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Know The Different Functionality of Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Know The Different Functionality of Roman Shades- The Union of Drapes and Shades

Remember the wishful thinking that had you thinking your home could appear grand? A bit like color me happy! When you think of re-doing some little corner of your home there’s always a tradeoff between getting something modern and chic or conventional – the times your teen kids suggested getting some modern furnishings but you’re too wary of an extreme swing! Go the Zebrablinds way with our splendid ROMAN SHADES that add volume to the windows with the fall of its lush designer fabrics. The strong, tenacious hold the traditional overtones have over your home blended with modern functionality was never made so easy. All those who have an eye for the intricate yet elementary designs that render your homes classy, all you need to do is surf through our incredible range of Roman Shades from each of our brands. Moreover, it’s remarkable that the price for these shades is nothing compared to the unfathomable beauty that it brings along.

GRABER – one of the leading brands creates the most elegant Roman Shades to bring home the glory of the empire with the click of a mouse. Choose the classic flat style roman blinds collection to avail a clean and neat look, or get the amazing dimensions with the folded waterfalls. The Artisan Roman Shades Blues & Black are ideal for providing the complete panache. With soft fabric in subtle colors giving a contemporary styling with its drapery-like look making it distinct from other products, they are great window dressings. The mitered corners and double-turned hems are small details that exemplify the sumptuousness of these shades. The Artisan Roman Shades Naturals by Graber are your best bet for an earthy look, bringing a new dimension to the idea of beautifying windows. The raw material like bamboo, grass, reeds, etc. used to fabricate them gives it an aesthetic finish.

Natural Roman Shades -

The innovation of Aerolite Cordless Roman Blinds

If you’re willing to give your interiors a traditional touch with some playful effects of lush or ruffled fabric, complemented by warm floral designs, then NORMAN is your best choice. It presents to you its CENTERPIECE Roman Shades for the voluptuous look. There are the Centerpiece Light Filtering Roman Shades, the Centerpiece Room Darkening Roman Shades, and the Centerpiece Opaque Roman Shades. The most important feature of the Norman Shades is the Aerolite Cordless System, making for a completely cord free shade with a concealed fabric handle, eliminating unsafe and unsightly cords to ensure optimum safety for kids and pets. The shade may be opened by gently pulling it downwards then allowing it to rise automatically; it can be closed by pulling it down the window and locking it in place. This innovative technique comes with an extra lining for the shades – reinforcing insulation. The unique styles with specific folds – front batten or back batten (battens are tunnels or grooves tacked on the side to prevent battens from sliding out and are well suited to striped and patterned fabrics) in soft folds are a highlight.

Roman Blinds well crafted and most economical Crown Roman Blinds.

CROWN helps your windows become the focus of your home. It helps combine traditionalism and modernity with classy style. From a collection of very well crafted, decorative, fabrics can be chosen as per your requirements to craft light filtering or room darkening or blackout roman blinds. The extra liners help gain respite from the heat. With its efficient and user-friendly operations, they can be installed anywhere, be it the bathroom, bedroom or living room.

The COMFORTEX – Innovation a Passion.

Styling your home couldn’t be finished but for the exclusively made COMFORTEX Persona and Envision Roman Shades. These personalized window shades reflect your rich taste for the prettiest of furnishings for your home. It offers you design inspiration with the numerous colors, patterns and textures available. Nothing like the Persona shades to express your creativity. The Oil Rubbed Bronze or Brushed Nickel hardware gives a customized look. The Envision Shades by Comfortex combine the beauty of drapery with the benefits of window treatment technology. The contemporary Flat Panel design or the folds of the elegantly classic Tear Drop style beautify the windows. Again, the Designer Hardware options enhance the Romanian glory of the windows. Plus, you need not worry about any damage or wear and tear, because these shades come with the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty, with a genuine commitment to your satisfaction.

Operation of Roman Shades

· The traditional cord lift that can be paired with cord cleats to keep dangling cords safely out of the way.

· The continuous cord loop chain operations enabled with a clutch system that allows the shades to be raised or lowered to any desired point; this option is well suited for bigger, broader shades that are often heavy to lift.

· Motorization is an option that is convenient and effortless, the perfect solution to contemporary living. The touch of a button and the shades exclaim, “Command, my master!” The AC or DC motors can be enabled with a timer for seamless control, whether you are at home or out.

· The roman shades with top-down-bottom-up (TDBU) function proves to be helpful in that they can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom for better control of privacy, view and room brightening.

Liners for Insulation

Extremely user-friendly and insulating, Roman Shades also keeps your solitude safe from intrusion. The blackout fabric completely blocks any kind of disturbance in your privacy and serenity, and with extra liners, fantastic insulation is possible.


Roman shades are tremendously easy to maintain- periodic feather dusting or vacuum cleaning shall suffice to maintain them.

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