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Size Doesn’t Matter – Perfect Window Coverings Customized to Any Size and Shape

Customizable Window Covering Ideas

Customizable Window Covering Ideas Under Your Budget


Redesigning your windows is one of the simplest and most cost-friendly ways to make the ambiance and look of your home soothing and serene. Windows act as a bridge between the comfort of the indoors and the wilderness of the outdoors. Covering them with elegant designs and subtle colors will transform them into an important part of your beautiful home interior. In addition, you can also make your windows smart and intelligent. They can be programmed to allow a suitable amount of light entering your home. Customizable window coverings are the best solution to add a touch of elegance as well as functionality to your windows. You might have certain questions in mind regarding the implementation of these shades in your home. Are they suitable for your home interiors? Do they fit perfectly? How do you install or operate them on hard-to-reach windows? We are here to give an answer to your every confusion and inquiry. Read below for answers:


Customizable to Fit Your Window Size

Size doesn’t matter for these customizable window shades and blinds. We have the perfect option for every size of windows- from the smallest to largest, from the kitchen to bathroom, from the indoors to outdoors. You just have to be careful with the measurements. Exact measurements will make the best-fitted window coverings. Before taking a measurement, you need to decide whether you want to install them inside the window frame or outside. For inside mount, make sure that your window has enough depth to accommodate the headrail. If your windows can’t fit the full depth, the installed blind or shade will just project a bit out from the molding of windows. As long as they meet the minimum depth mount, they can be installed. Inside mount gives a clean look to the windows. Outside mounts give the illusion of larger sized windows. A blind can either be mounted on the window molding itself or above and beyond. Outside mounts provide greater privacy and light blockage.


Inside Outside Blinds


Keep these points in mind while measuring:

  • For inside-mounted horizontal blinds, measure the narrowest width and longest height.
  • For outside-mounted horizontal blinds, measure exact width where you want to keep the blind and exact height from the top to the base of the blind. Add to account for light gap and overlap.
  • In case of vertical inside-mounted blinds, measure the width of the window and height of the window in 3 places from the top of the opening to the sill and from the top edge of the opening to the top of sill respectively. Then use the smallest width and longest height. Measure the window diagonally. If the diagonal dimensions are not equal then you should opt for outside-mounted blinds.
  • For outside-mounted vertical blinds, measure the exact width including the window frame and then add 3” each side for ensuring complete light control and privacy. Do the same for measuring the height.
  • Some sizes are too large or too small for the product due to manufacturing restrictions.


Odd-shaped windows are not a problem

We have shades and blinds for windows of any shape – triangular, circular, octagon, arch, semi-circle, moon-shaped, rectangular, etc. Windows are not just for letting natural light enter the home or room. These can enhance or transform the entire look and feel of the place. Windows can be of any shape and size serving a variety of functions. Odd-shaped windows require special window coverings, but before installing them, you need to focus on certain things. Is your window for design purpose only, or it does have some kind of functional necessity? Does it need to be covered, or also need to open or close regularly? What amount of light enters through it and how do you wish to control it? Do you also need privacy from that window or is it OK if it doesn’t block the view? Is the window at a height which is hard-to-reach? When you have answers to all these questions, then it won’t be a struggle to find a suitable covering. We have a huge collection of reliable and easy-to-install window covering solution which includes, skylight shades, roller shades, vinyl blinds, solar shades, natural shades, and many more.


Arched Window Shutters


Cost-effective and reliable solutions

Our window coverings are unique in design and classy in appearance. Available in subtle and vibrant colors, they are durable and serve their purpose efficiently. Your imagination, wish, and need is our utmost priority. We at ZebraBlinds prioritize things as per our customer’s satisfaction, for which, we work with industry’s top leaders – Comfortex, Crown, Graber and Norman. We try our best to provide the best and high-quality solution under your budget. Customization is also provided at affordable rates. So, you can match your window coverings with the interiors of your home without breaking the bank.


Budget Friendly Window Treatments


Complete darkness or keep the view – your choice

Whether you are looking for a solution to stop the harsh and distracting glare of the sun completely or you want to keep the view while filtering out the excess light, ZebraBlinds has a perfect solution for your every need. Blackout shades and blinds are for a good night sleep even in blazing daylight. 

We have a large collection of blackout fabrics for many types of shades. For partial coverage and keeping the view, you can opt for our designer and supreme quality sheer shades and blinds. If you wish to add a vintage touch to your surroundings then you can get our roman shades. Get an understated elegance for your home along with the energy efficiency and insulation with our popular cellular shades and blinds. Our skylight shades are for those windows which are hard to reach. Be eco-friendly by bringing nature home with our natural window coverings crafted from wood, jute, bamboo and other natural materials. You can even have two roller shades with different properties together with our dual shades and blinds. These allow you to choose appropriate blind as per your need or the time of the day. Various other customizable window covering solutions are available in our collection.


Blackout Roller Shades


Start saving with our energy-efficient window coverings

Our window coverings also take care of energy consumption along with keeping your home warm and comfortable. By blocking harmful UV radiation, maintain a nice temperature inside, they make the ambiance pleasant and relaxing. You won’t feel much need of air conditioning, thus saving energy. In addition, this is an eco-friendly option to keep your home cool.




So, free your imagination, determine your needs, set your budget, and we will give you the best and most exciting deals.

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