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Defining Window Blinds – Don’t be Overwhelmed!

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Window Blinds. They are not a handful for you to say, but they are a handful for you to learn about! They are specialized window treatments that are made with slats. Tilt, raise and lower your slats for easy access to light, and privacy when you keep them closed. They’re simple when you think about them in theory…but when you look into purchasing blinds, the materials and styles can overwhelm you in a second. Take a breather, and prepare your self for a bit of “Blinds 101- An Introduction to our Slatted Friends.”


Blinds can be made in a variety of materials, some expensive, and some less so. Cheaper blinds are usually made in vinyl, polyester, aluminum, or PVC. These are inexpensive materials that are all easily accessible and durable at the same time. Unlike material such as wood, these materials are not prone to cracking, breaking, or drying out. They can be used in high humidity and high temperature rooms because of this. Wooden slats have a tendency to warp or become brittle, unless they are treated and conditioned to resist this. They are also more prone to molding than cheaper varieties of blinds, which is why they cannot be used in high humidity areas. Let’s open our eyes to the wide world of blinds, shall we?!


Vinyl, polyester, and PVC blinds can come in multiple shapes and sizes for your window. The thing they have in common is their price ranges- these blinds can be relatively cheap in Canada. These plastic materials are all relatively easy to make and mould into shape. As they are popular for use in making blinds, they become cheaper with their growing popularity. Much like aluminum blinds, blinds in these materials are up to the challenge of staying durable, and looking great while at it. As vinyl is a plastic material, your blinds will be light weight, but strong as well. They also resist scratches, and won’t bend or become brittle. Vinyl, polyester, and PVC blinds are very inexpensive, and look great as well- choose from a variety of paint colours to customize your blinds and really make them a part of your home. Many of the same colour choices can also be found in aluminum blinds, which are also painted. Make sure to search online and in-store when looking for these varied blinds.


Get back to the basics when you purchase aluminum blinds. They are simple, clean blinds, and you don’t have to worry about high maintenance when you have them. Aluminum blinds do not face splitting, cracking, fading, or mold issues unlike other blind types. Cleaning will be a breeze as well; use a damp cloth to deal with any sticky messes left by children, or soapy water as well. Aluminum blinds will stand up to any substances, whereas wooden blinds might not. They’re sturdy and simple, and moreover, they’re inexpensive. This sleek look is great for any home, and you can customize your blinds in different shapes, and colours.


When you’re looking to be environmentally conscious, look no further than faux wood blinds in Canada. These blinds are made of materials such as vinyl or polyester, and carry the look of real wood. They are super cheap, especially in comparison to real wood blinds, and come with more benefits that set them apart. As they are made of a faux, inorganic material, they can be used in high humidity areas. Real wood blinds are prone to becoming brittle, cracking, and even molding in high humidity situations. Faux wood blinds would keep their shape and retain their woody character in the same situations. As they are made from window blinds Vinyl, Faux Wood is easy to find and is always cheap. Choose from multiple ‘woody’ colours and bring these classy blinds into your life…without having to break your budget!


Vertical blinds may not be a material that blinds are made in, but they are a type of window blinds. Usually slats hang horizontally across a window frame, and raise and lower vertically. Vertical blinds are different, as slats hang vertically and are secured at only the top side. The bottom hangs loose, and the blinds appear much like curtains. You can open and shut your vertical blinds, and block out and allow sun into your space. By pulling them to the side, you can have access to full sunlight. As well. Vertical blinds are generally used on windows where the length of the window is longer than the width. They help to elongate the look of the window. Vertical blinds can be made in vinyl, polyester, and even in fabric materials.


Now that you are a bit more family with window blinds, it’s time to explore the world in search of the right pair for you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the numerous choices and prices. Be patient, and rejoice when you find the perfect blinds!

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