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Customizing Window Treatments Online

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Custom Window Coverings Online in Canada.

Though the goal of installing window treatments is simple (have light and privacy control), finding the right window coverings is not so easy. There is a lot more in contemporary window treatments than just a few slats, cords, fabrics or rods. Window treatments for non-standard windows in sprawling homes or offices can be confusing and frustrating at times, especially with a wide range of products available for you. What is the best option? Which is the best deal? What if the window treatment that is perfect for your bedroom does not go well with the living room? There is no easy decision making for consumers anymore. But if you are a person who trusts your own measuring skills, can wield a power drill with ease and your innate common sense, you can custom order your window treatments online, install them yourself and save money in the process as well.

There are many online shopping websites like Zebra Blinds that helps you to customize your window treatments to suit your home needs perfectly. Ordering custom window treatments online has never been easier. Just follow the step by step procedure and you would soon have figured out the perfect window covering for even the most cumbersome of windows that had you frustrated for a long time.

· The first step is of course to log on to a trusted website with custom window treatments option available.



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· Have a look at the comprehensive range of shades shutters blinds or drapery to find the perfect match for each of your windows separately.

· The picture galleries and specifications should be enough to help you find what you are looking for, but for being absolutely sure you can order samples as well. The fabric swatches will show you exactly how the materials will look on your window.

· Once you decide on the window treatment of your preference, go through the measurement guide provided on the website to get them accurately. Nothing can be more frustrating than wrong measurements which either leave gaps or overlap your windows. Custom made window treatments are created to meet your unique requirements; hence the return policy will be strict. Get it right the first time.

· Note that inside mount shades will fit within the window frame for a custom fit and elegant design. You should not make any deductions or send measurements of your existing shades since the factory will make deductions as needed. Please check the product specs for flush mount information.

· When it comes to outside mount, there will be not deductions made by the factory. You will have to decide on the desired overhang on either side of the window frame before totalling the measurements.

· Once decided about the mount, type in the sizes from your measurements – click on an option provided on the drop down menu.

· You will have an idea about what color you’d prefer the color from the sample you’d ordered; choose it in the customization option.

· The next step is to decide on the lift operation of your preference. You can opt for continuous loop, which is a single, continuous-loop cord that raises and lowers the shade yet keeps the cord the same length. You will also get the benefit of a safety locking cord guide. The clutch mechanism will assist you in raising and lowering the shade and also to stop the shade at any point also holds the bottom rail level. You also have a choice of roll chain colors should you want to match it to the color of your shade. Make sure that they are out of reach of children or pets.

· The cordless option is preferred for homes with children or pets due to safety requirements. With the cordless operation, the modern window treatments can be raised and lowered smoothly and easily due to a unique dual speed braking system hidden in the headrail. The tensioner can be manually adjusted to allow the window covering to rise or drop at a preferred speed.

· is a great option that allows you to gently lower the window covering by tugging at the cord. You can pull the cord to stop the shade in the preferred position.

· Motorized window treatments are easy to operate, especially for those hard to reach or large windows. It increases the security of your home with the optional wireless timer that can be programmed to efficiently manage the window treatments in your absence. Motorized options allow shade operation from virtually anywhere in the house without direct line of site.

· Once you are clear about the advantages of disadvantages of the operating system, make your final decision based on pros and cons.

· After you cover important factors that make a huge difference to the practical functioning of window treatments, you can look into further options to enhance its aesthetic appeal as well. You can check out the valences, cassettes, fascia, scallops, dual shades, wood cornices, hardware, hems, or any other additions you would prefer.

· Visualize your window treatments decorating your windows and how they appear to you. Once sure provide all the information to the website, like the room, suburb, and relevant details and finalize the purchase.

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