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Add a Personal Accent with These Different Ways to Hang Window Scarves

Add A Personal Accent With These Different Ways To Hang Window Scarves

Experimenting with Window Looks

Windows present us with an opportunity to experiment with looks. There is so much you can do for your windows. You can dress them up with blinds and shades or drapes depending upon the look you want to create in your rooms. Drapes and curtains have never gone out of fashion and have continued to enthrall homeowners with their beauty and elegance. They have a luxurious appeal that is unparalleled. While drapes and curtains remain a hot favorite, sometimes you feel something missing when you enter a room. Your windows need a bit of flair and drama to spice up the look and feel and a bit of window dressing is all that is needed to transform the appearance of the room. The easiest way to do this is by hanging a window scarf. If your window overlooks a handsome view, a window scarf may be all that is needed to bring it into your overall decor. They help to add a touch of grace without disrupting the flow of light or obstructing the view.

What is a Window Scarf?

A window scarf may be defined as a piece of material that hangs in the front and on the sides of a window. A curtain rod is all that is needed and there are different ways of hanging the scarf. The length of the scarves depends upon personal preference. Some people like long scarves to create a puddle on the floor while others like a shorter look extending only till the window sill.

What is Needed to Hang Scarves?

To hang window scarves you need the following items:
• Measuring tape
• Hanging hooks
• Window rods
• Screws
• Drill
• Pen and paper
• Scarf fabric for hanging

Measuring the Amount of Fabric Needed to make Window Scarves

1. From the curtain rod measure where you want the ends of the fabric to hang. Take a measuring tape and place it on the curtain rod. Take the measurement of the point where you want the scarves to hang and make a note. It can be till the floor for a dramatic effect, till the window sill or fall somewhere in between.
2. Take measurement of the width of the windows from frame to frame and multiply the number by 2. This will allow enough fabric to create the draping effect you want for the scarves. Make a note of the measurement. This means that if your windows are 60 inches in width, your measurement will be 120 inches.
3. Add all the measurements you have taken to determine the amount of fabric you need to purchase. This means that you add the length of the swag and the breadth together. So if you want the scarves to hang down 30 inches on either side of the windows and the width of the windows is 60 inches then you need to buy 180 inches of fabric. For the width of the scarf, 22 inches is considered good enough but again it depends upon your personal preference and the look you want to create. So you can increase the width of the swag as per your liking.

Ways to Hang the Scarves on the Curtain Rods

Hang Scarf in “U” Shape
A popular way of hanging the scarves is by hooking the scarf over either end of the curtain rod. The middle of the scarf will hang in a “U” shape in the middle of the curtain rod and window. Ensure that both sides of the window have an even amount of fabric and allow it to fall down luxuriously. Uneven amount of fabric on either side will look poorly and ruin the appearance.

To hang the scarf this way, first, fold the fabric in half. Make a marking at the middle of the rod to make it simpler to locate the centre of the scarf when you hang it. If you want you can also pin the scarf together in the corners where the front part is overlapping. This will help to keep the scarves in place.

Loop Scarf around Middle of Rod
This is another popular way of draping the scarf around the curtain rod. Place the fabric underneath and then behind the curtain rod in the middle and then back it up over the top to create a wavy feel. Then you can simply hook the scarf on either end of the rod and let them hand by the side of the window. The parts of the scarf which overlap you can use pin to keep them in place.

Loop Scarves over Hooks above the Windows
Minimal and simplicity often works wonders. Instead of going for drapes and curtains, you may choose to dress your windows with the help of scarves only. In that case, you can do away with the curtain rod as there are no curtains to hang. Instead, install hooks on the top corners of the window and in the middle. Take measurements of the fabric length. Remember that since you are not using a rod there will no looping or overlapping of the scarves. This will reduce the amount of fabric needed.
Loop Window Scarves
Layered Window Scarves
If you want to create a regal look for your windows and add more drama, you can use more than one scarf for the window. Play with different fabrics to create the look you want. You can use one scarf stretching it across the top of the window hook to hook while using another fabric in the same way as discussed above looping and overlapping in front of the shorter scarf. Use different colors preferably a delicate lighter color fabric at the back and a heavier darker fabric in the front. You will be amazed at the impact it creates in the room. If you have an enviable exterior view and a beautiful window to frame the view, you can use layered window scarves to complete the frame. You could also try mixing patterned and solid-colored scarves on your windows.  You will be quite stunned how a simple mixing and matching can do work wonders.

Scarves are an inexpensive and ingenious way to transform your windows and rooms from ‘meh’ to magic. Hanging them is easy and involves no hassles. As long as you get the measurements right and know what look you are trying to create it is as easy as a pie.

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