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Classic Roman Shades for a Classy Home

Classic Roman Shades

Classic Roman Shades for a Classy Home

We have constantly been taking inspirations from yesterday’s fashion and interior designs. Though these factors have been changing constantly and evolving along with the time, we sometimes like to add that historical touch to our lives. It makes us feel connected to our ancestors and gives us a familiar, warm kind of feeling. The fabric roman shades are one such historic icon used as a part of the interior design even today. The fabric and design may have been innovated to match the current trends and tastes. However, the basic pulley system and the look of the shades have been maintained.

These classic roman shades were a part of the homes in Rome around the time of AD 90. A system of retractable fabric shades was found during archeological excavations in the area. These shades were used to protect the homes, museums, and large stadiums from the unforgiving hot sun. Today, this very system has been adapted in innovative new forms to arrive at the most classy and elegant window treatments. Window treatments have been a part of our lives ever since privacy, blocking light, blocking heat and keeping the space more comfortable has been part of our important needs.

Fabric Roman Shades


Beautiful European Style Classic Roman Shades

Roman shades are basically made of light fabric that is constructed in such a way that they lay flat against the windows when closed. When they are open, they lay neatly folded into horizontal slacks, each fold on top of other. These fabric window shades can be operated through either cord or the shades can be motorized for more comfort and safety.

The pulley system that operates the fabric shades and helps in opening or closing the shades is cleverly placed behind the fabric so that they are not visible from the interiors. They help in folding the fabric in nest folds when they are open. They also help in keeping these fabric shades sturdily in place when they are shut. This way, the system takes the backstage so that no unwanted attention is drawn towards the shades and makes it look neat and clean overall.

These European style roman shades are a truly beautiful adaptation of the ancient Roman interiors! The modernized version is made of light fabrics that are very elegant to look at and are easy to keep clean and maintain as well.

Choose What Suits Your Canadian Home the Best with Custom Roman Shades

Though the traditional roman shades are pretty simple and elegant, there are quite a lot of versions of the roman shades which use the same mechanism but differ in the way they look. These innovative versions are just so that the buyer can customize the shade that they think will go well with their home.

The basic way that these shades are differentiated is by the way they look when they are closed. The traditional roman shades fall absolutely flat when they are shut. This reveals the complete beauty of the fabric chosen for the shades. While choosing these kinds of shades, one needs to make sure that the fabric that you go for and the shade of the fabric blends perfectly well with your home interiors. The more relaxed version of these flat roman shades when they are pulled up is usually referred to as the European style roman shades. They are pretty and elegant and suit any kind of interiors.

Another loved and flaunted type of roman shades are those that create a ripple effect when they are shut. These shades have neat curves and folds even when they are shut, which gives a deeper effect on the interiors. These are the modern version of the roman shades that add a lot of depth and character to space. At the same time, they also look very elegant and fashionable, suited best for a modern smart home!

Roman shades come in a variety of versions, shades, fabrics, and designs. Some of them fold up into neat little horizontal slats when they are open and there are a few that when pulled up, they look like the curtains of a theater or stadium! Some fold up in parallel slats while a few others fold up in soft curves or ripples. You could go for these window treatments in earthy and neutral shades or go for a trendy and bright color based on what suits your home the best!

European Style Roman Shades


The Multi-functional Light Filtering Classic Roman Shades

Shades and blinds have been a part of the home interiors for decoration purposes too. However, they do serve a greater purpose and that factor cannot be ignored. These classic custom roman shades would surely make your home look a lot more royal and luxurious. However, they are also pretty handy when it comes to their other functions.

The light filtering roman shades are made up of the right kind of fabric which filters the sunlight to reduce its harsh effect on the space. It also is able to trap the heat and keep the space cooler. Over and above all, the light falling through the shades are soft and pretty fill the whole space with a light glow. These European style roman shades are pretty multi-functional and are truly worth the hype.

Light Filtering Roman Shades


Special Benefits of Roman Style Fabric Window Treatments

Roman shades are the best option for your odd sized windows and those windows that are difficult to reach. Finding shades and blinds for regular kinds of windows is usually a walk in the park. However, for the problem sized windows, it isn’t that easy to find the right match of window treatment. Roman shades could be that right match. The easily foldable system makes them easy to fit for any size or kind of windows. For those windows that are really high and hard to reach, these roman shades can be motorized so that they can be easily used to open or shut the shades.

These classic roman shades are pretty mainstream and neutral. They are safe and comfortable and are the perfect smart window treatment for a modern home!


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