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Get the Key Designer Look with Half Moon Window Blinds

Half Moon Window Blinds

Perfect Ways to Decorate Your Odd-shaped Windows with Half Moon Window Blinds


In the market of window fashion, there are so many types of windows are available such as – arched or half moon windows, round windows, half round, quarter windows etc. But among all these windows, arched or half moon windows add unique elegance, beauty, and architectural interest to your home. They also offer privacy, light control, and insulation. But do you know that they can create some problems as well? Like – excess sunlight which comes through your window that can be irritating or a headache for you, your neighbors can see into your home through it, and you will not get the best outside view through that ordinary glass. That is the reason you should always cover your arched windows with the best half moon window blinds so that you can control the light or view for your home.


Questions to Ask Yourself before You Purchase Half Moon Window Blinds


Before you buy window coverings for half moon windows, there are so many things to keep in mind:

Want Inside Mounting or Outside Mounting?

Well, many homeowners prefer to install the arched window treatments inside the window frame to get a perfect look. But if you want to cover those windows completely with overlap, just go for outside mounting.

What type of Window Treatments Should You Go For?

There are so many options to choose from that with various style and fabrics. Choose wisely as window treatments are the one-time investment. Contact our design experts and ask them to help you in customizing.

Want Natural Light or Privacy?

You might open your half moon windows to allow natural light, but at the same time, you require privacy. Go with window treatments that will permit natural light along with the privacy you desire for your home.


Cover those Odd-shaped Windows with Half Moon Window Blinds


Are you looking for arched or half moon window treatment ideas? Half moon windows or arched windows are the charms to any home. They give an air of elegance and sophistication. But there’s one area that these special odd sized windows seem to give the homeowners hazard.

Half moon windows may seem like a big problem to cover but with the best custom window treatment solutions you can do this task easily and smoothly.

Here are some arched window blinds ideas that will help you cover your special windows-


Half Moon Window Blinds

Are you planning to install window blinds for your arched windows? Then choose real wood blinds as they bring the natural, consistent, and unified look to your room. They are made of real wood which offers unique textures and brings warmth as well. Apart from insulation, you can protect your home from harmful UV rays and glare. Installing them on your odd-shaped half moon windows is very easy and it’s easy to clean them too.

Apart from arched window blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters are other custom window treatment solutions for those odd-shaped and sized windows.

Wood Blinds for Arched Windows


Go with Beautiful Curtains

If you want privacy or darkness but at the same time you want to enjoy the softness of natural light without obstructing the view, then opt for arched window curtains. They are available in various styles and patterns, so choose them wisely. Consider adding valances and cornices to enhance the beauty of your windows more. Install the curtains on the curtain rod so that the arch is showcased, not hidden.

Curtains for Arched Windows


Arch Window Shades

When it comes to covering your half moon windows, shades are one of the most popular and versatile options. There are so many available with wide range of fabrics, colors, textures, and styles. Order our free samples to get the best fit style so that you can understand which one to buy. Below are our best recommendations for your half moon windows.

If you want a uniform look while covering both the arch and rectangular sections, then arched cellular honeycomb shades are the top window covering to go for. These shades help your room stay cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season, which reduces the energy bills and saves your money. The top arched opening can be coated with a cellular arched shade with a standard cellular shade underneath.

These shades are available in light filtering and blackout features. Light filtering shades gently diffuse the light coming from outside while providing moderate privacy, and blackout window shades will darken your room completely while offering maximum privacy. With the top down bottom up option, you can adjust the amount of light you want to let in. The motorized feature is also available with this shade which can be operated using a remote control button and ensures that they are safe for the home with kids and pets.

Roller Shades are another window covering to consider for your half moon windows. They can be used to cover the rectangular portion of the window. To get a formal look, consider layering drapery with these roller shades. These shades can block out the excess sunlight while offering privacy during the day and night time.

Cellular Shades for Half Moon Window Blinds


Shutters for Half Moon Windows

Graber plantation shutters are custom sized to fit any type and size of windows. Because of their functionality and versatility, they are ideal for arched windows. Adjust them to control the amount of light and privacy.

Shutters for Arched Windows


Start Shopping!! Select the Perfect Half Moon Window Treatments with the Help of ZebraBlinds


Finding the best half moon window blinds is not an easy task. But with the help of ZebraBlinds designers, you will get the best quality product that will match your décor style so that you don’t have to compromise with the unique architectural beauty of your windows.

After purchasing, get these window treatments at your home because we offer free shipping too. Need more help? Reach out to us or leave your question in the below comment section. Our customer service executives will provide you the best solutions for your all problems!

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