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The Convenience of Faux Wood Blinds in Canada

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Easy Window Décor

Lately, I’ve noticed that not a lot of people pay the kind of attention to windows that they deserve. And those who do, give them mostly aesthetic considerations. Many people want the overall appeal of a room to be outstanding, and there are those lucky few whose decorators probably advised functionality as well. There is also the fact that most folks consider window dressing to be of little importance, and it’s often the last item on the list of budgeted items, and then, it’s only a cursory consideration. Windows are of course an intrinsic part of our homes for the obvious considerations of daylighting and a view outside. Ventilation is fast becoming a non-priority as many homes are fitted with HRV systems that work best with non-operable windows. But whatever the choice, operable or inoperable, windows need to be shaded

1. To deflect solar heat gain, reducing the load on cooling systems
2. To protect woodwork, artwork, upholstery, and carpeting from sun rot
3. To keep heat in, once a room has been warmed by nature’s heater, the sun, reducing the load on heating systems
4. For privacy and security
5. And obviously, for energy savings that cut down on greenhouse gases, helping to reduce global warming

There are those who consider global warming a cliché. This is very real, and every individual’s responsibility and world leaders are constantly breaking their heads trying to educate folks on making this responsibility a system of living. The effects of global warming cannot be reversed in a hurry. Not in our lifetime! But we can definitely contribute to making it easier for the upcoming generations who will have to suffer the consequences of our neglect.

It is a well-known fact that high-performance windows absorb and lose ten times the heat of the same expanse of an adjacent wall, and single paned windows, 20 times. Which by itself is the most compelling of reasons to shade a window sensibly. In today’s world, sensible only means weighing the pros and cons, as each type of window shading comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and textures that will accommodate itself to any sort of interior décor.

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The Important Advantages of Using Faux Wood Blinds in Canada

There are also those folks who genuinely have no time or the patience to make these considerations, but please stop for a moment! The faux wood blinds of today offer a host of benefits that one can’t sneeze at. Some of the greatest advantages are –
Faux wood blinds in Canada are made of the exceedingly durable plastic foam and PVC polymers that allow the slats to maintain its integrity forever and a day (for one’s lifetime if one chooses). So there’s no question of them cracking, chipping and bowing owing to most sorts of pressure
• Treated with an antistatic finish, they are inherently dust repellent, allowing them to be easily cleaned. For any accumulated grunge on kitchen blinds, a warm and mildly soapy swipe will do the trick.
• These blinds are also engineered with UVA inhibitors in its composition to prevent them from yellowing, even when exposed to the hottest of climates for long durations.
• Privacy and glare control
• Faux wood blinds are by far the best options for use in humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms, as they efficiently withstand moisture, so unlike real wood blinds, they won’t absorb the moisture content in the atmosphere that preempts warping.
• Having said the above, they are by no means the last choice to be made for any other room in your home. They are available in an array of natural wood colors, made to mimic the textures and patterns of real wood. They are also available in a host of neutral whites, blacks and grays that make them endlessly appealing in picking out elements of the interior, blending in seamlessly if that’s what you’d wish.
• Less than half the cost of real wood blinds in Canada, they are insanely attractive choices, taking an extremely trained eye to tell the difference between real and faux.
• A viable option too, because they’re environment-friendly, no trees needing to be cut down to manufacture them, no forests to maintain especially to cultivate trees for wood products, and efficiently made to limit off-gassing, GreenGuard certified as proof to clean indoor air.




The Difference that Slat Sizes Make

Blinds, whether faux or real, are made of 1inch, 2 inches, and 2 1/2 inch slats. The rule of thumb to follow is, the larger your windows or doors, the broader the slats the better. This ensures that the number of slats per blind will be lesser over a long expanse of glass, making them light and easier to control. They would also stack more compactly when raised all the way over a door or window. For small windows or glass insets on doors, go with the 1-inch slats, as they look neat and elegant. 2-inch faux wood blinds are the most widely used blinds in Canada.
The broader the slats or vanes of the blinds, the more the space between slats, and, therefore, the better the view offered.


The Convenience of Automated Blinds

Today, motorized vanes offer the convenience of automation, free occupants from the hassle of opening and closing blinds to control light and insulation. The motors can be equipped with timers that can be programmed to open and close the vanes to pre-set timings that can be altered, for example, if you want to sleep in during weekends, you can re-program the blinds to come open at a later time setting.


Go for it! Do the responsible thing and dress your windows, not just for function, but also for grace and elan.


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