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Why Roller Shades Have Become a Modern Décor Classic

Classic Roller Shades

Classic Roller Shades – Refresh Your Home Decor


The latest and advanced technology in every product makes our daily lifestyle productive and comfortable. Having a smart home is like a dream come true, and it can start with your windows. Windows with the proper shades can bring elegance and an air of sophistication that you will adore for ages. Always choose a window treatment that can become an integral part of your home while blending perfectly into the windows. One such window treatment that window specialists suggest is classic roller shades which are popular for their simplicity, grace, and smoothness that will add a finishing touch to your interior décor. These shades offer a wide range of benefits – starting from privacy to blocking out the excess light, heat, harmful UV-rays, and glare; everything can be controlled by adjusting the shades adequately. These shades are highly effective when it comes to functionality and their ease of installation makes them a top choice for most homeowners who are planning to install new shades or replacing their old ones. Classic roller shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and texture choices that help to get a polished and synchronized appearance. Depending on your needs, there are various types of roller shades available:


Dual Roller Shades

These window treatments are the combination of two roller shades in one housing. The main advantage of selecting these shades is that you can choose two fabrics in one – light filtering, and room darkening or blackout. This allows you to let the natural light in whenever you want and block out the light when needed. Apart from selecting two types of fabrics, you can customize these shades with two color options which bring more versatility and flexibility in your home which offers a fresh and astonishing look throughout the décor.

 Motorized Dual Roller Shades


Light Filtering Roller Shades

These light diffusing shades are available in highly fashionable colors, pattern options, and be integrated or embellished with different types of scalloped hems or matching trim for an enhanced appearance. These roller shades gently diffuse the harsh sunlight a soft and smooth glow while protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays. A variety of lift choices are also available to meet your specific needs.

Light Filtering Roller Shades


Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout roller blinds can be used to block out the natural light completely while getting privacy. The beauty of these shades can be improved by customizing them with several colors and designs that will match the décor type while being more eye-catching.

Smart Blackout Roller Shades


Exterior Roller Shades

If you have an exterior space that confronts a large amount of light and heat, then you can install these shades to help reduce incoming light while preserving your view. Motorized roller shades are also available for hassle-free operation.

Exterior Roller Window Shades


Top 4 Reasons to Get Classic Roller Shades for Modern Upgrades


Roller Shades are the perfect combination of style and function. No matter what type of home décor style you are looking for, the shades are designed to offer your home a beautiful look and give you an improved lifestyle. There are various reasons behind selecting these window coverings –

  • Clean and Clutter-Free Appearance

Most of the window coverings consist of slats, louvers, folds, etc but classic roller shades are fabricated of single solid fabric that offers a clean, mess-free look, and most importantly they don’t collect any type of dust or dirt. Hence they are very easy to clean and maintain. Their wide assortment of colors and design options create a versatile seamless look that helps to become a popular choice for every interior style.

  • Excellent Functionality

No matter whether you have a traditional home or a modern one, roller window shades will work amazingly for both because of their huge selection of designs. But what about the functionality? Well, roller shades are good in diffusing and blocking the direct daylight but side by side, they eliminate the entry of excess heat and harmful ultraviolet radiations. Blackout roller shades with side channels are the best choice in this case. Layering those with other shadings will improve the functionality and beauty of both. Make sure that the taken measurements and installation procedures are correct.

  • Easy and Smooth Operation

These window coverings are easy to operate and can raise or lower from the bottom rail. Other lift systems include a continuous cord loop, cordless system, and smart motorization. Smart motorization means you can manage them together or simultaneously using a remote or smartphone. Google Home roller blinds and Alexa roller shades are also available for a hands-free mechanism. This is a safer option for the families with kids and pets as they eliminate the danger completely.

  • Affordable and Durability

If you are looking to buy something that will not break your budget, then roller shades are the number one choice to go for. Although they are affordable, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with style, function, materials, or anything else. They are made of superior quality materials which make them durable and last for a long time.


Refurnish Your Home with Classic Roller Shades

Most homeowners think that sheer roller shades for windows are outdated but proper customization helps them to stand out against anything. No doubt that these shades offer your home the amazing benefits with incredible beauty that will add a design statement to your home! Contact us to learn more about these shades or order free samples that will help you to understand why roller window shades have become a modern designer choice for your décor style!

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