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Cordless Real Wood Blinds Add Luxurious Safety to your Homes

Cordless Real Wood Blinds

When it comes to home décor or window treatments, very often you jump into the fray without much knowledge about the products in the market or how different materials can make a difference to your rooms. For this reason, it is important to understand what your rooms demand and determine the look you want to achieve. Are you looking for a luxurious and regal impact, minimalist look, neat modern look without frills and extravagance, or a rustic look for the room? Once you know the answer to this, it helps streamline your search.

Real Wood Blinds

An Understated Beauty
While the minimalist and modern style has an understated beauty that is charming, sometimes a bit of extravagance or luxury can be good for your rooms. And when we talk about luxurious yet elegant window treatments, real window blinds cannot be too far off. The lustrous and glamorous feel of real wood blinds is truly infectious and once you have them for your homes it is difficult to settle for anything less. Natural wood brings a unique warmth and glows to the rooms that are hard to miss. Real wood blinds are truly timeless classic beauties. And the best part is irrespective of your home décor, minimalist, traditional, modern or otherwise, real wood blinds seamlessly blend in. You have several options for window treatments but nothing can match the aura of real wood blinds. With real wood blinds for your windows, the style of your homes is improved in an instant. It infuses a drama without going overboard. There is nothing flashy or loud about the window coverings, yet they leave a lasting and lingering impact on the minds of the people.
Cordless Wooden Blinds

Real Wood Blinds are Functional
Real wood blinds are just as functional. They are durable and light-weight. They offer complete privacy and help to block out the harmful UV rays. They can be both inside mount and outside mount and are also perfect for large windows. Real wood blinds come in a variety of slat sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your need and looks. With so much of goodness and richness rolled into one window treatment, you may ask, what else do you need? It is perfect for your homes and your relentless search for the right window treatment solution ends right here. Well, almost.

Real Wood Blinds – A Luxurious Affair
So much of goodness and versatility does not come cheap and you have to cross one hurdle before you can get these coveted blinds for your windows. And this hurdle is the cost of real wood blinds. They are not only luxurious in appearance and effect, getting them for your homes also amounts to a luxury. Real wood or natural wood is expensive. Getting them for your homes is a luxurious choice indeed. It is possible that the budget that you had in mind for window treatments for your entire house may be sufficient to dress only a single room if you settle for real wood blinds. Yes, you could always settle for the less expensive faux wood blinds which give the look and feel of real wood but they are not made of natural wood. They make a good substitute but the impact of real wood is unparalleled and unmatched.

Real Wood Blinds & Lift Options

Real wood blinds are available with different lift options. They can be cord lift or tilt. They can come with wand tilt as well. Real wood blinds are also available in a cordless lift. Cordless blinds and shades are being preferred over corded window treatments for security reasons. Corded blinds have cords pooling on the floor or dangling away at the side of the windows. Apart from the aesthetics, these dangling cords can be dangerous if you have a toddler or a pet at home. One or two-year-olds are always all over the house. They are either crawling or managing to walk a few steps. Anything new interests them and they are quick to go exploring. You cannot be around them all the time and that is when these blind cords could prove to be hazardous. There have been numerous instances when kids have got themselves strangulated and choked, often with fatal consequences. It is the same with pets who playfully get themselves entangled in the cords and then get strangulated. To prevent such incidents, people prefer cordless lift mechanism. They are safe and look neat as well.

Prioritize Safety over Luxury

Real wood blinds make a huge dent in the pocket and then you have to pay separately for cordless lift to ensure the safety of your family. The collective cost of blinds and cordless mechanism for every window could unsettle your finances unless you are ready to shell out any amount for your window treatments. Real wood blinds no doubt make a rich addition to your homes and enhance the charm and visual appeal significantly. As they are durable, you know that the investment is worth the money. But if the cost of real wood blinds and cordless lift exceeds your limit, it is never advisable to jeopardize safety for luxury. Real wood blinds are a luxury but the cordless mechanism is a priority and necessity for the security of the family.

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