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When to Choose Solar Shades Over Roller Shades

Choose Solar Shades Over Roller Shades

When it comes to decorating windows with the best shades and blinds, we always look for new trendy solutions. There is a variety of window treatments available in the window fashion market, and solar roller shades are one of them. The popularity of these window shades has grown massively in recent years because of their exceptional beauty and functionality. You can spot them in every residential and commercial space. Their sleek and streamlined look goes well with every décor type.

These roller and sunscreen shades look almost the same, with even the same control and mechanism type. Yet, they have some features that make them distinct and useful for different situations. In many ways, solar shades are more effective and functional than regular roller window treatments. But depending on the room type and requirements, the right choice can be different. Learn more about their unique features and functionality, so that you can decide whether you should mount solar shades over the roller shadings or install some other window solutions.
Roller Window Shadings

Solar Shades vs. Roller Shades

A common question that will come in everyone’s mind – What’s the difference between roller shades and solar shades? When should you select solar shades over the roller shades? Let’s compare these window dressings so that you can be sure of getting the right solution for your interior décor –

• Both these window shades do not have vanes. When you pull down them, a sheet of fabric material will cover the window, which looks extraordinary and stylish, and makes the windows highlighted and a focal point of the interior. A roller function works for roller window shades while a roller and tube function work for sunscreen coverings.
• Solar shades are available in different openness factors, which allow you to see outside while balancing the excess daylight and heat. This typically ranges from 1%–14%, higher the number means more view. You can select the opacity level, depending on your needs. But roller shades are not transparent, which means they cannot be seen through. So, if you want to have a better outside view while relaxing or sipping coffee, then sunscreen shades are an ideal choice to go for instead of roller shades. And your home also stays fresh and free from harsh sunlight.
• Solar shades are made of a vinyl weave with openings in it, while roller shades generally use polyester or other fabric materials.
• Sunshades are available in a wide variety of texture and pattern options than the roller blinds, which means you have endless choices to customize them according to your taste and preferences. Be creative and enhance the overall appearance of your indoor in a dramatic way.
• Though solar shades are a little bit expensive than the custom roller shades, they are worth it, and their smooth functionality will add a lively vibe throughout the décor.
• No matter what type of décor (modern, traditional, or contemporary) you have, they will easily blend with the surroundings.

Outdoor Sun Shades

Both these window shades are unique and sophisticated compared to other window dressings. They have so many similarities that will make a big confusing while getting the one fit. But if you are planning to install solar shadings instead of roller shades, then consider the above points and make your final choice. If you need any help during picking up the right shade material, consult with the professionals. They will guide you to get the one that will create a remarkable choice on your home interior!

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