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Decorative Cornice Boards Add an Understated, Simple Elegance to your Windows

Decorative Cornice Boards

Windows & Window Treatments

Windows are among the most beautiful features of your home. They are the source of natural light and energy in your rooms and help you to connect with the outside world. Windows can be large and wide, small and ornamental, plain and neat, arched, or defined by straight lines. Well-positioned windows lend character and life to a room. Can anyone of us imagine a room without windows? That would be horrifying, suffocating and would make you feel like being trapped in a dark dungeon.

While windows are the most important feature of a room, a well-designed and tailored, functional and versatile window treatment is critical for adding functionality and aesthetics to a window. Naked and bare windows would do nothing for your rooms or house. Unfiltered natural light and harsh rays of the sun will jeopardize the health and longevity of your home décor; uncovered windows will compromise your privacy as they will allow an unobstructed view of the interiors of your home to outsiders. Windows are also the source of energy loss in the house, and lack of insulation will allow warm air to escape during winter and flow in during summer, increasing your energy costs. Windows shades, blinds and draperies are a must for your windows. Choose the window covering that suits your style, needs, and preferences.
Custom Cornice Boards

Adding ‘Drama’ to your Windows & Rooms

Window treatments are important for making your windows functional. But sometimes you need something extra to add zing and some drama to the windows and the room. Some stunning accessories that make the windows the focal point in the room and lend the windows a personality of their own is what is needed. If you are on the lookout for giving your dreary rooms a dramatic facelift, try adding a valance or a cornice board.

Decorative Cornice Boards
Cornices and valances are often added to the top of the window treatments to hide the window treatment hardware, like those boring headrails or curtain rods, and add some color or punch to the existing home décor. Fabric can be used by upholstering aboard and there are no loose fabrics hanging at the bottom. Simply defined, a cornice is a wooden box added to the top of the window treatment. The bottom part of the box remains open and one side is attached to the wall. The cornice boards are made of plywood or MDF and you can add other materials to decorate these boards. You could go with the wooden look as well if it suits your existing décor and preference.
Wooden Cornices

Determining the Look of Cornice Boards for your Windows

To decorate the cornice board you can use fabric, paint, flowers, beads, etc. The best part of cornice boards is that they allow you to be creative and experiment with its appearance. If you are looking to coordinate your window with the existing appearance of the room, then you could add matched wallpaper on the cornice board. This will help to pull the entire room together and give a cohesive appearance. You could coordinate the cornice boards with the blinds and shades, drapes or with the room color scheme. You could use different shades of the same color and help integrate the look of the room, décor and the window coverings. Instead of wallpaper, you could make use of rich textured patterned or solid fabric that helps the windows make a statement. The look you choose for your cornice can help them add an understated elegance to the windows or make a bold statement.

A simple cornice board adorned with a decorative fabric looks decent and neat. If this fabric coordinates with the walls and curtains then they lend a richness to your living room that is highly desirable. For bedrooms and kitchens, you could use rich colors for your cornices. They look bright and preppy. For kid’s rooms, you could paint the cornice boards with colorful designs. Painted cornices can create magic anywhere in the house. You could add other decorative pieces to the cornice boards to glam up the look but do not overdo. Heavily decorated cornices can spoil the look of the rooms and your windows. Cornices are meant to uplift the appearance of your windows with understated elegance and charm but not take up too much attention and disturb the subtle balance you are trying to create in your rooms.
Window Cornices
Cornice Board Styles to Opt For
Cornices give a structured look to the windows and there are several styles that you choose from of your cornice boards. They can be:

• Straight
• Arched
• Step-arched
• Partial-arched
• Step straight
• Curve step arch
• Curve step straight
• Scalloped (3 different types)
• Skirted arch
• Raised top
• Tapered pleat with banner

Adding a cornice board to your windows or doors brings a touch of freshness and style to the windows and the décor. Without using lots of fabric cornice boards help to add special detail and height to a room.

If you have always hesitated to add a cornice being unsure of the impact it would have on your windows, go for it. The trick is not to overdo or over-decorate your cornice boards. Keep it simple and smart. You do not want the cornices to become the focal point of your rooms or steal the show. They are meant to enhance the presence of the windows and beautify the window treatments in an understated way. As long as you can maintain this balance, cornices are one of the best and most affordable ways to decorate your windows.

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