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Cordless Blinds – Where it Should be Used

Cordless Blinds - Where it Should be Used

What are Cordless blinds?

Cordless blinds are window coverings that don’t need cords as a part of their controlling mechanism. Traditional blinds used cords as a way of enabling people to lift the blinds up or push them down. Cords where just strings connected to the upper panel of the blinds. As time passed, the window treatment industry witnessed the introduction of multiple innovative products to increase efficiency and ensure safety. Cordless blinds are amongst these new introductions. The simple functioning of the cordless blinds makes it easy to use with no mess around the cords dangling around. These blinds can just be gently pushed upward if they have to be lifted.

Cordless blinds are one of the most popular choices amongst coverings known for their style, function and safety options. They give a sleek, modern look to your space and provides your home an organised look which helps in giving you an organised mind and a smooth aesthetic.

How do they work?

Cordless coverings have a simple lift mechanism that allow you to raise or lower them by pushing the bottom rail of the blind by hand.

Using cordless blinds appropriately

Blinds are an ideal aspect for any home in today’s world. With all the different styles, designs, and choices available to choose from, it is not always a quick deal. It is important for one to understand to pick the best window treatments for different spaces in your home.The windows in each room will have different requirements and will need to be adhered to accordingly. Here is a sneak peek into the types of Cordless blinds and how they can go well with the rest of your décor.

  1. Cordless Honeycomb blinds– These blinds are modern, light weight, energy efficient, a great way to enhance the look of your home. The honeycomb structure of the fabric traps air and due to this insulates your home from heat and cold. Also known as Cellular shades, these shades are versatile and designed wonderfully for privacy and light to suit your living rooms and bedrooms.
  2. Cordless Faux Wood Blinds – If you are looking for warmth and affection for your home.  These blinds are sustainable, durable, sturdy and an affordable alternative to real wooden blinds. They are heat and moisture resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. Cordless Mini Blinds – Classic style and durability marks the traits of Mini blinds. They offer clean slats that can be adapted with any room style. They are similar to Venetian blinds and are available in different materials like aluminium and vinyl. The versatility of these blinds allows them to be a part of any room.
  4. Cordless Roman Blinds – Roman Blinds are elegant window treatments with modern touch.  These blinds are made from single continuous piece of fabric and with their neat folds are classy and convenient for your bedroom or living room. They are available in different textures and colours to match the décor of your home.
  5. Cordless Sheer Shades –They are a perfect combination of traditional and modern style. With the slats covered by beautiful sheer fabric overlays, sheer shades can be positioned to an angle giving you the control over the amount of light entering the room.

Extending the usage of cordless blinds

Cordless blinds, by virtue of their design, are generalists that can function in any room and any home. The rooms you decide to use cordless blinds in depends on the specific type of cordless blind that you want to use (blackout, sheer, roman etc). It would also depend on whether insulation is a priority (cellular shades) or whether you want privacy and light control (sheer) or whether you want to darken your room (blackout).

Despite these factors, a key aspect of cordless blinds that sets it apart from window treatments with different control mechanisms is the fact that they are safe options to utilise. Cords can be a choking hazard that put children and pets at risk of strangulation. Such an unforeseen situation can be very disconcerting, uncomfortable and in the worst-case scenario, fatal. Curious crawling toddlers and adventurous pets are at risk in a home that is not child proof and pet proof.

Cordless blinds are one of the best ways you can childproof your home. There are other ways you can childproof your home with corded blinds. For instance, you can make sure the cords are out of the reach of your child or you can even cut the cords short to decrease its length. However, these are make-shift measures that don’t diminish the risk entirely. The best option you have is to go for cordless blinds.

Making the right choice

Cordless blinds are not only safe, but they are also easy to operate. This makes them extremely user friendly. There are also multiple options with respect to their colours, material, structure and patterns that make them versatile. They resemble venetian blinds. This can give you some context as to how these blinds look and feel. Another benefit that falls below the radar is the fact that they are also easy to fix. On the rare occasion that you do run into some issues while operating your cordless blinds you can always look up some solutions online.

They are also easy to install. Repairing and installing can be done by yourself and the need to seek the help of a professional wont really arise. The time, energy and cost of maintenance is also quite effective. With the bare minimum effort of cleaning and dusting cordless blinds can last for a long time.

Its all a matter of what type of cordless blinds you want. Make sure you measure your windows to see if you need a custom fit or whether standard cordless blinds will suffice. The array of options might be a little daunting. But if you take your time, you might be able to find the perfect blinds for your home.

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