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DIY- How to Make A Kick Pleat Valance for Your Living Room

How to Make a Kick Pleat Valance

DIY- How to Make A Kick Pleat Valance for Your Living Room

Valances are a kickass way to jazz up your curtains and other window treatments. Though they do not have much functionality to them, they are there to top the curtains and soften up the look of your décor. Kick pleat valances are pretty clean and crisp and they add a lot of character to the décor. The valance can either be made out of the fabric the same as the curtains or the fabric could be of a contrasting pattern and color. Either way, they can make the whole window treatment seem complete and coordinated. So here is everything you need to know about how to make a kick pleat valance.

 Kick Pleat Valance


Benefits of Choosing a Valance for Your Windows

Since valances do not really have much of a functional purpose to them, people may look at it as a luxury and not a necessity. Window Valances are considered as a luxury and waste of money, however, there are a few amazing benefits to choosing a good valance for your windows. Here are a few:

  • Valances can cover up the curtain hardware. You may have chosen beautiful and ornate looking hardware for your curtains, in which case showing them off would be your choice. However, if you have decided to go with simple curtain rods or hardware that came with the house, then valances could help you cover up them up and give a more complete look.
  • Valances can make the windows and your draperies look a lot taller.
  • They can add character and depth to the draperies you have chosen for the windows.
  • They can tone down the rigidness and harshness in the surroundings and soften up the complete interior décor.
  • Valances can speak a lot about your personal taste and your designer abilities.

Kick Pleat Valance for Living Room


Kick Pleat Valance

There are wide range of valances based on their draping style and pattern. Kick pleat valances are the simplest and neatest one of them all. They are crisp and look like a part of the window treatment. They are very easy to create and can be made using any kind of fabric.

Valances come in a range of festive looking shapes and extravagant designs. You can choose from these if you like and if your budget permits it. However, choosing to go with a simple DIY valance that can add as much depth and character to your interiors as any other valance would, is by far the best option. Here are a few methods with which you can jazz your window treatments using pleated valances.

  • Match the fabric of the valance with the fabric of the curtains and draperies that you have chosen for your window.
  • Color coordinate the valance to match the color of the draperies, but not an exact match with the draperies.
  • Choose a patterned fabric for the valance if the draperies are of solid and plain shade. Alternatively, you can create a valance with plain and solid color to go on top of draperies that are patterned.
  • Contrast the color of the fabric for the valance with the color of the draperies.
  • Valances made up of bright colors and catchy patterns for that bold interior décor.
  • Valances made out of sheer fabric or pure laces for a delicate and elegant looking window treatment.
  • Add embellishments, beads, pipings, etc. to the valance to spice things up a little more.

Kick Pleat Valance with Shades


Making Kick Pleat Valances for Your Living Room

As mentioned above, valances can add a lot of depth to the décor and soften up the surroundings, especially in bedrooms and kitchens. However, if it still feels like a luxury and a waste of money, then you can consider going with valances for just your living room alone. The living room is a very important space in the entire house. It is the space where the whole family gets together and it is also space where we entertain our guests. Hence, choosing to accentuate the look of the window treatments in your living room could actually pay back in a huge way. That said, making your own valance takes a matter of few hours in the hands of a person that knows basic sewing. It could be your simple weekend project to add a little more elegance to your home.

Kick Pleat Valances for Living Room

The first thing to do while you set out to make your own kick pleat valance is to take proper measurements. Measure the width of the window over which you want to place the valance. The length of the fabric for the valance would usually be 2 to 3 times the width, or sometimes more, depending on the number of sections and number of pleats you want to go for. Then you have to decide on the length of the valance. You do not want the valance to obstruct the view from the window, so that must be kept in mind. Depending on the type of fabric, you may decide if it requires a blackout lining to stop the light from falling in through the fabric.

Creating these valances is a quick task from here. It is always better to go for 3 sections or 5 sections depending on the width of the window. The sections must also be of equal widths. Pleats usually come on either end of each section and the middle section will share its pleats with the neighboring sections. The stitches for the pleats must be sown on the backside of the fabric so that it is hidden and the valance looks absolutely neat and seamless. Once you are done with creating the valance, you may need some assistance mounting it on to your windows. Behold, you have yourself a DIY valance that looks absolutely professional!


Kick pleat valances for living room is an easy and cost-effective way to add some elegance and an extravagant look to your home. While it seems like a costly affair, making valances on your own could cut down expenses as well as give you a whole load of satisfaction! You can always add more details and add-ons to the valance if they look a little too plain. That is the advantage of getting things done on your own!

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