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How to Get Custom Dual Sheer Shades with Blackout and Transparent Fabrics

Custom Dual Sheer Shades with Blackout and Transparent Fabrics

Zebra Dual Sheer Shades – Search for Versatile & Multifunctional Shades

Are you in the midst of dressing up your windows and looking for a pair of versatile and truly functional shades? Shades that will look elegant, do your décor a world of good, which will filter light, provide privacy, ensure a good night’s sleep? All these features and much more in one shade sounds too good to be true, right? Well, think no more and search no more. Your search for those perfect pair of shades is over as we present to you Dual Sheer Shades with Blackout and Transparent fabrics. Sheer, blackout, transparent all rolled into one sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Let us explain the features of these shades in detail.

So, the Dual Sheer Shades with blackout and transparent fabrics seek to combine the richness and elegance of the popular Zebra Sheer Shades and with the usefulness of another very popular Blackout Roller Shades into one multifunctional and brilliant product.

Zebra Sheer Shades have sheer and light filtering fabrics combined in one shade creating zebra-like patterns. There are alternating stripes of light-filtering and translucent fabrics. By adjusting these strips you can block out light or allow light to shine through.
Zebra Dual Sheer Shades

Features of Zebra Sheer Shades

• The doubled layered sheer fabrics overlap and you can adjust them for light control or to see through.
• They have semi-opaque fabrics and woven sheer fabric vanes.
• Room darkening material can be chosen instead, which gives you the privacy that you need and the sheer fabric allows you a view of the outside.
• These shades are easy to maintain and operate.
• There is a range of colors and textures available for you to choose from.
Zebra Sheer Shades come with sheer and room darkening fabrics. To make it more versatile we have added another fabric at the back which is Blackout Roller Shade. The back fabric will roll down to provide complete darkness and privacy.

Features of Blackout Roller Shades

• One of the key features of blackout shades is the protection it provides from the harsh UV rays of the sun that are harmful for the body and damaging for your furnishings.
• Blackout shades are extremely energy efficient as they block out the radiant heat of the sun and, during winter, prevents warm air from escaping.
• While room darkening shades are good, they do not offer 100% protection against light. Some amount of light seeps in through the gaps. Blackout shades are made of fabric that completely blocks out light through its fabric. They are great for bedrooms as they do not allow light to interfere with your sleep. They are perfect for media rooms as light can cause reflections and glare on your screens.
• They are perfect if you are looking to secure the privacy of your rooms. The fabric used for blackout shades provides foolproof privacy as outsiders cannot see anything inside your house.
Dual Sheer Shades with blackout and the transparent fabric gets you the best of both worlds.
• The transparent sheer fabric allows natural light to flow in.
• You can control light filtering in and privacy using the front sheer shades.
• These shades can cut down glares.
• The blackout roller back shades are used at night when you need complete darkness for a good sleep and for securing privacy of your rooms.
• In summer and winter, the blackout shades will help to energy bills in check. The sheer shades are good but they offer no insulation to the windows during winter or keep the heat away during summer.
Dual Sheer Shades with Blackout Fabric
This is a unique product that we bring to you and which you can now customize for your windows. Zebra Sheer Shades come in a variety of colors and textures that look good for your homes. They are elegant and classy and add a warm and soft touch to the décor. The blackout roller shades are also available in different colors which you can choose as per your need and that will pair well with the sheer fabric that you have chosen for your shades.

Give these stunning shades a shot and you will not be disappointed. A shade for all seasons and for all times of the day, the Dual Sheer Shades with blackout and transparent fabrics are indeed a revelation.

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