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Common Ways To Dress Unique Windows – A Guide To Bay Windows, Arched Windows, Large Windows

Common Ways To Dress Unique Windows - A Guide To Bay Windows, Arched Windows, Large Windows

Uniquely Designed & Shaped Windows

Conventionally, windows are rectangular openings in the walls that allow light and air inside the house. But windows are far more than that and there are endless possibilities. Windows can be of different shapes and sizes. They can be large and wide, sprawling across an entire wall. They can occupy a significant portion of the wall and jut out of the exterior wall of the house. They can be so many different shapes like oval, circular, triangular, arched and more. Each of these shapes add a touch of uniqueness to the living space. Windows become the focal point of the rooms and when dressed well. The architectural design of these unique windows enhances the aesthetic beauty and integrity of your homes.

Today we will explore these different types of windows, the challenges they pose and the popular choice of window coverings chosen for them.

Bay Windows

What are they?

Bay windows are a favorite of homeowners have been enthusiastically added to homes for decades. Irrespective of the style of decor, bay windows have been adorning traditional and contemporary homes in all their glory. Bay windows project outwards from the exterior wall of the house, thereby creating a bay inside the room. They increase the foot space in the house and create a nook by the side of the window which can put to varied uses like reading corner, seating corner, storage, etc. bay windows are angled with each other and they can consist of three or five units. They allow more light into the living space and make the rooms appear bigger than they are.

While bay windows add unique architectural detailing to your room, they also pose challenges. They expose your room to excessive sunshine and light which streams through from different angles. This can increase heat inside the room and also subject your furniture to high UV exposure. Privacy can also be jeopardized if there are homes adjacent to your building. So, a good window treatment is of utmost importance to keep your rooms comfortable and pleasant. To retain the unique shape of the window we recommend separate window covering for each of the angled windows.

You can opt for Roman shades in casual folds to lend an elegant and smart look to the windows. You can go with floral prints, soft patterns or plain fabric with designer borders to complete the look.

You can pair the Roman blinds with fully-lined curtains for a sophisticated finish. If you are opting for bold prints for the blinds, choose a plain solid colored curtain to avoid conflict. Mount the curtain rods following the angles of the bay windows so that the curtains can retain the shape of the angular bay windows. Hang them high for visual impact.

Roller shades are another great choice of window coverings for bay windows. They are sleek, contemporary and smart. They give the windows a finished and neat appearance. Sheer Roller shades impart an elegant and graceful appearance to the surroundings. Blackout dual roller shades are ideal as they allow you to enjoy diffused light and daytime privacy with sheer shades and nighttime privacy and light blockage with the blackout roller shades.

Plantation shutters offer ultimate luxurious appeal to your bay windows. They can blend with any decor, and allow you complete control over lighting needs and privacy. They can be made of wood, faux wood or vinyl and offer an accomplished look to your space and the windows.
Shutters for Bay Windows

Arched Windows

What are they?

Arched windows are another beautiful addition to your living space. In this, the bottom part is a standard rectangular window topped with an arch or semi-circle. If you have a big living room, you can experiment with these arched windows for aesthetic value. They have an old-world charm even in a contemporary setting. They allow more light to stream through from the top. Covering them can be challenging yet a creative task. The homeowners often suffer from the dilemma of whether to cover them or not. Some people are inclined to leave them bare to show off the design. Moreover, finding the right sized treatment can be a tough ask. While covering them can be challenging, it is recommended to cut off the harsh rays of the sun and for improved insulation.

Arched Cellular Shades are a good choice for these windows. They can be custom-made to fit this unique design and size. They are available in myriad colors and designs and are also the most energy-efficient window covering in the market. You can opt for blackout fabric if you want to block light out completely.

Arched Shutters are also great for your arched windows as they can be custom-made to fit into the arch. The arched part of the window is not treated separately. A single shutter is used to cover the whole window and they look absolutely stunning.

Drapery is a common choice of window covering for your arched windows. These may not retain the unique design of the arch. When closed they will cover the whole window but nevertheless, they are good for your arched windows. Hang them high and allow them to fall till the grounds for visual impact. Along with the unique arched shape of the windows, the draperies lend a luxurious appeal to the living space.
Custom Arched Window Blinds

Large Windows

What are they?

Large windows are normal rectangular windows but they are bigger in size than the standard ones that are commonly found in every house. These windows are larger in size and reach almost near the ceiling. Two or three windows can cover almost the width of an entire wall. They look fascinating as they leave one part of the room completely open for light and view. They work brilliantly if you have your home overlooking a beautiful view like a beach, mountain range, etc. they will allow you an unobstructed view of the outside and also bring the view indoors. At the same time, large windows can cause energy loss, privacy loss and exposure your house to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Covering them effectively is a challenge for homeowners.

The obvious choice for large windows is sheer vertical blinds. These shades move sideways allowing you complete unobstructed access to the windows. They stack neatly on either side of the windows. the sheer fabric helps to fill the room with a soft warm glow of light cutting out the harshness of the sun’s rays.

Plantation shutters have been a trusted companion of homeowners for years. They are a good choice for large windows. They make a snug fit onto the window frame. The slats can be adjusted to control light and privacy. They can blend into any decor style and you can choose from different colors though your favorite remains white.

Cellular honeycomb, roller shades, Roman shades all make a grand elegant choice of window treatment for large windows. They have to be custom-made to fit the length and breadth of the windows. They impart a sophisticated, luxurious appeal to the surroundings. You can choose a fabric of your choice depending upon your need for lighting, light blockage and privacy. Pull them up to reveal the entire window and when closed they will enhance the aesthetics of the room with their designs, fit, fall and functionality. Panel track blinds move on tracks and offer smooth functionality of the blinds. They stack neatly on either side of the windows, making way for a clear and broader view.

We have endeavored to offer a comprehensive guide to window treatments for bay windows, arched windows and large windows. so next time you are in a dilemma, whether to include these uniquely shaped windows in your space, think no more for you have ready solution of window treatments for these windows.

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