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Comparing Window Films and Shutters/Blinds – Which Is Best for You?

Comparing Window Films and Shutters

When moving into a new home it’s important to keep in mind the general climate you may encounter. In addition to maintaining temperature control from season to season, it is also important to ensure that you don’t subject your home to too much sun. There are multiple window treatments that could help control light, some even come with smarter motorized options. But for now we’re going to talk about two very effective contenders, each one of these two will be absolutely perfect for your home in the right conditions. We’re, of course, talking about window films and blinds. Blinds are window coverings that consist of a series of movable slats which will block out the sun completely or partially. Window films are semi-transparent films that cover your windows to give it a tint that can block sunlight partially. We’ll be going into how useful each treatment is so you can decide which one you should bring home.

Protecting yourself from UV rays
Blinds are capable of blocking out the sunlight when drawn, and can only block UV rays when the slats are tilted closed. Window films win out in this aspect, given that they are able to block up to 99% of harmful UV radiation. UV radiation is a known carcinogen and can potentially induce skin cancer and other health problems when left unchecked. UV radiation also wreaks havoc on furnishings by leeching out the color far faster than normal.

Privacy Blinds

Light control is a battle for supremacy

Blinds and window films are both capable of a significant amount of light control with one vital difference. With blinds, you can use the slats to block out all of the sun or just part of it. However, window films are not as simple. There are varied tints available on the market which can block up to 80% of the light that passes through the film however once you apply the film you cannot change your desired window tint without replacing the window film entirely. So if your window film lets in 50% of the light that passes through it, you’ll just have to be happy with that.

Light Control Shades

Heat management is a lot simpler

While we’ve spoken about UV rays and light, the actual mechanics of heat have not yet been discussed. Closed blinds can block out the sun completely, denying it access to heat up your room in the first place. Light-colored blinds will easily reflect the heat and keep your home cooler and help lower your cooling costs. Darker blinds will absorb the heat from the sunlight and radiate it into your home. Insulated window coverings will also make sure the heat does not escape your home during winter.

Window films aren’t as effective in blocking out the heat but they do not fall too far behind in that aspect. Given that they block a large percentage of the sun; they also effectively block out a large amount of heat while still allowing a small portion of it into your home. Insulated and mirrored window films will ensure that the heat stays locked in during winter so as to reduce your heating costs.

White Window Blinds

Keeping your home secure

Security is one key aspect we all want. We shouldn’t have to be mindful of peeping Toms when we’re trying to relax at home. This is where blinds come in, privacy is a given when you close blinds and some insulated versions even reduce the amount of sound that escapes through them. However, window film is not as helpful in this regard. Given that they block a certain amount of light and not all, you will always have a problem where your home will be more visible at night with the lights on. The percentage of tinting required for our windows to have for privacy is a point at which we might as well have a wall instead.

Insulated Window Coverings

In Conclusion

Whether you’re moving into your new home or just making changes to your old one, you’ll have to seriously consider the above factors before you settle on the window treatment you want. If you’re someone who lives in a secluded area and loves sitting in the sun, window films may be a good option. Window blinds are made of different materials and the environment can affect these blinds and their lifespans differently. Well-made window films can last a long time and be very effective before they eventually peel off due to the ravages of time and the constant bombardment of sunlight but when it comes to resisting the elements they are as sturdy as the windows you put them on.

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