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Energize Your Patio with Custom Sun Shades

Custom Patio Sun Shades

Custom Patio Sun Shades


The warm summer days make clouds disperse to create space for the bright and beautiful sky. The days of summer are long and calls for a number of outdoor activities, but regardless of climate, the comfort and safety of your family and guests is always a priority. The need to install custom patio sun shades and exterior shades are high if your patio is east, south or west facing. Your gathering with family or friends is highly affected by harsh sun, heat, and glare when you have a patio facing in these directions.

The right window treatment can let you enjoy the beautiful view from your patio while improving privacy. Exterior solar shades for patio may seem to have a limited functionality but, in reality, they are very versatile. They help protect against the elements while providing shade from harsh sunlight.


Reasons to Install Sun Shades For Your Patio

1. Filters Glare

Relaxing and staying out in the open has some healing benefits of their own. It is recommended by many physicians that every individual should spend a considerable amount of time out in nature. However, it gets very challenging to relax outside with the blinding bright rays of the sun. Normally, anyone would choose sunglasses, but their benefits are limited. It is very easy and convenient to block both harmful UV rays and glare by installing exterior solar shades for the patio. The UV blockage depends on the openness factor of the material that you choose. The solar screen used in the construction of solar shades can block between 86-99% of light. The fabrics with higher glare blocking capacity give superior protection from ultraviolet rays but they reduce the visibility at the same time. After installing outdoor shades for patio, you can confidently say goodbye to the blinding glare.

 Exterior Solar Shades for Patio


2. Controls Temperature

The temperature keeps on fluctuating with the change in season. In summers, the temperature might even reach triple digits in some places. In such conditions, it becomes very difficult to enjoy outdoors with your friends and family. Custom patio sun shades are made of very selective materials that can absorb up to 90% of the heat and then dissipate it. The selection of the right material for your sun shades will let you enjoy and relax even in the scorching heat of the summer.

Motorized Exterior Solar Shades 


3. Lets you Enjoy the View

The solar blinds and shades are available in a wide range of opacities. However, the most popular one is the fabric with 3% openness. The exterior solar shades for patio made using this fabric blocks 97% of the sun’s harmful radiations and heat and keeps 3% open view. This is sufficient to maintain a decent view for you to enjoy outdoors. The major benefit is that during the daytime, nobody can see through these shades when standing outside, but you can see clearly from inside. This results in comfortable privacy for you and your loved ones during the day when it is brighter outside than inside.


4. Easy to Motorize

The outdoor sun shades for patio can be motorized very easily using the latest technology gadgets to make them look more stylish and futuristic. You can control them using your voice using accessories like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Motorization of the custom patio sun shades allows smooth and hassle-free operation. This feature can also be used to show off a little among your group during gatherings. Moreover, a single remote or voice instruction can be used to control multiple shades at once.

 Google Home Compatible Outdoor Sun Shades


5. Blocks Wind

Everyone enjoys the gentle breeze while having a party at the patio. However, this breeze soon turns out to be a trouble if it starts blowing things like hats, tissues, scarfs, etc over your guests. To throw a party at your patio, you might need to consider installing shades that can block a light breeze before it spoils your party. Use a bungee hold down bar with your patio shades to prevent them from flopping around in the breeze. The exterior solar shades for patio, however, are not recommended for especially high winds as that can damage the mechanism.

 Outdoor Patio Sun Shades


6. Blocks Rain

Summers are not always about heat. Many times, it can surprise you with heavy rains. This surprise is more than enough to ruin your picnic plans on that nice patio outside your home. The extent to which the custom patio sun shades can block rain depends upon the material used in their construction. Most of the solar blinds and shades won’t be able to block rain completely but they can definitely save you from getting completely soaked. If you are looking for a better protection of patio from rains, you can opt to install custom patio sun shades made of woven PVC material. The waterproof property of PVC makes it a suitable choice as a guard against rain.


7. Protection from Insects

In summers, we all love to enjoy the nature sitting outside on the patio with the closed ones. The fresh air makes us feel close to nature, relax, and spend some quality time during the day as well as night. But, this fresh air and warm weather makes way for a number of uninvited guests. Most of the outdoor sun shades for the patio offer protection from insects by acting as a barrier, to let you enjoy the relaxing weather. Another option is to install a separate insect screen along with the roll-up patio shades. When not in use, the insect screen can be stowed away neatly in the nice aluminum top frame for an elegant look.

 Roll Up Patio Shades


Now, we have covered all the benefits a custom patio sun shade can offer for your patio. The next and second interesting part is shopping and choosing the right color. An ideal shade should have a balance between openness, light control, and a clear view. Some of the colors that provide relaxing ambiance over the patio are seashore, the hue of Aqua passion, colors matching the time of tropical sunrise, and conch shell. Some funky colors and the combination of aqua, lavender, feather grey, and sunshine yellow can also be used for a modern look. Whether it is rain, insects, wind or heat, a custom patio sun shade will keep you secured throughout.


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