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How Do Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work?

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Canada

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Who doesn’t want privacy in their daily life? Your neighbors can probably see through your windows when your shades or blinds are open. As a result of that, you might be confronting privacy issues. Do you let natural light into your room, and sacrifice your privacy? Or do you shut your windows to have the home to yourself, but live in the dark? It’s a tough decision homeowner are forced to make each and every day, especially when it comes to the bedroom and bathroom. However, there is an answer to experience the best of both worlds – Top Down Bottom Up Shades.

This shade permits the user more privacy by giving a choice of opening window shades from the bottom up or from the top down. They allow users to permit natural light to enter the room without compromising privacy. During the daytime, you can adjust the shades as per your convenience until you have the right privacy or view. At nighttime, you can close the shades to shut out the streetlight.

There are few reasons for choosing cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades for your bedroom or kitchen. This feature enables you to bring down your shades from the top, letting in all that light, while still keeping the bottom half closed to keep out unwanted views into your home. They even help your room filter out unwanted UV rays and glare to protect your floor and furniture from fading. These shades are often cordless, eliminating the dangling control cord that can be hazardous for children and pets.

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How Do These Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work?

TDBU shades are not the same as some other window shades. For normal window shades, there is only one mechanism at the top of the window that enables the blinds to pull up and down. TDBU shades work similarly but may be pulled up from the bottom as well. They can be pulled down from the top to expose the upper portion while keeping the bottom portion covered. Appreciate the beauty of your view along with the peace of mind of privacy.

Bottom-up top down shades actually functions as two separate sets of window shades. They work using a simple cord mechanism and two rails (One rail is at the bottom of the shade and one rail is in the middle of the window). The first rail is called top rail and can mount inside or outside of the window. The second rail is called the floating rail. The top and bottom of the shade work independently.

To operate the top down function with a corded shade, simply pull the cord towards the middle of the shade to open it from the headrail and after that let the cord lift until the floating rail reaches the desired level. To bring the shade back to the top, simply pull the same cord down until it adjusts back into place in the headrail. The bottom-up function operates like a general shade, by pulling down on the correct cord to lift the bottom to your desired level. To bring the shade back down, pull the cord towards the middle of the shade to open it and then allow the cord to lift up.

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Working Mechanism

For cordless option, you will get a plastic tab. To operate this shade, gently pull the tab down to release it from the headrail and stop when you reach your preferred placement. To bring it back to the top, just pull up on the tab and place it back into the headrail. To lift the bottom of the shade up, pull up on the bottom tab. To bring it back down, pull down on the tab.

The Cellular shades cordless top down bottom up feature has many benefits. The shades will help you to save on your energy bills and they are safer for your children and are very easy to operate. So these shades are a great solution for the rooms where you want to maintain privacy, but still be able to see out and get light in.

Because of the sunlight, your need for privacy will vary throughout the day, so it’s important to have shades that are flexible. Top Down Bottom Up gives you the flexibility to raise your shades from the bottom or lower them from the top. No matter what is your requirement for natural light, view and privacy, you will always have the perfect window coverage.

So what are you waiting for? Order your free samples today. We are here to customize the best shades to give your room the perfect look and the privacy you desire.

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