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Combat Heat with Effective Window Treatments

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Save on Energy with window treatments.

Are you gearing yourself up to blast your air conditioner to combat the summer heat with the first drop of sweat trickling down your forehead? Why not resist heat this summer with some efficient window treatments instead? By paying some attention to your windows, holes in your home that allows nearly 50% of cooling energy to be lost, you can save a lot on energy bills. The same window treatments will effectively combat heat loss from your home during winters. Any window treatment that is effective in preventing heat gain is effective in preventing heat loss as well.

What happens when you do not install proper energy saving window treatments on your windows? Let me explain this to you through a story. In the Korean version of Cinderella, the cruel stepmother asks her stepdaughter Kongji to fill water in a huge pot with a hole in the bottom. No matter how much water Kongji poured into the pot, it never got filled, driving her to tears. Seeing her plight, a turtle blocked the hole in the pot, allowing her to fill the pot and complete the task her stepmother gave her. It is not relevant here whether that saved Kongji from a spanking or not. What we have to realize is that rooms with air conditioners running full blast but without sufficient insulating window treatments are like the pot with a hole that cannot be filled. You need to cover up the hole to have a stable temperature inside your room.

No matter what type of window treatments you mount on your windows, they will save some amount of energy for you, even when used only for aesthetic purposes. When you pay attention to installing energy efficient window treatments, you will be able to achieve a comfortable temperature inside your home without pushing your AC to its limits. By using right materials for your window treatment, you block nearly 35% of solar heat gain.



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Blinds are considered to be the perfect window coverings with the maximum benefits by many homeowners who have installed and experienced their benefits. Blinds can be installed as inside or outside mounts to effectively reduce solar heat gain. In addition, blinds provide the desired light control, ventilation, and privacy as well. When you completely close a set of light colored blinds on a hot summer day with the sunrays directly hitting your window, you will be reducing up to 45% of heat gain into your room. The contemporary market offers wide range of blinds including

· Real Wood Blinds

· Faux Wood Blinds

· Vinyl Blinds

· Natural Blinds

· Composite Blinds

· Aluminum Venetian Blinds

· Fabric Blinds

You can make your choice based on your needs and the decor of your rooms. You can use blinds to cover doors as well. The best option is to use vertical blinds that are perfect for this purpose with the vertical slats adding a new dimension in the door coverings arena.

Blinds also help draw in natural light into a room, reducing the need for other types of lighting and thereby reducing your energy use.


No window treatment has seen a rise in popularity in the past century as the shades have done. They are some of the most aesthetically pleasing, simple and efficient window treatments anyone can opt for. Today, window treatments have become an integral part of home decor, making a significant impact on its final appearance. Customers desire visual appeal for their window treatments along with protection, insulation, solar heat gain control during summer, heat loss during winter, privacy, and also products that go easy on their budget. Shades are the window treatments that meet each of the customer’s demands effectively. Check out the various shades available for your windows –

· Cellular or Honeycomb shades

· Solar shades

· Roller shades

· Natural shades

· Roman shades

· Skylight shades

For effective energy savings, shades should be mounted as close to the window glass as possible, with the sides of the shade held close to the wall to establish a sealed air space. Lowering shades altogether on a sunlit window in summer provides excellent efficiency. You can also use dual shades with a highly reflective white color on one side for the day and heat absorbing darker shade on the other side during the night. One of the revolutionary developments that was seen in recent times was the introduction of honeycomb or cellular shades, which featured a layered design that traps air in their individual cells that forms a barrier against heat gain/loss.


The energy effectiveness of drapes is highly unpredictable as it depends on several factors like the type of drapery fabrics, the weave, color, thickness and also how it is installed. Drapes can be either used independently or in a combination of blinds and shades to increase the visual appeal and effectiveness of window treatment.

When the summer arrives, don’t just allow your air conditioning to do all the work. Instead, explore the various window treatments to save energy and maintain a comfortable ambience inside your room. A one-time investment in energy efficient window treatments will create a comfy environment while reducing your heating and cooling costs for long-term energy savings.

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