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Plantation Shutters That Will Last You a Lifetime

Custom Plantation Window Shutters

Custom Plantation Window Shutters – A Lifetime Promise to Satisfy Your Needs

There are so many window treatments that come with different fabrics, colors, and styles, and it’s become quite difficult to select the right one. Most homeowners want something that can make a bold and perfect statement for their home, while at the same time will protect a room from excess light and undesired elements (heat, UV rays, and glare). Nowadays, everyone is looking for the covering that has both functional and aesthetic value. When it comes to comparing the value of shades, blinds, draperies, and shutters, custom plantation window shutters have always won because their long life gives the customers total satisfaction, pleasure, and always enhances the value of the home from every aspect.

Custom plantation window shutters are one of the most stylish and attractive window treatment compared to standard window blinds and shades. They offer a dramatic décor statement without breaking your budget. Most Canadian homeowners prefer these shutters because of their excellent functionality and incredible beauty – they enhance the level of privacy, are super effective in blocking the excess sunlight, and make any space relaxed and comfortable. They perfectly fit on every window and add a finishing touch to every interior. They are the timeless beauty because of their aura of beauty, grace, and elegance, and because of their availability in many color and texture choices. But before purchasing or installing plantation shutters, there are so many frequent questions come to our mind, Like – Do the slats warp or crack during weather change? Do heat and humidity affect the lifetime of the window shutters?

Wooden Window Shutters


Shutters are always an investment and proper installation can offer your room with various benefits. They are one of those treatments that help to increase the worth of your home. Their rich and vibrant look makes them an ideal choice to become a great addition to your home.

But all the shutters are not constructed in the same way. There will be variations in the materials, quality, and ways of construction, starting from the selection of materials, hardware, finishing, and installation procedures. Window specialists always prefer to get the shutters from top renowned brands Graber and Norman as they always use superior quality and durable materials that ensure an increased lifetime of your product.

Custom Plantation Shutters


Some of the Reasons Why Custom Plantation Window Shutters are Worthy for Windows

Installing shutters can deliver you a number of good things or additional benefits for ages. Below are the top reasons why we should consider shutters for our valuable windows –

  • A Great Addition to Any Space

Custom shutters are custom made to fit any window. Whether you are looking for traditional appearance or modern one – you can customize them exactly how you want them. They provide your room with a polished, cohesive, and sophisticated look. They come in a variety of slat sizes and you can customize them according to your needs. Order these shutters now to add a finishing touch to your windows.

  • Functional Value

Shutters are not only made for controlling natural light and privacy, you can open or close them to adjust the level of heat transfer and maximum ventilation – all without compromising with their beauty. Even their properties save you money on your energy bills, keeping room relaxing and comfy all year around.

  • Hassle-free Installation and Easy Maintenance

Installing and maintaining these shutters is very easy and straightforward. Follow the instructions attached to your product to install these beautiful shutters and help your space to enhance the overall beauty. To extend their lifetime more from damaging, clean them on a regular basis using a soft or damp cloth. Do not use any water or chemical solutions while cleaning them.

  • A Safer Choice

Custom plantation shutters do not have any dangling cords that could be dangerous to kids or pets, making them a safer choice rather than any window covering.

  • Durable Shutters

Shutters are designed to protect your home from extreme weather situations. Check with your manufacturer if your shutter material is moisture resistant or designed for outdoor use.

  • Noise Blocker

When the louvers are closed, the custom plantation window shutters will provide your room with a layer of insulation which helps to dampen any outside noise.

Installing Plantation Shutters


Cost of Wooden Shutters for Windows

Shutters are ideal for any room – they can be installed in both residential and commercial areas. The price of custom window shutters depends on various things which include the size, design, color, material, etc. Having them is not an expensive choice and according to window specialists, they are worth of investment. ZebraBlinds offers you various deals and discounts on these treatments to save more!


Ready to Order? Consult with Professional Executives and Make Your Home Graceful!

Custom plantation window shutters are one of the most low maintenance window coverings and they are long-lasting.  Free samples are available for your convenience. Order now and get them delivered to your doorstep. For more assistance, do not hesitate to contact our window specialists!

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