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The Cost Of Custom Exterior Wood Shutters for Your Home

Custom Exterior Wood Shutters

Exterior wooden shutters are known to add a great appeal to the house. It makes the house look attractive from outside, increasing its value. Wooden shutters come in various sizes and shapes and they can be designed and customized for special windows like arched windows, half-moon shaped windows, etc. Custom exterior wood shutters can turn things around for both retro looking homes as well as a modern house.

Exterior Wooden Shutters


Advantages of Exterior Wood Shutters

Window shutters have evolved a lot over the years, and at present, they can be found in composite wood and faux wood (PVC) too. However, the charm and elegance that a wooden shutter adds to the house cannot be replaced by any other material, however cheap or effective they may be. Here are a few amazing advantages of wood shutters:

  • It makes a huge impact on the appearance of the house
  • It makes the exteriors look elegant and charming
  • It is very easy to install and mount
  • It gives you great value for the money
  • It increases the value of your home
  • It gives excellent better light control and privacy
  • It can be customized and designed for difficult windows and special shaped windows.

Enjoying all these advantages of wood shutters also comes with a warning, especially when it is externally mounted. You need to be careful not to misuse these window coverings and you should maintain them regularly. If not maintained properly, it could have a negative effect on the decor and your home.

Exterior Window Shutters


Arched Window Shutters and Special Shaped Windows

Finding a window treatment for a few special shaped windows could be a tough task, but it needs to be done either way. Because if the coverings do not match the shape of the window or they are mounted improperly, it would spoil the look of the room. Especially when it comes to exterior windows that are open for the whole world to see and judge. So, a specially shaped window needs a little more attention to details than a regular window.

Exterior shutters are a great option for these specially shaped windows, such as arched windows, half-moon shaped windows, very small windows, etc. Arched shaped shutters add to the traditional charm and elegance of the windows itself. They come in both fixed louver as well as flexible louver shutters.

Arched Shaped Exterior Shutters

Wooden shutters, in general, can be classified into these two types. With fixed louver shutters, the slats are fixed in a 10-20 degree angle to let in a specific amount of light and natural air into the house. Even when they are closed, they let in some light and air into the house but at the same time, they do not affect the privacy either. With flexible or operable louver shutters, the slats can be opened or closed to whichever extent you need. This gives you better control over the light flow as you can close and shut the louvers completely to attain almost completely darkened room.

Exterior Wooden Window Shutters


Half Window Shutters for Your Home

At times when we design our homes to have tall windows, we could go for the half window shutters for a more modern and trendy vibe. Exterior wood shutters that cover just half of a tall window looks very unique and is still highly functional. Covering up the entire window can be a waste as it will not let in any fresh air or light, making the whole room feel congested. Instead, leaving half of the window or in case of large windows, you can leave parts of the windows open and free to let in a lot of fresh light and air into the house. The rest of the window can be fixed with fabric curtains or draperies on the interiors to cover both the open half as well as the glass covered half, for complete privacy and blackout of the room.

Half Window Shutters


What is the Cost of Wooden Window Shutters?

Wooden shutters are usually known to be on the costlier side because they are completely natural materials and carry a charm that cannot be achieved by any other blinds or shades. Wood has the ability to provide insulation and it can help block out light and noise when it is completely shut. They are multi-functional and can be designed to fit any kind of specially shaped windows. They are very easy to mount and maintain. The list of advantages of custom exterior wood shutters keep going on and on. Thus, the cost of these amazing, stylish and multi-functional window dressings are on the higher end too.

With proper instructions and experience in crafting wood, you might be able to take a shot at creating these shutters on your own. This reduces the cost of wooden shutters quite substantially. You can take this up as your weekend DIY project or as a part of your home renovation project. You need to make sure that everything from taking exact measurements of the windows to mounting the completed wooden shutter to your window must be done with utmost care and attention. Depending on the project, it could be simple and be done easily, or complex enough that it would require professional help. If you can’t DIY, order custom shutters online and get the best quality products for the most affordable price.


The beauty and charm of the custom exterior wood shutters are in the way they fit your window and how well they blend in with the exteriors of your home. It does not matter if they are bought or made on your own. The right color, right design, right fit etc. is what decides how much of a difference it would make to your home.

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