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Classic Wooden Blinds – Standing Apart With Poise in Canada

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“To dwellers in a wood, almost every species of tree has its voice as well as its feature.”
Thomas Hardy.

No matter what elements innovative technology gives the world, there is something special, something alive and warm about wood that can never be replaced. When it comes to blinds, real wood blinds have carved a niche for themselves in Canadian market, making it the only preference among many elite homeowners who out rightly reject any other material.

In the modern competitive market, where cheap, artificial elements ooze toxins and chemicals into the indoor air, people are seeking the safety of wood, even at a high price. Wood has been around in our homes for centuries, decorating our interiors with furniture and artifacts, providing building materials and serving many other purposes without harming us in any way. When it comes to style and visual appeal, wood can take on any paint or stain to create a perfect setting for interiors. Wood blends in with ease, be it a rustic, traditional, contemporary, eclectic or ultramodern architecture, adding warmth and beauty to the living spaces.


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Premium Wood for Quality.


Immanuel Kant said, “From such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be fashioned.” Thankfully, when you purchase your wood blinds from reputed brands like Normandy, Graber or Crown, you don’t have to worry about the crooked wood, since the perfectly straight slats are made from only high-quality premium wood. Real wood blinds are built to last with the use of the finest materials and hardware components, and high-end technology improving every product. Advanced and innovative methods are employed in manufacturing the products from start to finish.

Wood blinds in Canada are often manufactured from bass, oak, maple, chestnut, walnut, pine, pecan and mahogany. With fine finishing, every bit of the wood sports a unique color, pattern and grains. When you observe carefully, you will see that each wooden slat has its own character that ensures unique decor for each window treatment. Every homeowner will be proud of the wood blinds that are one of a kind.

As for durability, the antique wooden furniture and artifacts that have survived long enough to be called antiques should be proof enough for anyone who doubts the strength of wood. Blinds made of solid wood can outlive many of their fabric and plastic counterparts. There are wooden bridges that have lasted centuries, why not the slats of your blinds? The American Hardwood used in these blinds ensures that there is no cracking or warping of the blinds through regular usage. Even the perfect shine, and smooth finish of these blinds stay intact for years to come.

Contemporary Wooden Blinds.

Since you rarely find real wood blinds with huge discounts, you want to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. When it comes to brands like Graber, you can be sure of the products since the company has more than 70 years of experience in supplying quality window treatments to customers. Further, they follow sustainable forestry practices, using 100% North American hardwood in their window wood blinds. These perfect blinds remain timeless, since hardwood is extremely durable, retaining its new looks for years on end. Good enough, since wood will never go out of fashion in interiors if our past is any proof. Their wood blinds comes in series like Tradition® Wood Blinds and Elite Wood Blinds.

The beautiful Normandy wood window blinds in Canada is worth every penny you spend on it. Available in a wide range of wood stains from Mellowed Beech, to Old Teak, all the way to Black walnut, these blinds will remain the center of focus of your deco. During summer, the rising sun changes the stains in the wood making them brighter and stronger only to fade again in the evening. Just watching those classy blinds is so intriguing.

Crown Real Wood Venetian Blinds add a timeless elegance to your decor – a simple yet aesthetic and sophisticated style. Crown wood blinds are not something you would call ‘over the top’ or overbearing since they have an earthy feeling about them, evinced by their delicately detailed natural grains and knots. Opting for these blinds is your best bet to pull off a sensational but traditional look for your home

The Practical Efficiency of Wooden Blinds.

When it comes to blocking out the light, wooden blinds are your best options – they will save you energy during the summer since natural wood will absorb and block much of heat and ultraviolet rays. Wood is a great insulator, as you have known for long. Privacy is optimum with wooden blinds, which will not allow any backlighting or silhouetting when closed tightly.

Some of the striking features of contemporary wooden blinds are:

· Made from durable premium quality North American Hardwoods

· Room darkening qualities for maximum privacy

· Customized look with decorative valance

· Loop-Free Cords for Child Safety

· Stained and painted blinds crafted of

· Finish that highlights the natural characteristics of wood

· Available in 1 inch, 2 inch, 2 3/8 inches and 2 1/2 inches slat sizes

· No-Holes option available for maximum privacy

· Available in wide range of paints and stains

· Sandblast finish available on any paint or stain

· Beaded slat option that enhances the beauty of your blind with the generous double beaded design of the beaded slat

· Accent Valance and Bottom-rail that will complement the window and decor of the room by specifying a different color valance and bottom rail

· Custom colors available for all slat sizes that may not be available in unique finishes

Installation and maintenance of wooden blinds is easy as well. To keep your precious blinds neat and tidy, all you have to do is just wipe them with a clean cloth or use vacuum cleaner set at a low intensity to get rid of dust. Install wooden blinds and enjoy years of almost maintenance-free pleasure, classic beauty and privacy in your home. Let your wooden blinds stand apart with poise and make a bold statement about your style!

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