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Why choose the Horizontal Sheer Shades?

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The Perfect Window Treatments Ideas or Solutions.

“To elevate the look of an age old decor while trying to manage the intense Las Vegas sun is a real task,” says my cousin Sophie. She feels almost like a contestant in a ‘survival of the fittest’ contest in order to manage the glam quotient of her home, along with being completely protected from the raging glare. However, she found a whole extensive inventory of the most glamorous horizontal sheer shades at Zebrablinds. She swears by the quality, range, and the reasonable prices the site offers. And believe me when I say, Sophie is one of those ‘seeing is believing’ folks. She’d recommend something only after much research and proper inspection. That trait kind of runs in the family, so I need not think twice if one of them suggests something, for I know a lot of effort has gone in to get the smallest detail about the implied object.

She gave me an earful on why I too should get these sheer shades for the warm season. She says that when it comes to finding the perfect window treatment ideas or solution, choosing from a virtual place like Zebrablinds makes the process a whole lot easier! After much scouring through the industry window coverings, they present to you the finest of sheer shades. But then why choose only these ones specifically over the rest? Sophie helped unveil the answer.

The traditional shades don’t have the seamless ability to filter the light in without drowning a room into darkness. The horizontal sheer shades are a perfect blend of blinds and shades. They provide the much-needed sophistication and visual appeal through the use of sheer fabric panels that diffuse the light and cuts down the glare. They offer better light control than most of the other window covering options, with the ability to be raised or lowered entirely for an unobstructed view of the outside. So, for my cousin’s mom-in-law who’s always been the nature lover, there can be no more complaints of being shut into darkness. Sophie says that the sheers aid in the provision of uniform reduction of the harsh sunlight while still allowing you to connect with the outdoors with the use of the inner fabric slats.

They also protect the interiors from the harmful UV rays of the sun like defacing upholstery and bleaching the wood floors. You surely can heave a sigh of relief because you do not have to keep thinking of how to protect those classy pieces of furniture and artwork you’ve collected over the years.



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Horizontal Sheer Shades.

The fabric vanes/slats can be turned to open and close completely to accommodate any desired level of privacy. Each room has different privacy requirements. Some can sustain a void of high privacy measures; some need extensive efforts to bring in adequate privacy. In such situations, our sheer shades come to your rescue! They allow generous lighting to the room where you want them to do so while offering a shield from prying eyes by turning up the fabric vanes, or turning them down to cloister the room from view and provide room darkening. These are technically multipurpose coverings, where you get light diffusion, room darkening, and even complete privacy when the vanes are closed. The Horizontal Sheer shades also stand the test of proper durability, sturdiness, quality, and maintenance. The fabric crafted from polyester blends making it quite durable, yet look fragile. Also cleaning them won’t be a nightmare for you. Any stains, spots, can be easily removed with a damp cloth or sponge. However, using chemical cleaners isn’t advisable, since it may cause discoloration. Otherwise, there’s not much you need to do to keep the beauty and look intact – periodic feather dusting or vacuuming will suffice.

Sophia always complains of having problems to teach her old mom-in-law or her kids to operate something. She always gives clear instructions on how to operate any new thing in the house in order to avoid possible hazards. But this time around, it was easier because of the smooth functionality of the sheer shades. You may have the traditional cord control, continuous cord loop, cordless, and motorized options. The cordless and motorized options are best for homes with children and pets as there’s no risk of cord strangulation. As she continues she says, the elegance of these lovely shades does not come with a hefty price tag in contrast to the high-end looks it renders. She plans to team them with heavy drapes once winter arrives, for better insulation. The variety of options, and the irresistible features with the unavoidable classic look- the price is too good to be true! You can choose from brands like Crown or Graber – all you need to do is note down your requirements, express your taste and you’ll see it in your homes- just a CLICK away!
The Zebra Sheer shades need a special mention over here. Zebra horizontal sheer shades are manufactured with dual layers of fabric suspended on a roller for easy operation. Sheer and room darkening bands alternate, so they can be adjusted to provide a muted view and room brightening during the day, and adjusted so the dark bands stack one on top of the other to ensure privacy a night. Elevating your room decor instantaneously!

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