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Affordable Renovations for Your Kids Room with Child Safe Cordless Blackout Blinds

Child Safe Cordless Blackout Blinds

Child Safe Cordless Blackout Blinds to Create a Safe Home Environment


Anyone who has kids in their home knows how difficult it is to establish a good and safe environment. We as parents always want them to play and have fun without any hassle or complication. There can be so many dangerous things available that can be harmful for your kids. Corded window shades and blinds are one such thing that can pose as a significant hazard. According to the product safety commission, every month a child whose age is below 10 years dies because of the window cord strangulation. To prevent this, window specialists have come with the most innovative solution: child safe cordless blackout blinds. If you have corded blinds it is recommended to replace them with cordless blinds.

Child safety is a major thing to consider and cordless blinds are a unique way to get that. The below window coverings will help you to learn how these cordless shadings are safe for your home and how to diminish the hidden hazards of corded window treatments instantly with this type of shades and blinds.

Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades


How Child Safe Cordless Blackout Blinds are Beneficial for Your Home


There are various ways to say adieu to window cords while enjoying the benefits of those shades and blinds. Before you consider buying them, know their various functional aspects that will make your shopping experience easy and simple.

Choose Cordless Blinds and Shades

ZebraBlinds offers you a wide variety of cordless blinds and shades that come with an array of customizable options that your kids will adore and enhance the appearance of your interior style. Whether you want a contemporary décor, or traditional, or a modern one, these child safe blinds will help to create the design you wish to have. They are incredibly versatile, durable, and affordable too. These blinds offer various benefits for a convenience lifestyle apart from keeping your kids and pets safe from the danger of window cords –

Cord-free mechanism creates a clutter-free clean décor and you can place them in the desired position which means they don’t need daily adjustments. So consider installing them today and keep the children out of danger from anything.

All the blinds and shades from top renowned brands such as Graber or Crown can be upgraded to this feature so that your little ones stay safe all the time. Cordless blackout roller blinds are customers’ top-rated, trendy, and hot choice which are safe and protects your home from excess daylight, glare, or UV rays, making your home a comfortable space.

Motorized Blackout Roller Blinds


Upgrade to Smart Window Coverings with Motorization

Motorized blackout blinds eliminate the hazard of exposed cords completely and give you the added convenience of smart technology. Raise or lower the shades using a remote button, smartphone, tablet, or voice-controlled assistants using wi-fi. They are ideal for hard to reach or large windows. Not only do motorized shades keep your kids and pets safe from the strangulation of cords, but they also safeguard the home from unwanted sunbeams, heat, and glare smartly and efficiently so that your kids can enjoy playtime without being uncomfortable. Motorized child safe blinds from Graber can be a focal point of your room while making space sophisticated and elegant.

Smart Blackout Window Shades


Other Ways to Keep Existing Cords Out of Reach from Kids

Make sure to keep all the cribs, beds, and furniture away from the windows so kids cannot climb up to them to touch the cords. Always check that window cords are properly installed and limit their movements. Use chain tensioners or cord guides to keep the window cords secured to the wall, out of reach, and so that they don’t swing around.

Blackout Blinds with Chain Tensioners


Why Choose Blackout Fabrics When it Comes to Cordless Blinds and Shades?


There are various fabric options available for the child safe blinds and shades which include light filtering, sheer, and room darkening. But most of the people opt for child safe cordless blackout blinds for their baby nurseries and kids’ playroom. But why blackout material?  Well, this fabric provides a cooler atmosphere during summer season while making the entire interior dark, ensuring your little one sleeps comfortably and peacefully.

Best 5 Child Safe Cordless Blackout Blinds for Your Baby’s Room


There are various window treatments available featured with cordless mechanisms and blackout fabric. Check out the below-recommended window blinds that will work for your home effectively:

#1: Cordless Blackout Roller Blinds – These blinds are the ideal choice for your baby’s room because of their cordless property. Installing these shades will help you to achieve the perfect ambiance you are looking for.

Cordless Blackout Roller Shades


#2: Cordless Blackout Cellular Honeycomb Shades – These shades are popular for their energy-efficiency which makes a room dynamic and lively by balancing the temperature with the outside environment. And on top of that, blackout fabric helps to make any room dark, creating a perfect sleeping environment for your babies.

Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades


#3: Blackout Natural Shades – These are the most effective, safe, and best quality window solution that ensures to keep toddlers safe from the hazard of both toxic artificial materials and window cords.


#4: Vertical Blinds – If your baby room has large windows, then they will confront more heat and light which will make the space uneasy. But cordless blackout vertical blinds will keep all these things away while avoiding the risk of cord strangulation.


#5: Cordless Fabric Roman Shades – If you want something more stylish, then go for cordless blackout roman shadings that come with an assortment of colors, pattern, and design options. These are the top-selling window coverings due to their luxurious appearance and effectiveness. Roman shades are the perfect choice especially when you are looking for a particular tone for your baby room.

Cordless Blackout Roman Shades


Best Child Safe Cordless Blackout Blinds for a Secure and Smart Home


It is no doubt that child safety is the primary concern for every homeowner, and getting the additional benefits of light control, privacy, insulation is an important thing for your home. Choose your window covering now and install them in order to keep everyone safe from the danger of window cords. If you need any help to get these best child safe blinds, consult with our customer care executives. Say goodbye to all the hazards with the best cordless blind options!

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