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Bring Nature Home with Sophisticated and Artistic Real Wood Blinds

Custom Real Wood Window Treatments

With Woody Tones and Traditional Designs, Complement Your Furniture with Custom Real Wood Window Treatments


What makes the ambiance of your home unpleasant? Its the amount of harsh light entering in it and the disturbed temperature? Do you want something which will give a cosy cottage feel to your home in every season? Shouldn’t there be an under-budget solution which keeps your home insulated from outside temperature and also polish the overall look? Of course, the solution exists and we’re here to help you find it!

Explore our designer and nature-friendly real wood shades and blinds which are available in beautiful colour shades, textures, sizes and designs. They can also be customized as per your needs and tastes. They not only will filter the harsh sunlight from coming inside your room but will also make the space more vibrant and traditional. They are budget-friendly, eco-friendly and user-friendly as well. These lightweight and durable custom window covering solutions are easy-to-install and easy-to-clean.

Coming close to nature has always been a peaceful and earthy experience. What if you can have this experience inside your home daily? It will bring a whole new happier and pleasant atmosphere to your life and to your home. Adding wooden elements to home décor is gaining popularity at an extensive pace. Therefore, our custom real wood window treatments are becoming the number one hit among homeowners. Offering a soothing feeling, the vintage-modern designs of these will instantly become your preferred choice. With gorgeous patterns and fine lines, shades carved out of wood are the best way to add an ounce of tradition.


Real Wood Shades


Reasons to Opt for Custom Real Wood Window Treatments in Your Home

The best part of the day is going back home after work to relax and spend some quality time with your family. Everybody craves for a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in which they can just chill and forget all the stress of life. Home is the place where you can pause for a while from a fast-paced daily routine. A place where you will get all the comforts. Comfort doesn’t always mean to crowd yourself with technologies. Switching on your air conditioner without giving a second thought is not a part of a healthy lifestyle for the environment. Nature has given us so many gifts for a healthy living which are overlooked. Wood is one of them. So, ZebraBlinds has carved out a collection of great nature-friendly window covering ideas which will bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle. Wood is the perfect raw material for making amazing patterns and designs for upgrading the look of your home.


Nature Friendly Window Coverings


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Your home décor reflects your style and taste. So, you can express your inner self by choosing textures and designs from our latest collection of nature-friendly window covering ideas. Real wood shades and blinds are naturally beautiful. They are the best window-covering solutions giving a classic touch to your home interiors and providing perfect insulation from outside temperature. Our simple yet elegant natural shades transform your room into a place of serenity.


Nature heals!

An unpleasant environment can cause stress, anxiety and irritation. Research has revealed multiple times that nature is the best healer and impacts our lifestyle to a great extent. If you feel uncomfortable at home because of the high or low temperature and glaring sunlight then our real wood window coverings are the preferable solution you can opt for. They will absorb the harsh glare from outside keeping the ambiance soothing and pleasant. You can work, study or do household chores comfortably as these shades maintain privacy and atmosphere both.


Cleaning is no more a struggle

Cleaning natural shades and blinds don’t require much effort. You just need few materials and few minutes. Just like any other household item, these wooden shades also require regular dusting. Wipe them with a clean cloth. You can dip the cloth in vinegar and wipe each slat. For deep cleaning, a little more elbow grease is required than simple wiping. Firstly, remove dust and dirt either using a vacuum cleaner or with a brush. Then, clean the shades by mixing water with some detergent.


Wood Blinds Cleaning


No side effects to the environment

Crafted from jute, grass and wood, our Custom Real Wood Window Treatments don’t disturb the environment. They brighten up your surroundings by streaming sunlight in your room in a subtle way. These natural shades help to keep the atmosphere of your home neither overheated nor too cold. Made from organic materials, these nature-friendly window covering ideas do not block the view of outside. They are safe, lightweight, easy-to-maintain and offers a sophisticated look to the room.


Real Wood Blinds


Remarkably Durable

With the tremendous visual appeal, these Custom Real Wood Window Treatments are highly durable. Featuring strong, lightweight and beautiful colours, these natural shades resist water damage and stains. They are resistant to humidity and heat and last longer in better shape.


Woven Wood Window Shades


A combination of tradition and technology

These light-filtering natural shades can be controlled with the touch of a button. The Z-wave technology makes these window coverings smart and safe. There will be no cords that will tangle ensuring the safety of kids and pets. You can change the opacity, direction and position of shades from anywhere in the room. This optional feature of these real wood shades is undeniably appealing especially for those who want to make their home smart and convenient.


Motorized Wood Blinds


These won’t break your Piggy Bank

It’s a myth that wooden shades and blinds dig a hole in your pocket. The cost of these window coverings depends on various factors like number, size, material, functionality and many more. We have all kinds of blinds and shades as per your choice and budget. Easy and convenient, these natural blinds are available in various designs, colour tones, sizes and textures. We also provide customized options at reasonable prices so you don’t have to worry about the size and shape of your windows and doors. They fit perfectly in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and even outside the area. Not only for homes, they are the best real wood shades for offices as well. You can implement them in windows, patio doors, glass doors, etc.

Shopping to dress your windows and doors is not an easy task but with so many relevant options, ZebraBlinds has made it very easy to take the decision. We have a cost-effective solution for your every requirement and imagination. By offering exciting deals, free shipping, free samples, we try to satisfy our customers to the utmost level.

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