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How to Determine Appropriate Size for Window Blind Slats

How to Determine Size for Window Blind Slats

Make Your Home Elegant by Choosing Proper Size for Window Blind Slats


If you want to dress your windows in a simple way, then choose window blinds for your home. Window blinds are one of the most popular window coverings, providing security, adding style to your decor, and protecting your room and furniture from harmful UV rays and glare. They are available in a wide range of colors, texture, and patterns.

When it comes to measuring your window blinds you should measure the slat sizes also. Blind slats are made of metal, vinyl, wood or faux wood that will open and close for light control. Window blind slats can be tilted or opened for more privacy or to allow you to see outside


What Should You Consider to Determine the Size of Window Blind Slats?


There are many things that help you determine which slat size to choose for your window blinds. So before you purchase window blinds, consider the following factors:

  • Mounting Depth – If you want to mount your window blinds inside the window frame then you cannot put a larger slat in the window than the available mounting depth. So it’s important to measure the side of the window, from the window to the wall, to determine mounting depth.
  • Privacy or View? – When selecting window blinds, think about what you want for your beautiful home –  your privacy or your view. A larger slat will give you a better view when opened, but may not offer as much privacy when tilting the slats. For more privacy, consider choosing a smaller slat.
  • Blind Holes – Blinds with hidden holes or fewer route holes will offer better room darkening if this is an issue for you. The slat size will not only affect the amount of light allowed through the window, and the view, but also the finished look of the window. Different size slats allow for matching any décor style you have.
  • The Proportion of the Window – Choose a smaller slat for small windows and larger slats for larger windows.
  • Amount of Light – Determine the amount of light you desire to allow into the room when the blinds are shut. Generally, smaller slats will allow more light into the room and larger slats will result in a darker room. The style and material is important as well – aluminum is reflective and curved slats can reflect the light better into your room.
  • Cost Factor – There are different prices for each slat. If you are on a budget then shop from ZebraBlinds where you will get attractive discounts on window blinds.


Why Should You Determine Slat Sizes for Blinds?


Before you order your window blinds you should know the correct measurement for your window blinds. Besides measuring the width and height of the window, determine the sizes of the slats as well. If you do not choose the correct slat size, they may not fit your windows properly and will not provide the proper benefits (light control, natural view, privacy, glare etc.) you are looking for.


Know the Slat Sizes for Different Window Blinds


Proper slat size for blinds can make a huge difference in your room. Window blind slats help you to transform the look of your room. They might seem similar, but they actually have very different applications as a window treatment.


  • Choose the Right Slat Size for Faux Wood Blinds – Basically, Faux Wood Blinds are offered with 2 inches and 2.5-inch slat sizes. These blinds with 2.5-inch slats are the perfect option for larger windows. Larger sizes means more light and they provide an excellent view when the slats are tilted open.


Faux Wood Blind Slats


  • Slat Sizes for Aluminum Venetian Blinds – Slats for these blinds are moisture and stain resistant. Aluminum Blinds are available in 1 inch and 2-inch slat sizes. If you want natural light and maximum privacy for your office space, use 1-inch slat sizes are a perfect choice. 2-inch slat Aluminum blinds are also perfect for light control and they are used for large windows. These blinds are very durable and easy to clean.


Aluminum Venetian Blind Slats


  • Choose Slat Sizes for Vinyl Blinds – The blinds are available in the normal 1 inch and the wider 2-inch slat sizes. Vinyl blinds are also moisture resistant, durable, and strong.


Vinyl Shade Slats Size


  • Slat sizes for Real Wood Blinds – The slat sizes of these wood blinds are responsible for light control and protection. They are available in 1 inch and 2-inch slat sizes. The 1-inch slat creates a busier look for your room, limiting your view to the outside. But if you want a traditional look then consider having 2-inch slat window blinds.


Horizontal Blinds Slat


  • Narrow Slat Vertical Blinds – When measuring for your vertical slats (such as when replacing louvres), make sure that the length of the blind slats is the fabric’s hem to hem length, and does not include the track. Vertical blinds come in a 3.5-inch slat size that will help you for better light control and privacy.


Narrow Slat Vertical Blinds


What are the Different Slat Sizes available?


Most of the blinds are available in 1-inch and 2-inch slat sizes. Both are great for your home and provide a lot of benefits. Here are the main differences between them:

  • When it comes to cleaning, 2-inch slat sizes are much easier to clean than the 1-inch slat size.
  • 1-inch slat sizes are more lightweight than the 2-inch slat blinds.
  • Generally, 2-inch blinds are more expensive than 1-inch blinds.
  • 2-inch slats will provide a better view to the outside than 1-inch window blinds.


Select the Proper Slat Size for Your Blinds and Enhance Your Outside View


Make a bold statement with your windows by choosing the correct slat sizes for your blinds. Choose the slat size that best meets your needs and still fits within your budget.

Facing difficulty in measuring? Contact us! Our customer service team will help you in both measurement and product customization. You can also email us or leave a comment below and we will be happy to get back to you.

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