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Cordless Blinds – Creating a Safe Home for Kids and Pets


If you suddenly find your window cords twisted and knotted, in many cases it is probably just the wind. However, if you have kids or pets, or both, they might have had a hand in it. And that’s when things start to get a bit worrying.

Natural curiosity leads inquisitive hands to cords which are very attractive when they are dangling just within reach. If your little ones can get hold of the cords, then they are at risk. Blinds cords come with serious strangulation hazard for little children and inquisitive pets. Eliminate the risks by opting for cordless blinds.

What are Cordless Blinds?

Cordless blinds have cords going round inside them for pulling them up and down. However, these cords don’t spill out of the blind. You just need to pull the bottom rail up and down to open and close the blinds. The bottom rail can also be used to tilt the slats. They are uniquely designed with intricate strings that work inside the blind to support the operation of the blinds. These features actually make it easier to operate the blinds. Just a pull with one hand is all you need. With cordless blinds, you will be spared the long hours of untangling cords to get the blinds to work again.

However, safety and ease of operation are not the only reasons why cordless blinds are so popular. Cordless blinds are also very attractive, giving your room a sleek and chic look. With no dangling cords, they make a neater fit on the window. With these blinds, you can give a modern and elegant look to your room, even when you go for a minimalistic décor. Cordless blinds are available in every imaginable style, along with prices that would fit into every budget size.


The Popular Choices

Cordless blinds have become a must-have for homes with children and pets. Manufacturers have also risen to the challenge to produce a huge selection of blinds for the consumers to choose from. Frankly, you will be spoiled for choices when you are out shopping for cordless blinds. However, when you are making a choice, you will also take into account many other features that would increase the overall comfort of your room. Here we have briefly touched upon some of the most versatile and stylish cordless blinds that are hugely popular with consumers.

Crown TDBU Cordless LF Cellular Shades

Crown TDBU Cordless LF Cellular shades are going to a great addition to your house. These shades are designed to give you greater flexibility over light-control, while keeping the privacy aspect intact. TDBU stands for top-up-bottom-down. True to its name, these blinds can be opened from both top and bottom, which keeps the middle covered, keeping the interiors shielded from outside. This feature is very useful in rooms facing a busy street or neighbourhood. Now you can flood your room with natural sunlight, without having to compromise on the privacy.


The biggest benefit of cellular shades is the excellent insulation they provide. In both summer and winter, these shades will keep the temperature constant in the room for longer periods, saving you quite a few buck on your energy bills. The cordless operation of these blinds affords your great convenience. The control handle is on the bottom rail, which makes it easy to operate the blind without damaging the fabric. They also come with a neat, sleek appearance, which is compatible with almost any décor style.

Crown Aluminium One Touch Cordless Blinds

If you are looking for a sturdier blind, which is both moisture and scratch proof, go with one touch aluminium cordless blinds. These 1-inch venetian aluminium blinds come are a practical solution for rooms that experience high-moisture levels. The one-touch feature makes it very easy to operate. You will be able to pull the blind up and down using the bottom rail. With these blinds, you get a delightful combination of safety, durability, and style in extremely affordable prices. Available in a wide range of colors, these blinds will be a stylish addition to any room.

Crown Natural Cordless Woven Wood Blinds

If you are imagining an earthen look for your room, woven natural wood blinds are one for you. Extremely environment friendly, these blinds are a perfect choice for those rooms that experience long exposure to the sun. Made from natural wood fibres, these blinds stack into a neat pile when open. With these blinds, you will be able to create a safe and secure environment for your little ones and pets.


Automatic Blinds

If you wish take your home convenience to another level, try out the automatic option. With the introduction of a few electronic and digital accessories, you will be including some amazing functionalities, that would take a lot of stress out of blind operation.

With automatic blinds, your will be able to control your blinds with the help of remote control, or digital devices. If your blinds are Smart, you will be able to connect them with your home automation hub through your home WIFI, and sync your blinds with other digital devices, like the light or the television. Imagine sitting down to watch your favorite baseball team, and the sun shines directly into your eyes. No need to get up; just use the remote or tell your home assistant to bring the blind down, and its done.

With automatic or smart blinds, you will be able to create a child-safe home that is also child-friendly. You can control the blinds in your children’s room even from the kitchen or any other room in the house. Make your house child-safe and pet-friendly with these amazing cordless option and take a lot of stress out of your life.

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