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Christmas crazy – Decorating ideas for Christmas


Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

Christmas will soon be here, and if you’re as Christmas crazy as I have, you have probably already scoured the stores and the books and the web for decor ideas. There is just soo much I would love to do to my little place for the season I can’t even decide where to start looking for decorating ideas for Christmas. And as I always do, when in confusion, research, research, research.


Now armed with my many web searches and magazine perusals and a chat with a good friend I believe I have narrowed down the ideas to my top three favorites. This year I also have a strict budget (and I mean strict), so all of these options are easy homemade ideas, to which I will be adding a bit of my own creativity. I’ll lay out the basic ideas and where I found them, and then I’ll note the changes I would make to make things doable. I suggest you also take the ideas and give it a dose of your own creativity to make the designs unique to you. So lets get on with it.




1st Decorating ideas for Christmas – Hanging Wreath on Curtain Rods.

I, like I’m sure many out there, hate what happens to the house after Christmas is over. All the decorations have to come down, and then you start seeing the gigantic hole you made to hang that light or that wreath. Then the rest of the year I’m trying to find something to cover the damage left from Christmas. So I loved this simple idea from Southern Living. You take your wreath, grab some ribbons, and tie it to your curtain rod over the windows. No holes, little mess, and it helps decorate the windows. The Southern Living article suggests using some Christmas ornaments and ribbons, but I’m planning to use some twine, holly, and some mistletoes to give it a more cottage theme to match the decor of the rest of the room.

Decorating ideas for Christmas
Garland of twines


2nd Decorating ideas for Christmas – Garland Of Twine.

Again another simple and cost efficient decorating ideas for Christmas that can literally go anywhere. The concept is from Country Living, and all you need is some twine, your old Christmas cards, stockings, and maybe even some wrapping paper, and some clothespin. The article shows the twine strung up over the windows with some mini hooks; I’m planning to make simple knots on either end of my curtain rods and to let the twin swoop down. And, as I don’t have any clothespin lying around I’m going to be using the rest of the twine and some good old scissors. Use the scissors and poke a small hole through the corner or the cards and string some twine through it, then tie it up to the swooping twine across the window. Luckily for the stockings they come with some loops through which I’m stringing the twine through before tying it up to the curtain rod. I’m also using a few Christmas ornaments with their little tin foil hooks rather than the wrapping paper. And so I have a nice little garland of Christmas pasts hanging across the window in my dining room and the back of the kitchen door.


Decorating ideas for Christmas
Christmas Illumination



3rd Decorating ideas for Christmas & my all time favorite – Christmas Illumination

I remember my mom always used to do a version of this by stringing up some Christmas lights across the top of part of our blinds throughout the house. She used to run the lights by the side of the window all the way to the top and then weave them through the top few slits between the slats. The methods by Martha Stewart is a lot less work. The article requires a frosted cylindrical vase, some ribbon, double sided tape, and plain Christmas lights. The idea is to put the lights in the vase, turn the vase upside down, tapes the ribbon across the bottom of the vase, and to have the light sneakily hang out from behind to be plugged in. As I don’t have any frosted cylinder vases, I’m using simple colored mason jars, recycled white paper, some battery powered LED lights, and a few present wrapping ribbons lying around. The mason jars, you can get a whole bunch for about $10.00 from Target, Walmart, or other big box stores. The LED lights you can find online for prices between $2.00 to $7.00, or you can get some of those flameless candles that can be found at the dollar stores. First you put the recycled paper in the inside wall of each jar; you can give it some texture by crinkling it a litter. Then a light for each jar and ribbon tied around the lip (an optional decoration) and voila perfect decor for window ledges or around the house. The soft glow can be perfect to highlight your decor or give your home the nice warmth of Christmas.


So stay within your budget this year and get creative with decorating ideas for Christmas. These ideas for your home decor are simple, easy, in the budget, and can be some family time activities to make them. The best part, you really don’t need to buy lots of stuff, nor do you need to throw them out after the season. There are no random holes around the house either. You can store them up and reuse them again for the next great occasion, a birthday garland across the window, or some romantic lighting for the weekend in. Have fun with your decor.


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