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Creative Uses for Blackout Shades

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Blackout shades are designed to block out all light, creating a completely darkened room. Blackout shades aren’t just for anyone who wants to have a totally dark room, however. They’re also a great way to:

1) Create a Media Room

If you want to watch movies, listen to music or watch television with no light interference, you can create a media room by using blackout shades. Even in the middle of a sunny Saturday afternoon, you can use your blackout shades to get a pitch-dark atmosphere for ideal movie and television watching.

If you’ve always wanted a media room or want a dedicated TV room, blackout shades ensure you get the crispest viewing experience.

2) Let Your Home Office Perform Multiple Duties

If you have a home office, there may be times where you want to watch a presentation or slideshow in your office. Blackout curtains in your home office allow you to completely shut off any source of light, ensuring you can see clearly. If you want to give presentations in your home office, blackout curtains help you create the perfect atmosphere to ensure your clients and customers can see slideshows and projections clearly.

3) Get Better Sleep in the Bedroom

Blackout shades are a perfect idea for the bedroom, because they can block out any ambient light. Research studies have shown even small traces of light can interrupt sleep patterns and can leave us feeling groggier during the day. Blackout curtains can block out any light, ensuring you get a restful night’s sleep.

If you’re an employee who works difficult shifts, blackout curtains help you sleep on your off time, even in the middle of a sunny day. They help create the atmosphere needed to sleep on your schedule.

4) Make a Photography Room

If you’re interested in photography, or in any art requiring dark conditions, blackout curtains can help you create a darkroom perfect for developing photos. You can even transform an extra room, like a garage or a storage room, into a photography room simply with blackout shades.

5) Make Your Infant’s Room More Restful

If you have a baby, blackout curtains can help your baby sleep more soundly. If you have a cot or small bed in your baby’s room so you can take naps in between feedings, blackout curtains ensure you get the most restful sleep possible while your baby naps.

There are as many reasons to get blackout curtains as there are homeowners in Canada. If you’d like to transform your home with blackout shades, visit for a wonderful selection of high-quality shades and curtains for your needs.

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  1. I am looking for thermal privacy roller blinds. Came across your site but need to know where? to buy and pricing. Do you have a catalog one could download? I live on Wolfe Island Ontario near Kingston Ontario.

  2. 3064 Kingswood Cres niagara falls on we are looking for a Blackout blind for our back shelter. The total width is 9 feet 4 inches by 3 feet tall ( can be in two blinds if width is too wide for one blind) Having a sample of material etc would be helpful Thanks for any help Kathy Orr

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