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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Valances and Cornices for Your Windows

Custom Valances and Cornices

Custom Valances and Cornices – Accessories to Enhance Window Decor


Whenever we want to look good, you pay extra attention to your outfit and see that you look perfect in it. And at times, when we want to add an extra oomph, we add accessories that match the outfit and accentuate the whole look even more. That is the same case when it comes to window treatments as well. Window treatments make the windows look all dressed up and blend in with the rest of the home interiors, making everything look neat and in place. And for those times when we want to add a little extra oomph to the window treatments, that’s where custom valances and cornices come into play. They are like the accessories for your windows and window treatments, accentuating the look and making the window treatments look luxurious. It is an obvious fact that these accessories are not a necessity. They are there to add on to the look of the window treatments and serve no other purpose. However, it is an undeniable fact that sometimes, the window treatments add a lot of grace and elegance to the interiors. When you want to make a place look even more luxurious and royal, custom valances and cornices can come very handy.

Wood Valances and Cornices


How to Make Vertical Blinds Look Good?

Fabric valances are a layer of drapery added to the window treatments just for the purpose of jazzing up the window treatment. This layer of drapery is fixed on the topmost section of the window and the fabric is not too long or flowing over the window treatment. They are usually only a few inches in length and are there purely for the decorative purpose of the window treatment. Valances are usually folded neatly or pleated to give a clean and elegant look to window treatments. They are available in range of fabrics, shades and patterns so that you can choose from these custom valances and cornices. Valances are a light and crispy way to accentuate the look of your Windows and window treatments.

Cornices are more rigid and box-like structures, usually made of wood, that are also added to the top part of the window. They are placed in such a way that they cover the railings and curtain rods of the window treatment. Cornices are covered completely on the top and the sides with only the bottom section open so that it does not interfere with the movement and operation of Window treatments. They are very affordable and quite easy to install and maintain. Since they cover the curtain rods and railings, cornice boards for Windows are your best bet when it comes to hiding the aging and flaws of your drapery hardware.

Customized valances and cornices can be an amazing addition to your vertical blinds that look dull and boring. They can also soften the looks of window treatments that are more harsh and masculine like wooden blinds. They do not interfere in any way with the functions and operations of your blinds and shades. They are there just to spice up the look of your window treatments.

Valances on Vertical Blinds


How Long Should a Valance Be?

When it comes to choosing a Valance for your window treatment there is no right or fixed measurements that you can go with. The dimensions of the valance is largely dependent on the material of the valance and it can alter based on the type of fabric you choose for the valance. It is usually suggested to go for a shorter valance for rigid fabrics like canvas. And you can choose a larger height for soft fabrics like sheers. This is mainly because the fabric of the valence is scrunched and rippled together to give the elegant and sophisticated look that your window treatments deserve. Valances can cover up to just a few inches of the window treatment or nearly one-fourth of the window treatment, but not more. Custom valances and cornices are there only to add to the beauty of the window treatment and hence you do not want to go for a Valance that covers a lot of your window treatment.

Pleated Valances


Variety of Custom Valances and Cornices Available

Valances are differentiated based on the way they look against the window treatments. There are three major types of valances and those are, pole mounted valances, balloon valances and pleated valances.

Pole mounted valances are the most basic and soft type of valance look that you can add to your window treatments. They are mounted neatly on a pole and pleated to give a soft ripple effect. There is a range of beautiful Graber drapery hardware and you can choose a pole that looks elegant and blends with the interiors of your home. Balloon valances add a pop to the interiors as they look bubbly and bouncy. They are available in a range of bright colors and patterns to add more quirk to the window treatments. Pleated valances are for those interiors that look very formal and sober. Softly pleated fabric with light patterns and neutral colors are best suited for workspaces and home offices.

Valances and Cornice Boards


Cornice boards for windows also come in three types and they are Wood cornices, Upholstered cornices and Lambrequin. Cornices are usually made of wood, composite wood or faux wood material. All three types of cornices have one of these three materials as a base. Wooden cornices are just that, plain wooden boards that cover up the drapery hardware and add elegance to the windows. Upholstered cornices are wooden boards covered neatly with a layer of fabric of your choice. Lambrequins are a more intricate and elaborate version of the wooden cornices. They are not just there for decorative purposes, they are placed to make a statement.

There is a lot more to know about valances and cornices, but these are the basics that everyone needs to know. It is the very first step after you have decided to go for Valances and Cornices for your windows. There are experts and interior designers, always ready to extend their support in case you need it.


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