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Complete Blackout Shades For Complete Privacy

Complete Blackout Shades

A Combination Of Energy Saving & Aesthetic Appeal – Complete Blackout Shades


Lighting has a significant impact on the ambiance and feel of your homes. You can make your home bright or dull by just playing with the amount of light entering your home. A home frequently needs different types of atmosphere according to the need of the homeowners and the time of day. While working or studying, you need an ample amount of light. While sleeping, you need to block all the light and make the room dark. For perfect blockage of all the light, you can get high-quality complete blackout shades from ZebraBlinds. We have endless specifications and choices of window blinds and shades.

An imperfect amount of light can disturb the entire ambiance of the home. The way you light your homes creates a welcoming environment for visitors. Too much sunlight entering inside can destroy the comfort and atmosphere of the home. Light has the power to influence the mood of homeowners. So, it is important to have a control over the sources of light. What is more convenient and budget-friendly solution than implementing window blinds and shades?

Window blinds and shades are the most trendy and effective addition in the decor of your home. These window coverings will not only perform the function of blocking excess amounts of light but will also enhance the overall appearance of your space. These blackout shades provide complete darkness and privacy which is perfect to get a good night’s sleep, even during the day. Read on to learn about the reasons why these blackout shades are the most preferred window covering solution.


Why Homeowners Prefer Complete Blackout Shades? Check Out These Top 7 Benefits:


Total blackout:


Blackout Window Shades


By dimming the lights and closing your blackout blinds, your body and brain get prepared for a sound sleep. According to research, cutting out light and making the ambiance dark reduces the possibility of interruptions mid-sleep. Blackout window shades are the best blinds to block out the light. These window coverings have a thick layer of foam backing which completely provides insulation from both light and heat. They are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions for providing protection to your home interiors. They are very useful for those homeowners who work on a rotational basis and need to sleep at daytime. By implementing blackout window blinds, they can get a restful sleep even during the day.


Keeps the temperature cool in summers & warm in winters:


Blackout Cellular Shades


This is one of the major advantages you will obtain by implementing complete blackout shades. They will shield your home from outside weather. In summers, they will block the harsh and harmful UV radiations from entering inside, thus keeping the temperature of your home cool. In winters, they block the cool air thus maintaining a comfortable warm temperature inside. The sturdy material of these window coverings helps to maintain a consistent temperature indoors.


Reduce excess outside noise:


You can dampen the unnecessary noises of your neighbors having a party or doing daily chores, the honking of vehicles, and many other sounds by these blackout shades. These window coverings are made with material which will make sure that the ambiance of your home remains peaceful. Homeowners can sleep or work or study without any disturbances.


Great for nursery and theater rooms:


Blackout window shades are most suitable for nursery rooms and theater rooms. Outside noises and harsh sun rays can disturb the sleep of your kids which impacts their overall health. These effective window coverings block these disturbing elements and make the room of your kids comfortable and quiet. Apart from nursery rooms, they are great for theater rooms. Theater rooms require a dark ambiance and peaceful environment. Blackout material performs the function perfectly. You can watch movies or other memories with your loved ones peacefully with these blackout shades for windows.




The material used for making blackout window coverings is thicker than the normal material. This allows them to block the light from outside as well as inside. Light can neither go outside of your home, nor it can enter your home from outside through the fabric itself. This benefit makes them ideal for bedroom, bathrooms, where most of the privacy is required.


Reduction in energy bills:


Everybody wants to reduce their energy bills. And, if this can happen with the help of an eco-friendly solution than who will say no? Air conditioners make the indoors cool and comfortable but make our mother nature unhealthy and polluted by emitting harmful radiations. Therefore, these blackout window coverings are the best way to insulate your home as they have no side effects on our environment. Also, after installing window coverings, you will not be required to use the air conditioner all day long.




These shades are available in many colors, designs, patterns, textures, shapes, sizes, and functionalities. You can choose the modern way of operating these window coverings which is by using a portable remote control or by using your smartphone. You can even give voice commands to these window coverings. If you want to go ahead with the traditional way then you can access your window coverings with cords. But, if you have kids or pets at home then we will advise you to go ahead with smart functionality as loose hanging cords can be dangerous for them.

Start scrolling our latest collection of window blinds and shades. Get in touch with our experts or watch our video tutorials for a further detailed explanation if you have any query related to any kind of window coverings. ZebraBlinds offers exciting deals and discounts which make these window coverings a worthy investment. So order online and your home will be transformed instantly.

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