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Insulate Your Home Smartly With Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Energy-Efficient Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades For Smart Homes

Exposure to UV radiations in sunlight has many beneficial effects on the health of humans, but over the past century, a large number of public health messages revealed the dangers of UV including aging, skin cancer and DNA damage. When it comes to the harsh and bright rays of the Sun, it’s what you can’t see that frustrates and hurts you. You feel like you are being cooked by the sun because of its radiation. UV radiation is a tiny portion of the spectrum but this is what gives us a sunburn.

A very simple and most effective solution to shield your home from the sunlight is Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades. Easy to install and maintain, blackout shades protect you from the damaging effects of UV radiations while still allowing you to enjoy the view of outdoors. When you seek a little relief from the hot and scorching sun in summers, you find a number of options for your home. ZebraBlinds has brought to you an array of window covering options which will let you control the amount of light and bright glare entering your home.


With our cordless cellular blackout shades, you can let your automatic shading look after themselves – opening, closing, and adjusting depending on the time of day and the temperature. During the summers, these smart shades close automatically when your room reaches a set temperature, to prevent overheating. In the winters, people arrive home after work in the dark. These blinds would open when the sun comes up and close automatically at dusk.

Implement cordless cellular blackout shades to have the right gear and to keep your day as pleasant as the weather outside when the sun starts beating your back this summer. These window coverings are available in various specifications to fulfill all your needs. Let’s have a look at all the options and variations available to match with your home décor and requirements perfectly.

Cordless Cellular Shades Online


Variations of Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Insulation and light blockage: Cellular blackout shades are available in various cell ranges. You should consider the number of honeycomb cells present in the shade as the greater the number of cells, the more energy efficient your window coverings will be. Single cell cellular shade has only one cell-layer, two or three cell cellular shades have two or three layers respectively. You can opt for the one which comes under your budget and suits the needs of your room. 

If you need complete darkness in your room then opt for blackout fabric cellular shades. If you need to have the view then go for sheer fabric cellular shades.


Size and shape: These home automation window blinds are available with customized options so that they can fit in windows of any size and shape. From patio doors to skylight windows, cordless cellular blackout shades can be implemented in any room or area of your home. Our experts are available 24 by 7 to assist you in deciding, installing, cleaning and maintaining your window blinds. You can also go through our website consisting of all the instructions following which you can install, measure, clean or maintain your blinds yourself.

The material used for crafting: Numerous options are available when it comes to choosing material for your home automation window blinds. The look and feel of your home décor depend on what material you pick along with color schemes, textures, patterns, and designs. ZebraBlinds uses high-quality materials for crafting its every product to make them long-lasting and durable.


Functionality: You can get cellular blackout window shades with cords or without cords. Cordless window shades are smart and can be operated with a portable remote or your smartphones, or can also be integrated with smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings or Wink. This feature will allow you to give voice commands to your window coverings. For that, you will be required to purchase Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These smart cellular shades are equipped with the Z-wave chip which allows them to be operated smartly, making your home intelligent and tech-inspired. You can also pre-set timers which will let your window blinds to open or close automatically as per the time and temperature.


Advantages of Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Along with various specifications and customizable options available, these cellular shade side channels come with numerous benefits also. These benefits are convincing enough to make you order them online right away from ZebraBlinds – a one-stop solution for window shades and blinds.


#1. Perfection in Blocking Sunlight

The foremost feature of these home automation window blinds is that they block the sunlight completely creating a cool, comfortable and dark ambiance inside your home. They don’t let the harsh UV radiations damage your furniture, home décor or your skin. They have small honeycomb pockets which trap the air from outside keeping your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They are well-known for their unique design, insulation, light control and elegant look.


Smart Blackout Cellular Shades


#2. Smart Operation

In this era of the smart world where technology is constantly making our life easy and simple, operating your window blinds with cords give an outdated feeling to your home. Our cellular shades for sliding doors or windows can be operated with a remote, your smartphones or via smart home hubs. These are equipped with Z-wave technology which enables them to interface with Samsung SmartThings and Wink. With the help of this smart and modern feature, you can even give voice commands to your window blinds. This makes these cordless cellular blackout shades safe for kids and pets as they are free from cords that tangled up easily.


Cellular Shades for Sliding Doors or Windows


#3. Save Money, Energy and Environment

The temperature of your home will remain controlled after implementation of these energy efficient cellular shades which will lower the need for air conditioning. Less usage of air conditioners leads to decrease in energy bills. In addition, air conditioners emit harmful radiations which make the outside atmosphere unhealthy. These window blinds are nature-friendly and carry no such side effects. So, implementation of these smart blackout shades is a worthy investment which will save your money and also the environment.


Energy Efficient Cellular Shades


#4. Your Shades, Your Choice

ZebraBlinds offers customization options to our customers at affordable prices as we care about their satisfaction and trust in us. You can avail your window coverings in customized color shades, size, shape, material, texture, functionality or design. Your home décor reflects your style and taste, and redesigning home needs a lot of permutation and combination. Our experts are always at your service to guide you and solve your every query. Get these shades match with your home décor and get ready to collect compliments from visitors, friends or relatives.


Easy to Customize Cellular Shades


After knowing the various feature and benefits of implementing cordless cellular blackout shades, you must have made your mind to buy them for your room. ZebraBlinds offer all kinds of window blinds and shades at affordable prices and along with customization option. We support you completely in your commendable decision and are ready to serve you in the best possible way to make sure that you get the best cellular shades. Order right now and make your home smart.

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