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Countdown the Year with ZebraBlinds! Window Treatments

December-Calander -

December CalanderDecember is the perfect time to celebrate the holidays and everything that comes with it. The food, the new years celebrations, the laughter, the Christmas tree, the family, and everything else. When you celebrate with ZebraBlinds, you’re sure to have a great time! Come countdown the year with us on the ZebraBlinds calendar!

The month of December is a magical time for children and adults alike. It’s not only about celebrating the holidays, though… Why not celebrate the home as well? You spend many of your waking and sleeping hours at home. It’s likely that you even celebrate most of your holidays at home as well. So why not give back to the place you love? Celebrate the week of the 15th with a great pair of Graber Sheer Shades. Shades are a great look for windows, and come in multiple varieties! Sheer shades are made in translucent fabrics so that they allow certain amounts of light into the home even when closed. This blocks out the heat of the day but gives you enough light to still function without lights. Sheer shades can be made in different light filtering fabrics, though, so if you want more or less light, it is possible to still buy sheer shades that will work for you. You can also get them in double shade varieties, so that you can use one shade during the day, and darken the room during the night to give you privacy.

The week of the 22nd brings the festivities, and we start with Crown Pole Mounted Drapes! Drapes are a classic look for windows, and can always be customized. You can choose the light filtration, the patterns, the colours, anything can be based on your choice! Valances look great and add continuity to drapes that would otherwise be lacking in depth and texture. After you’re done looking for drapes with ZebraBlinds, you can get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with a delicious dinner! Check out our blog for more ideas on great Christmas Dinner foods. The 25th of December brings us the day we’ve all been waiting for! Christmas is here, and you better hope there is snow! The kids wake up early to open their presents, and everyone spends a cozy day and night with family and friends. Drink some eggnog, crack a few crackers, and sing a few carols. Indulge in the holidays, there is still more to come!

Graber Real Wood Blinds set up the end to your December, and the year 2013. Wood blinds are an authentic look for windows, and come in numerous natural toned colors. It’s a great way to decorate your home with a classy look- these wood blinds scream high fashion! Get ‘em while they’re hot…and then celebrate your New Years! Think about what you want for your New Year, and don’t stop having positive thoughts. The New Years is right around the corner…check out the ZebraBlinds calendar to be sure!

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