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Colour Me Healthy – Sheer Horizontal Shades

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Sheer Horizontal Shades for Healing

After battling and surviving stage III lung cancer, Victor found new meaning in his name, the victorious one. Yes, he finally managed to win the war on cancer, an experience he always heard about but, had to go through himself to know how much of a constant challenge it was. Of course, there were many doctors and survivors who told him what to expect, but it all took him by surprise nonetheless. On a day-to-day basis, the challenge started with getting up every morning and dealing with the fact that he might not make it.

He had come to realise that half the battle was fought in the mind. Through this roller coaster of an experience, he had become more spiritual, if not religious. He started believing in the universe, a divine entity, in himself and Karma, what you give you get; if you go through life swimming in negativity, you’ll create the same for yourself. Coming from a staunch Catholic neighbourhood, many recommended indulging deeper in religion, but he realised that the priest would probably have to take the day off, to listen him go on about his dirty little secrets and then the week after that to recover. He was pleased to know he still had his sense of humour after all that. Truth be told, he had led what some would call, an unhealthy lifestyle, and now since he had been given a second chance at life, he decided it was time for a reformation. He started meditating and practising yoga and noticed the change for the good.

He wanted to do more, transform his surroundings to aid his healing process. Coincidentally enough, a friend told him about colour therapy or chromotherapy, an ancient Eastern therapy that is gaining importance in the world of medicine today. Different coloured light rays of the electromagnetic spectrum have different wavelengths and vibrations, giving them their own properties in terms of frequencies. Since we too possess energy, we vibrate at different frequencies as well, at lower frequencies when ill or low, and at higher frequencies when healthy and happy, as a result of which, when these coloured light rays hit our body, they influence our energies. According to electrophonic studies, that studied the patterns of electromagnetic waves emitted from a body, it is proven that our body has seven energy centres that are colloquially called “chakras”, which are related to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. According to chromotherapy, each colour activates a different chakra. Different lights affect us in different ways, for example, red which is in charge of activating the root chakra, energizes organs, increases blood circulation and adrenaline. Red is not recommended for people with cancer as it stimulates cell growth.

He had to find a way to be widely exposed to these colours. Changing his light fixtures seemed like too expensive an idea, and he didn’t want people to walk in thinking he was a hippie with multi-coloured lights. He found that window treatments ensured that there was a constant flow of a good amount of color when required. This way he could choose different colours for different requirements. He figured sheer horizontal shades would do the job as their light filtering, or sheer fabrics would allow light in and, at the same time cut off UV rays and glare. This way the sun shining through the coloured fabrics would throw a coloured glow around the room. These shades were the epitome of functionality combined with elegance, they had the utility of blinds, as they had vanes placed neatly between two layers of fabric, one on top of the other. At the same time, the sheer fabric resembled drapes, in the sense that they gave a soft homely feel. Also, they functioned like shades allowing you to roll them up even when the vanes were open. The shades stood out for their privacy factor as they let light in and allowed a muted view even when the vanes were closed, so unlike blinds one needn’t open the vanes to let light in. This way, Mrs Robinson’s daughter, his neighbour, wouldn’t see him walking around the house bald. He still hadn’t gotten used to not having a head full of hair since the chemo, and always wore a cap when outdoors.



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He chose turquoise room-darkening shades for the bedroom with a vane width of three inches, in order to block out more light, he wanted healing to take place in his sleep too. Blue was said to encourage healing and aid the formation of scar tissues, activating the throat chakra, bringing about tranquillity. Since the smallest of tasks can suck the life out of you as the side effects continue even after the chemo is done, he spent a good deal of time in his bedroom taking naps, so with room- darkening shades which lent partial opacity, a small amount of light would be let in, but not too much to disturb his sleep. For the living room, he picked turquoise as its wavelength is linked to the immune system, mostly to the heart and thymus gland that it stimulates to produce T-helper cells that play a vital role in a body’s defence system.
For the kitchen cum dining room, he picked magenta that dealt directly with stress as it minimized the circulatory effects of electromagnetic, magnetic stress. This is of great help to a person who has just battled cancer because the thought of it coming back, is constantly at the back of the mind. It symbolizes self-love and energy that was important for those extra challenging days. For his living and dining room, he picked sun-filtering shades that had a vane width of two inches, allowing the maximum amount of light in.

These shades had the option of motorization that let you operate the shades via a remote. The absence of the cord removed the risk of strangulation that was a safety requirement for homes with children and pets. Although he didn’t fancy the idea of Victor juniors running about the house anytime in the near future, he could rest well knowing his little retriever, Fran was safe. Fran was given to him by his mother when he found out he had cancer. It was said that dogs aided the healing process, Fran did more than that, there were days when she was the sole reason he’d get out of bed and he didn’t want to lose her. These shades were Green Guard certified, which meant that they had been screened for chemical emissions and lead content. This ensured a healthy indoor environment, suitable for an ailing person like himself. The shades also had a Microban protection that prevented the growth of bacteria and mildew that were potential pools of disease-causing germs. These shades were flame retardant as well.
After a few months from installing the shades, he noticed a general improvement in his attitude towards life. He kept to his schedule of regular checkups and the doctors were quite impressed by his recovery.



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