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How Can I Cover My Sliding Glass Doors? A Beginner’s Guide

Cover Sliding Glass Doors

Over the years, sliding glass doors have become the most sought-after choice as they offer a practical and space-saving solution in contemporary home decors. They maximize the incoming natural light and fresh air to enter your space and freshen up the arena in a unique way. Their eye-catching architectural designs have gained a lot of popularity, and their exclusivity and reliability help your interior look magnificent. These doors also offer breath-taking views to the outdoors, giving you the ultimate pleasure and enjoyment. Basically, glass doors have become an integral part of our ultra-modern home designs which keep us connected with the outside surroundings. They are perfect for homes with minimal space and increase the value of your space.

While sliding glass doors provide plenty of advantages, but harsh daylight and lack of privacy can cause multiple problems. This has popularized the concept of covering sliding glass doors. But what is the best way to cover sliding glass doors? Well, blinds and shades play a crucial role in creating a fabulous yet charming appeal for your doors and also offer functional aspects for comfy living. From a wide range of choices, it might be an overwhelming task to find out the right one that will complement the look of these doors. The right solution can bring a balance to your overall space while adding flair to the doors, making them the focal point of your home. Forming a pleasing indoor atmosphere with a true sense of sliding door decoration can be a difficult task for many especially for beginners, and that’s why we are here to help. Though there are so many inviting ways to cover your sliding doors, it’s completely up to you what you prefer. In this article, we will list out top dressings, explore all of them, and choose the best one as per your requirements!

Considerations before Choosing Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Here are some useful decorating tips that will give your door a new, innovative, and astounding makeover while providing your space a fine and furnished look.

● Sliding doors are a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space, so make sure it looks elegant from both sides. Customize the treatment with the right hue and texture options that will create visual interest while completely transforming your home’s look and feel. The blind you choose should match your other interior decorative elements as well.
● Functionality is a major concern when it comes to selecting covering. The shade or blind used in the door should efficiently manage the incoming light and heat while keeping the harmful frequencies of sunlight out. Additionally, they should maintain the heat gain and heat loss of your space, so that the room environment should be ideal throughout the year and you can save extra on energy bills. So, know your requirements and look for the interior type, and then you finalize the product that will fulfill all your room requirements.
● A major concern is selecting a door blind that prevents outsiders prying eyes so that you feel safe and secure throughout the day.
● Most of the time, blinds for doors need to be installed as an outside mount. If there is not enough depth, then mount it on the wall above.
● Your glass door dressings need to be properly maintained for performance and appearance. Therefore, choose one which is durable, sturdy, and is easy to clean.
● These doors might be tricky to cover, so it’s always suggested to consult with the designers before you get started.
Sliding Panel Blinds for Sliding Door

Top 3 Sliding Door Coverings

● Vertical Blinds:

Generally, these blinds are the go-to option for your glass doors because of their structured appearance and functional efficiencies. Their side to side mechanism makes it easy to work better with the doors. These blinds come in vinyl and fabric material. But if you are looking for added sun protection, then go for vinyl vertical blinds as they don’t fade or damage in extreme weather conditions. The blinds act as great insulators too and keep the indoor ambiance consistent. They come in cordless, chain control options which make them easy to operate. Customize from a variety of colors and design choices to achieve a designer-worthy stunning look.

Note – If you live in an extreme climate situation where excess heat or cold makes it unbearable to stay, then opt for vertical cellular shades without a second thought. The honeycomb-shaped air cells trap the extra air inside, making space comfortable and relaxing. They are just like standard cellular shades but operate either from left or right.
Fabric Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

● Curtains or Drapes:

Drapes or curtains are the stylish way of covering glass doors that not only enhance the beauty of your doors but do an amazing job for your space. They can completely cover the door or be pulled back to the sides, giving the arena an uncluttered look. They not only look great with their vibrant range of color and style choices, their effectiveness in balancing natural light and privacy make them remarkable. Drapes come in sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabric materials, and you can select the required one as per your convenience level. They let you have an uninterrupted view of the outdoors when fully opened. For additional coverage, you can layer these beautiful window designs with other blinds and shades.
Curtains for Sliding Glass Door

● Sliding Panel Track Blinds and Shades:

These are another great addition when it comes to covering sliding glass doors. Their sleek and smooth style makes them easily operable and creates an elegant look on the windows. They are made of soft fabric panels that prevent direct daylight and heat while offering protection to your space. Sliding Panel Track Blinds can easily coordinate with existing decor styles while creating a fashion statement for your home decor. If you want to add depth to your doors, customize these dressings, and get them installed.

These are the top recommended and most preferred window coverings you can consider for your sliding glass doors. But there are many other ways too, check them out and find out the perfect one. Take the help of the professionals for more ideas and inspiration!

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