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Custom Blackout Window Treatments for a Completely Dark Room

Custom Blackout Window Treatments

Custom Blackout Window Treatments for a Completely Dark Room

Curtains have become symbol of a lot of things over the years. Curtains are being associated with comfort, luxury, trend, power savings and a lot more but ever since curtains were first invented, it has been serving one purpose very diligently, and that is privacy! However large or small the windows are and whatever material they are made up of, even after closing the windows, one doesn’t feel as safe and secured as they feel after pulling those curtains shut. What if there were custom blackout window treatments that provide privacy and dark out the room? That dream is now a reality.


Say Yes to Dark Rooms with Custom Blackout Window Treatments

When you enter a room, you feel a sense of positivity, activeness and energy when the room is flooded with natural sunlight. It spreads a sense of warmth and happiness in our minds when the room looks brighter. People feel more comfortable and they can also get a lot of work done in such a room. But what if you need a room that is calm and restful? That requires the room to be dark to a considerable extent.

Dark rooms give off a sense of calmness and restfulness. Just like how the light helps your body to charge up and stay active, similarly, the absence of light, encourages your body to shut down naturally and get the rest and rejuvenation it requires. However, today, most of the curtains and window treatments out there are incapable of providing a complete dark-out room. That is not the case with blackout window treatments. These custom blackout blinds help you achieve that complete darkness even in the middle of the day. Perfect for those tiny naps that keep us active for the rest of the day.

Graber Blackout Cellular Shades


The Blackout Roller Shades that Guarantees Privacy

Privacy is one of the major responsibilities of curtains. Most people think of privacy as the first aspect when they go curtain shopping for their home. Though there are hundreds of designs and materials for curtains in the market, choosing the one that goes perfectly well with your home interiors as well as serves all its purposes is a tough act.

Curtains that are sheer let a lot of light in and also looks really stylish and elegant in a house. But when it comes to privacy, sheers hardly do much. There are also curtains that are thick and royal, which looks good and also provides all the privacy one needs, but the material feels really heavy and doesn’t compliment many home decors. This leaves the customers with gaudy looking rooms that seem like a mood-kill for many.

Hence blackout roller shades are preferred by a lot of homeowners as they are pretty decent to look at and they are also good at providing all the privacy needed. They come in a range of earthy and neutral shades to blend in with the décor of the home. They look elegant when rolled up and when rolled down, the room is completely darkened for a good rest.

Blackout Roller Shades


Smart People go for Complete Blackout Shades

Complete blackout shades are something that actually exists. Yes, it is true that we need the room to be well lit. At the same time, we don’t need a lot of heat and light to flood the room as it will only increase the power consumption from air conditioners or air coolers to keep the place cool. What we need is a smart home curtain that blocks out the sunlight to maximum extent possible and at the same time, the texture shall provide a decent amount of privacy.

These shades are made of sleek fabric that is seamlessly woven together and use with side channels in such a way that there are no gaps that can let the light in. They can be found in different colors and shades to suit the interiors of your home. The fabric is neither too dense to make it look heavy nor too sheer to reduce privacy. It is made in a perfect combination in order to provide a quite, calm privacy to the customers.

Blackout Cellular Shades for Bedroom


Blackout Roman Shades for a More Royal Look

Roman shades have been preferred by a lot of people who want to make their home décor seem luxurious and at the same time, not so gaudy. One doesn’t really need to go for heavy silk curtains with golden strands of beads and crystals hanging just because they want the place to look more royal. That’s what the Roman shades are for. These seamless and elegant shades dates back to the time when the Colosseum in Rome was still erect! Found during historical excavations, people were really impressed by the style and elegance of these shades that they recreated it as closely as possible and suitable for modern living.

Blackout Roman Shades

Blackout roman shades fall in this very line of gorgeous and royal looking roman shades. These shades provide complete privacy and darken the room to 98% so that the ambiance of the room is conductive for rest and rejuvenation. These shades also make the appearance of the room more luxurious and royal. They are available in neutral shades as well as custom made shades to suit the interiors of your home. They are an amazing choice for those who are ready to shell out a few extra bucks for a multi-functional window treatment that also adds to the perfect décor of the home!

The blackout window treatments range is made especially for places where you need a lot of peace and quiet. It is also preferred for providing an ambiance that is conductive for a good rest or undisturbed sleep! That said the complete blackout shades are best suited for bedrooms. That is the first and foremost space where you go for rest. These shades are able to black out the room almost completely even during the broad daylight, so all you have to do is pull down the shades and you have a room ready for that nap. It is also suitable for game rooms or your movie rooms so that you can watch the screen without the glare of the window disturbing your time. It’s a good choice for just about any room where you prefer to have a dark and calm ambiance.



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