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Cleaning Window Blinds has Never been more Simple!

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blindsCleaning window blinds is a simple and easy way to ensure that they stay durable and look beautiful all year round, and as long as you have them. You can ensure their longevity by using non-abrasive cleaners, and sticking to simple cleaners such as water and soap. Blinds come in all different shapes and sizes and are made from many different materials. Here are a few ways to deal with your blinds and ensure that they make your home look beautiful.


Window treatments in Canada serve a purpose in your home and are not just used for design. They function to keep light out of your home and let it in when you want it. Blinds safeguard against sun damage for your furniture, and even on your floors. When they perform important functions, their maintenance is just as important. Luckily, blinds are not high maintenance. They’ll be simple enough to clean once a month to keep them looking brand new. With slightly worse messes, blinds can hold up to a stronger cleaning product and a stronger cleaning as well.


Make sure to have your blinds dusted at least once a month, to make sure there is no build-up of dust. This will always keep your blinds looking fresh and clean, and will allow the paint to look its brightest. Dusting your blinds will keep your home cleaner overall, and can help with keeping dust allergies at bay. If you cannot use a dusting glove or a cling cloth such as a Swiffer, then do not despair! The dust-brush tool on a vacuum is more then capable of cleaning your blinds. Flatten your blinds, and then run your dusting vacuum tool along the slats.


A damp cloth is a great way to clean your blinds as well. They can help in getting rid of dust by trapping it in the cloth rather than letting it become airborne. Further more, water is a great way to clean small stains or spots, and won’t be harsh on your blinds, like other cleaners or chemicals. Wipe a damp cloth along your slats, and get rid of small sticky messes, or build-up. Water won’t damage most materials, but you should be careful when you have real wood blinds. If you wet them, make sure you dry them right away, so they don’t have a chance to mold. Wiping them down a couple of times a year with a damp cloth is maintenance enough, as chemical cleaners will only harm the wood. Try not to expose them to steam or moisture, unless they have prescription wood conditioning.


For aluminum or vinyl blinds, a little dishwashing liquid and water is enough to clean your slats. They can also hold up to other cleaners better than wooden blinds, so don’t worry if they get dirtier. You can scrub these trouble spots away and, have your blinds shine through.


Maintaining your blinds is never a hard thing to do- a light dusting is enough to keep them clean for weeks, and a wipe down with a damp cloth every two months will keep them looking brand new. Blinds are durable and require little maintenance, so don’t be afraid to get them in any material you choose- wooden, vinyl, or even aluminum. Blinds are a great way to keep your home looking stylish and up to date with all home fashion trends. Be bold with your blinds, and choose colours that are right for you!

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