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Somfy Custom Z-Wave Enabled Motorized Blinds – A Sought-After Window Covering

Custom Z-Wave Motorized Blinds

Custom Z-Wave Motorized Blinds: Add Value and Sophistication to Your Home

Nowadays, custom Z-wave motorized blinds are not limited to the new homes only. If you have old standard window treatments, motorize your window shades for an upgrade. Motorized window coverings can be controlled by pressing a single remote-controlled button which adds style and grace to your room. In addition, they can provide value to your home while reducing energy bills. They are even the perfect choice if you have kids in your home as there is no need for dangling cords.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can connect your window treatments to your smartphones or voice controller assistants. These Z-wave enabled motorized blinds are available in a wide range of styles at an affordable price for everyone. Enhance the appearance of your home, improve your home’s energy efficiency, get the perfect ambiance, and give every room your personal touch by choosing these custom Z-wave motorized blinds.

We recommend Somfy as a motorized shading solution as they are the most popular, versatile option, and are available in many types of window treatments.


How Custom Z-wave Motorized Blinds are Beneficial for Your Home

In this modern world, technology works for us! Smart technology in window treatments adds a new dimension so that people can enjoy the benefits offered by the latest stylish window coverings.


  • Looking for Convenience? Use Your Home Automated System

With somfy z-wave blinds, you can control your window treatments from anywhere in your room (up to 65 feet). You can even pre-program them. Suppose you love to fall asleep when the blinds are closed for darkness and privacy but like to wake up with the natural light and fresh air, then just pre-program your window shade by following a few steps. They will work automatically so that you can enjoy both light and privacy.

Voice Controlled Assistant Window Blinds


  • Set Timer to Create an Illusion of Occupancy

You can secure your home when you are far away also. When you automate the movement of the shades using timers, outsiders will think that someone is there inside your home. So choosing smart blinds means you are making your home a little bit safer.


  • Increase the Sell Value of Your Home

If you want to add value to your room then purchasing custom z-wave Motorized blinds are completely worth it. In future, if you have any plan to sell your smart home then you can recoup the cost because who doesn’t want to have voice-activated window shades? Motorized window treatments can be one of the coolest things for your home while bringing technology.

Smart Motorized Zwave Blinds and Shades


  • Use Sensors and Save Energy Bills

Z-wave home automation blinds play an essential role in saving money by reducing the energy bills of your home. When you connect your automated shade with the smart home hub, sensors will automatically balance the temperature with the outside environment. In this way, you can keep your home cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season while decreasing the energy costs.

Save Energy Bills with Zwave Blinds


  • Completely Safe for the Home with Kids and Pets

A study says that because of window cords, every year kids are injured or even dying. However, these shades are motorized so they don’t have the strangulation hazards of the dangling cords. This feature makes the shades an ideal choice for your entire home.

Z-Wave Home Automation Blinds


  • Get Privacy While Protecting Your Furnishings

Smart shades are perfect for large and hard to reach windows. So when you are getting excess light or harmful UV rays from those windows, these shades will protect your furniture while providing the privacy you are looking for. The automatic shades for can be simply opened or closed with a just touch of a button, using a phone or a voice assistant.

Smartphone Operating Window Blinds


Know the Control Methods of Somfy Z-Wave enabled Motorized Blinds

The biggest advantage of having custom z-wave motorized blinds is that you don’t have to access them with your hands. Instead of that, you have the option of choosing any smart control methods to operate them. So choose just one or all of them to add to your smart home automation system:


  • For an Effortless Control go for Remote Access

This is an elegant and simple way to control your window blinds from your own comfort zone. You can choose from single channel remote, five channel remote, and sixteen channel remote to adjust the window shades.

To operate individual shade or a group of shades, go for single channel remote control and the five channel remote option is used to control up to five window shades together or separately.

Remote Control for Blinds


  • Use Your Smartphone for Smart Window Covering

You can control your window shades using your smartphone as well. Connect your smartphone to a Z-Wave home automation system such as SmartThings and Wink and have the shades automated. Just open up the app and select whether you want the shades open or closed in the room.

  • Use Your Voice to Control Window Shades

Nothing can beat the effortlessness of controlling a room with just your voice. Yes, you heard it right. Wondering how they work to operate your window treatments? Well, you can go for a voice control device like Amazon Echo or Google Home and connect that with your automation hub. For example – you can simply ask “Alexa, open the window shades,” and it will work automatically.

Make sure that your z-wave hub is compatible with Alexa or Google Home.


Know the Easy Steps of Automating Your Somfy Z-wave Blinds

Follow the easy guidelines to automate your window shades and make your home smarter just like you:

  • First, set up the power connection.

  • Connect the power to the motor installed in the shade.

  • Now, fix the shade and remote with the smart hub. After that pair the remote with the window shade.

  • Control your window treatments the remote or use the smart hub app on your smartphone.


Smart Motorized Z-wave Enabled Shades – Best Way to Design Your Modern Home

It’s the time to upgrade your window treatments as right now you are aware of all the benefits offered by custom z-wave motorized blinds. If you want to save both your time and energy then they are a perfect choice.

Thinking about the budget? Well, ZebraBlinds offers great discount on every smart motorized z-wave blinds and shades with free shipping. If you are not sure which fabric option will suit your décor then you can order our free samples.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! From simple remote control access to a voice-controlled assistant, we will help you find the type of control and best smart blinds, that’s just right for you.

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