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Triangular, Circular, Half-Moon, Semi-Circle – Window Blinds for All Shapes and Sizes

Custom Window Treatment

Custom Window Treatment Solutions To Fulfill All Your Needs


Change is a part of life, whether it is related to your lifestyle, your eating habits, your apparel collection, your footwear, or your home. One trend which has become a hot topic in this modern era is home redesigning. With the rapidly changing times, homes are also getting a new and different look. They are also becoming smarter every year with smart technologies of home automation available in the market. Redesigning homes doesn’t always require upgrading your furniture, changing the television, installing a home theatre, recoloring walls, or other costly implementations. You can change the look and feel of your home easily and cost-effectively with our Custom Window Treatment Solutions. They are not only capable of updating the ambiance of your home but can also make it tech-inspired. Available in various specifications, these are one of the most trendy solutions for shielding your home from the outside harsh climate. For installing window coverings, you need to focus on various factors which will help you in deciding the perfect one.


Top 10 Reasons For Implementing Custom Window Treatment Solutions


Home décor is one segment that experiences a new pattern of trends year after year. This year is also not different. The most popular trend it has brought this time is revamping your windows. Adding bright or subtle colors, attractive designs, enticing textures to your windows is something unique and preferred by many homeowners. This upgrade in your windows completely changes the ambiance of your home and makes it soothing and comfortable. There can be many reasons that might be stopping you from getting new window coverings, like shape and size of your windows, location (inside or outside, or hard to reach), the installation process, concerns about cleaning, etc. ZebraBlinds is here to help you out in solving your every query and we will quell every reason you have for not opting for these cost-effective solutions. Here are some common issues and their solutions:


Odd-shaped windows? No worries! 

Windows are the masterpieces of a home and decorating them can be a tricky task. Drapes and curtains have become too old-fashioned. Custom window coverings are the best replacement of curtains and drapes which make your home modern and elegant. Trends keep on changing but certain infrastructures in your home can’t be changed easily like shape of a window. Every homeowner tries to make his home trendy and unique. They experiment with the wall colors, designs of furniture, paintings, ceilings and many more other implementations. One of these implementations is the shape of windows. Some people like fine lines so they opt for rectangular or square windows.

Some like circular, some semi-circular, some go for half moon, and some chose triangular windows. Arch-shaped or dome-shaped windows can also be seen in many homes. So, shapes of windows vary from home to home which can’t be restructured easily. Covering these odd-shaped windows looks difficult. But, ZebraBlinds has made this super-simple and convenient. We provide perfect customization options for windows of any shape. We have triangular window shades, circular window shade, semi-circle window shades, half-moon window coverings, etc. Under the guidance of our professionals who are expert in measuring and installing custom window coverings, this task is no more difficult than normal.




Too large or too small windows? So what?

We have a perfect option for each kind of window, whether small or large. Vertical shades and blinds are mostly preferred for large size windows. There are various options of colors, textures, patterns, sizes and materials are available. You can customize them as per your need and choice. With accurate measurements, our custom windows coverings can fit in the windows of any size.


Blackout Vertical Blinds


Oh! You can’t reach your windows? Not a problem anymore

Our custom window coverings are available for those windows too which are hard to reach and too difficult to operate. We have a nice collection of skylight shades and blinds which are best suited for these kinds of windows. There are other options too like roller shades, sheer blinds, solar shades, wooden shades and many more. Installation is not an issue when our experts are here to help you out with everything. Operating is also super-easy as these window coverings can be operated with the help of a remote.


Remote Control Skylight Blinds


Ahh! Your room feels hot? We will cool it down!

Windows allow an excess amount of light to enter your room which makes it uncomfortable and hot. Our custom window coverings block the harsh sun rays and hard glare lowering the temperature of the room. You can choose the opacity of these window coverings as per your needs. Sheer material can also be used for crafting these shades which, along with blocking the sun rays, also maintain the view. If you wish to have complete darkness in the room, then go ahead with our custom blackout shades. They will give a sound and undisturbed sleep even in daylight.


Sheer Shades for Kitchen


Noisy neighbors? Shut out the noise!

Our custom window treatment solutions not only filter out excess sun rays but will also block the irritating outside noises of traffic, neighbors, and much more. After having a stressful day at work, you seek a peaceful and comfortable ambiance, but noisy surroundings make it hard to relax at home. We offer noise dampening window coverings to solve this problem too. Our custom window coverings are a complete package serving you with all the comfort you need inside home. By implementing these custom shades, you can study, work, sleep or have meetings at home without any disturbance. Noise dampening coverings include shades with heavy fabrics, like cellular shades, roman shades, and drapery. More layers the better!


Noise Dampening Smart Window Treatments


Your windows look old-fashioned? Guess what? We can make them smart!

Everything around us is becoming smarter from our mobiles to our televisions. Then why not our windows? ZebraBlinds has come up with tech-inspired collection of smart custom window coverings which can be operated with a convenient and portable remote. They are equipped with Z-wave technology which enables you to operate them from anywhere in the room. In addition, you can also program them as per the temperature and timings with the help of built-in timers. Our window coverings will enhance the look of your windows instantly making them smart and convenient too.


Smart Zwave Blackout Roller Shades


You don’t like tangled cords? Go Cordless

Cords of window coverings can be dangerous for kids and pets. Also, maintaining them and hiding them is a mess. Our latest collection of custom blinds and shades are cordless and can be operated with a remote from anywhere in the room. These cordless window coverings are trendy as well as reliable. You can opt for this functionality in many of your selected window coverings.


Cordless Roman Shades



Your choice, your preferences

Along with other specifications, ZebraBlinds also give you numerous choices of materials from which these will be crafted. If you are a nature-lover than you can opt for our wooden or jute window coverings. If you want to block the sun’s rays without blocking the view, then we offer you an elegant collection of sheer and solar shades. Similarly, we have PVC window coverings, fabric window coverings, solar window coverings, cellular window coverings and many more. You just need to decide your preferences and needs, then leave the rest to us to help find you the best window covering.


PVC Window Coverings


Think blinds are expensive? Think again!

ZebraBlinds is a one-stop solution for your needs of having a comfortable ambiance inside your home. Installing window coverings is a worthy investment which will save you on energy bills. You also can get customization along with exciting deals at affordable prices. We offer a best and most budget-friendly solution for redesigning your home.


No side effects to the environment

Air conditioners will make the inside of your home cool and comfortable, but they disturb the outside environment. It produces harmful emissions which contribute in global warming making our environment polluted and harmful for future generations. Our custom window treatment solutions have no such side effects. They will serve the purpose of shielding your home effectively along with saving your energy bills.

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts which are stopping you from opting for this cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. So, don’t waste any time and take advantage of our latest offers. Our custom window blinds are available online.

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