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Customer Feedback on Custom Made Window Treatments

Custom Made Window Treatments

Are Customer Reviews Important to Buy Custom Made Window Treatments?


There was a time, not long ago, when a window treatment project was more laborious than it is now. It involved visits to different stores, collecting information about trends, products, and prices. This would be followed by order placement and installation. Laborious- compared to present day reality when an hour on the internet provides us with all the requisite information needed to help us arrive at an informed decision. Millions of dollars are being spent by these portals to ‘enhance buyer experience’ because it is the critical factor that differentiates a good online portal from an online portal.

The ingredients that go into making an online portal good are easy to access, aesthetic design, ease of navigation, availability of relevant technical information about the product and most importantly, the facile check-out procedure. However, the one factor that instills confidence is the section assigned to customer review. Customer reviews provide invaluable information about what one can expect from an online buying portal.

Going online for custom window treatments has become very easy as online window coverings selection of a combination of variables made very easy and more transparent. Variables like the material, the measurement, the color and the control mechanism need attention. Search engines present indexed information which can be used to choose a product. User reviews provide pros and cons of various products.


Valuable Customer Feedback on Custom Made Window Treatments

A typical review taken from the website is as follows: Elicia Thom
Date: March 10, 2015
City: Armagh
Province: Quebec
I was looking for some stylish window coverings but my budget was not that high. So I had left all hopes of being able to purchase good quality blinds in my budget that would look beautiful as well. To my utter surprise when I visited Zebrablinds on the suggestion of a friend of mine, I was amazed to see the extensive range of products that they had.



Review-ZebraBlinds -

The review provides the following information:

User feedback is widely present. Word of mouth, blogs, social networking sites, the buying sites and numerous other sites present feedback, reviews, and advice about window treatment.
The benefit of Inquiring. Elicia wanted good window treatment products but had a limited budget, a very familiar quandary. By taking the trouble to enquire she was lucky to get sound advice from a friend who was empathetic, probably having been in the same situation before discovering zebra blinds.
The benefits of customer feedback. The benefit that she got was the awareness and the assurance that there are suppliers out there who, without compromising on quality, offer quality products that are stylish and available at down-to-earth prices. Surely a godsend for someone like Elicia who had almost given up hopes of finding a good product with a limited budget.


The Browsing Experience

The wide range of products. Three reputed brands. Crown, Graber, and Norman.
Four window treatment types. Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Drapery


Various Categories of Window Treatments

Window Blinds and Shades

Window Blinds – 34 choices from $ 0-100, 4 choices from $ 100-200, 1 choice from $300-400. The 2” Graber SS Faux Wood blinds available at $ 31.50 CA that otherwise retails at CA$ 70.00. A grab certainly, but wait, is there a catch. Click on the prominently displayed customer reviews, 3 reviews.

Window Shades – similarly a wide choice covering Cellular shades, Cellular vertical shades, Exterior solar shades, Natural shades, Pleated shades, Roman shades, Sheer horizontal shades, Sheer vertical shades, and Skylight shades.
So too with Shutters, Drapery, and accessories. Elicia was given good advice. The choice covers a wide range of products to suit every window treatments requirement of a home, tailor-made to suit a range of budgets.


Take another review about Zebra Sheer shades
Vancouver, British Columbia
Reviewed on 04/11/15
The shades (at Zebra Blinds) look good, and the price was a lot lower than anything else I could find. The only con for these shades is if you don’t want a fabric valance, the cassette valance is ivory in color. It works but would prefer a similar color to the shade.


A very important aspect of the window treatment industry emerges from Peter Novak’s feedback – that of color. Most responsible websites (in the policy section) provide information about color issues, suggesting that a free sample is availed for exact color match of slats and fabric. However, accessories like rails, tassels, cords etc. would only be color coordinated. This is because accessories that are not made of the same material as the slats and fabric hence the only alternative available to a supplier is to provide color coordinated products that are often exploited to achieve décor objectives.

Special requirements and delivery. Another important area that Peter’s feedback treads upon is customization. Reputed suppliers know that the easiest path to success for them is a happy client base. To achieve Customer Satisfaction, a Zebrablinds customer support team may offer to go the extra mile and try to customize – in this case, the color of the cassette valance. Often customization involves odd measurements, shapes and non-standard combinations. Good suppliers’ would do everything possible to deliver as per schedule. For customization, the customer will need to factor in delays that could occur, inadvertently, at some stage in the finishing process. Making this allowance would enable the supplier to allocate adequate time and appropriate resources to fulfill the customers’ desire. Social media sites are choc-a-bloc with irate feedback about callous delays in delivery. Of the 220 + reviews on the zebra blinds site none focus on delivery snags. This is a commendable metric.

The power of customer feedback. Customer feedback provides insights into the experience of people who have already bought a product. It is a powerful tool in the hands of consumers to enable them to take accurate decisions, irrespective of the budget in hand. An entire community is out there providing helpful information about products and experiences. No serious supplier can take it for granted.





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