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Designing Homes for People with Disabilities

Designing Homes for People with Disabilities

Creating a Home for Physically Disabled People

Decorating an interior for people with disabilities doesn’t mean it has to look like a hospital. Make it a disabled-friendly and accessible home to bring happiness and joy for the homeowners. Accessibility can be achieved in different ways such as – by changing the furniture, shelves, electronic devices, or modifying the architecture of the home.

Accessibility to things like countertops, doorways, and everything in a restroom is usually the first concern or need,” says Pete Stahura, who is the vice president of a home construction and renovation company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There are various things to do to make life easier and simpler. Remove the unwanted stuff from the home and add the required elements to give it a functional and stylish makeover. Always go for simple ways that will freshen up the look of the space while making it lively. But make sure the decoration works for the reason you are designing, and keep every person comfortable all the time.

Note – The federal government of Canada and the provincial governments work together and provide reimbursement programs who need home renovations for accessibility.

Ways to Make Your Home Accessible and Easy for People with Disabilities

Things you need to do with your home for accessibility

  • Easy and convenient entryway
  • Wide interiors and doors for wheelchair movement
  • Place light switches, thermostats, and other electrical equipment in an approachable location
  • Easy to use doors and windows
  • Proper maintained kitchen and bathrooms

In this article, we will discuss all the things one by one, so that you can create a home that is convenient and accessible.

  • Broad Entryways

This feature is meant for wheelchair purpose. If you don’t have enough space, then movement can be difficult for people. A larger space allows people to move freely and easily. This is a logical and practical way which every homeowner should consider. Consider avoiding steps inside your home and go for slopes. This idea is not only useful for people with disabilities, but slopes have other uses too. If you want to move any bulky furnishing, for example, then the slope will make your job easy and smooth.

  • Install Lever Handles

For doors and windows, replace the knob handles with lever handles which are easier to use. This awesome trick is best for the people who are suffering from arthritis or who otherwise don’t have the capability to grip on a round knob.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Decor

While decorating the entire home, don’t forget to focus on the kitchen area. Kitchen slabs should be in an ideal place where people can efficiently complete their work while standing or sitting. And don’t forget to keep this spacious like the other rooms in the home.

  • Plan for a Smart Home

In the world of advanced technology, when people are enjoying the ultimate convenience using smart products, why lag behind? A smart home system is an excellent choice to make your life easygoing and smooth. Starting from the smart lighting system to smart window treatments, everything can be controlled wirelessly, which is impressive for the people with a physical disability. Just imagine, you don’t have to be dependent on someone else to complete the work. You can manage them as per your own needs and requirements.

Below are some especially useful smart decorative elements –

  • Smart Lighting System – Get a wireless lighting system so that you don’t have to get up to switch them on or off manually. Philips hue and Eufy Lumos Smart Bulbs are the two most significant examples of smart bulbs. Use Alexa for lighting, which makes the whole process fascinating. Smart lighting also ensures the security of the home.

Smart Lighting System

  • Smart Camera – It’s a vital and featured gadget for designing your interiors. iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro is uniquely built with the image sensor and sound detector which can easily follow the person moving around the room. So, if you wish to keep an eye on your home, this smart security camera is the best purchase. Wyze Cam Pan is another popular option to go for, which is recommended by Amazon as the best security camera. SkyBell HD is a video security camera which lets people communicate with visitors at the door, which means you don’t have to leave the bed or wheelchair to open or close the door.

Smart Camera

  • Smart Window Treatments – Window coverings are made to get protection from the extreme sunlight, heat, glare, and UV rays. But daily raising or lowering the shades manually can be difficult, especially for large and hard to reach windows. But incorporating the latest technology in window solutions makes life easier for everyone. Automated window coverings can be operated using various smart controller devices, which include – remotes, smartphones, tablets, or even voice-controlled speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Whenever you wish to adjust them, press the button of the remote or a simple touch your mobile device to access. You can command the window shades for proper operation through the voice-activated speakers. All the window coverings can be integrated with smart functions such as cellular shades, pleated shades, roman shades, roller shades, and many more.

Smart Motorized Roman Shades

These window shadings not only prevent the excess sunlight, glare, or harmful beams but also maintain the energy-efficiency of the home by working as best insulators. Motorized window shades have sensor and timer options which are programmable and automatically adjustable depending on the surroundings. The shades can be a practical reason for your home’s enhanced security and safety. Opting for these shades and blinds are not only suitable for people with disabilities but also beneficial for older people.

The most exciting part of smart shades is, smart window treatments are not only functional and versatile, but the textures and hue choices can also transform the look and ambiance of the arena. Do proper research and customize according to the interior style for your desired aesthetics.

  • Concentrate on Floors

No matter what type of room you have, make sure the floors are water and moisture-resistant. This is especially applicable for bathroom and kitchen zones.

  • A Spacious Bathroom with a Wide Entrance

A big bathroom with enough entryway and proper flooring makes the space easily accessible for wheelchair persons. Look for additional support for the sink and an elevated seat is also needed.  Going for this design idea will increase the convenience level for everyone.

Make People Smile with the Right Decorations!!

In conclusion, there are three things you should consider while decorating your interior – space, requirement, and budget. Know your requirements and design the interior accordingly. And the budget should not be a barrier to this décor project. Keep people happy and pleasing by designing the home in the right manner.

To find out the best options, we always suggest consulting with the professional experts before you get started. Bring peace and happiness for disabled people by following all the above tips and tricks for your renovations!

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