Douglas and Graber, two of the most genuine and trustworthy brands available today.

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