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Managing and Maintaining Custom Enclosed Blinds

Custom Enclosed Blinds

Managing and Maintaining Custom Enclosed Blinds

For those houses in which doors and windows are separate from each other, finding a window treatment for the space in which it is situated is kind of easy. There are a lot of options and information available online to help people out. However, for those doors that are also the windows or for the doors with built-in windows, finding a suitable window covering solution could be an issue. The window treatments for such windows are called the custom enclosed blinds and in this post, we will see about how to choose the right kind of enclosed blinds and add-on blinds for your special doors. Also, we will see all about managing and maintaining these blinds.

Enclosed Blinds for French Doors

French doors may look very elegant and add to the grandeur of the house. They are gorgeous and they let in a lot of natural light. They provide a perfect view of the outdoors. More than anything else, they can make any boring house look like a holiday home. However, when it comes to privacy, French doors can hold a lot of disadvantages. That is where these blinds come into play.

It is important to let a lot of natural light into the house and keeping the view is always more preferable. At the same time, we also must keep the options intact for those times when we do not need as much light, and especially for those times when we need our privacy. Enclosed blinds for French doors can be chosen based on the kind of lighting you prefer in said space. If you want to achieve a completely dark room, then you have to go for the blackout shades. For a softer glow with a decent amount of privacy, then sheers are always an amazing choice.

Custom Blinds for French Doors


Custom Enclosed Blinds for the Exteriors

These window blinds need not always be on the interior of the house. It can also be mounted on the exteriors of the doors. This is a much safer option in homes with children and pets. It is also the best option for French doors because the French door windows lack in depth and fitting them with exterior mount blinds will save more space in the interiors. As an added advantage, it will not affect the look of the home interiors. In fact, it will only add on to the elegance of the home by making it look classy even from the exteriors.

While mounting these blinds for French doors, you need to be careful about 2 major elements. The first is the door handle. Door handles could be a huge hurdle to mounting and maintaining the enclosed blinds. Hence, while measuring the doors for fitting the enclosed blinds, you need to be careful to measure keeping the door handles out of the way. Fitting the enclosed blinds perfectly to the door window is the key to keeping the look as well as enjoying the functionality of the custom enclosed blinds.

Enclosed Blinds for French Doors


Enclosed Blinds for Your Sidelights

Sidelights are usually the thin, narrow, and confined windows that are found on either side of the main door. The only reason they are there is to add more natural light into the home and for making the whole décor look classy and elegant. While it is true that they make the interiors, as well as the exteriors of the house, look very pretty and luxurious, finding a window treatment that is as thin and narrow for these sidelights is a challenging job.

Blinds are the perfect solution for those sidelights for those times when you need some privacy in your home. They are made to fit the thin and narrow sidelight giving you multiple options to control light as well the privacy. Enclosed blinds can also be doubled with add-on blinds and liners for better privacy and to achieve a darker interior. With these window treatment solutions, you are sure to find an enclosed blind that suits your mood and needs for those sidelights in your home.

Blinds for Sidelight


Options for the Types of Custom Enclosed Blinds

As mentioned above, choosing an enclosed blind for your door window depends on your mood and needs. But there are multiple options to choose from. For example, if you want to achieve completely blacked out interiors, then you need to go with the blackout shades. Cellular shades will help in insulating the doorways to keep away the effects of atmospheric temperature from affecting the indoors. Cellular blinds can also trap light to a great level, providing darker interiors, best suited for bedrooms and media rooms.

Cellular Shades for Doorways

If nothing else, roller blinds are the simplest and best options for your door windows and sidelights. They come with multiple fabric options in terms of color, thickness, patterns, etc. You can choose a fabric color and pattern that blends in perfectly with your home interiors or alternatively even choose those patterns that accentuate the interiors of your home. You can choose bright shades and beautiful patterns for this purpose. Also, they fit in with any door perfectly and look absolutely neat when they are rolled up as well as when they are pulled down.

Wooden blinds are also a great option for French doors. They add an olden day charm to the house and keep it looking earthy and grounded. They can raise and tilt for light control to adjust depending on your needs.

Wooden Blinds for French Doors


Custom enclosed blinds are the smartest way to cover up your door windows to achieve proper privacy as well as better light control. They are pretty easy to mount and maintain provided that they are measured perfectly to fit the door correctly. They do not consume much space and can be raised to reveal the view through your door windows.

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